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How To Win Playing The Casino Slots

Since their humble beginnings, by far the most popular casino game whether online or off, are the casino slot machines. So we take it you’re here because you have an interest in finding some jackpot winning tips and tricks that will help you win. Of course, there’s a lot of different ideas about the best methods of playing a slot machine. Or how some slot machines may be more beneficial to players in the know. As you can imagine, some of this advice is practical. And some of it is absolute BS. Today we’re going to take a look at some of the most well-known slot machine tips and try to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to both functionality and the possibility of increasing you’re winning chances.

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Check Out The No-Deposit Bonuses

One of the best ways to increase your chances of landing a prize is to look at the casino offers and incentives. Particularly those aimed towards new players. With online casinos, there’s a huge competition for new gamblers. As a result, you’ll find a huge number of freebies available, providing you look in the right place. It’s thanks to this intense competition to have new players sign up, that casinos will go to great lengths to outdo each other in incentives and offers.

Apart from welcome bonuses, which are only obtainable after you’ve made a deposit into your casino online account, then no deposit bonuses are a great way of obtaining what is basically, free money. We suggest that you do some basic research and look for no deposit bonuses. They can certainly help increase the length of time you’re playing at the slot machine. And that, in turn, increases your possibilities of winning. For example, 22Bet Casino will give you a very useful 122% up to €300, which is a great way to begin. 

Casino Slot Machines: Look For “Loose” Slots

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Coming from the days of mechanical slot machines, the idea that a missing tooth, sprocket or any other minor mechanical defect, could lead a slot to be “loose” and therefore more likely to pay out on a more regular basis. And though we would like to consider this idea as nothing more than a passing myth, in today’s land-based casinos there may be some tiny truth to the idea. If you look at the pay tables on different casino slot machines then you’ll see that they do payout at different rates.

Ideally, the casino doesn’t want you aware of this fact. And any good casino floor manager would understand the importance of whereabouts to place a machine that pays out on a more regular basis. Simply because the sound of the coins rattling as they tumble into the tray,  with all the lights and slot machine noises going crazy,  along with a punter jumping around for joy, is going to be a great means of attracting more gamblers.

Know Which Casino Slot Machines Are Better

It is said that over the years that casinos have adopted tactics as to the best place on the casino gaming floor to put a loose slot machine. The general thinking is that it’s best not to put them by the exit door. Or at the end of a long row of casino slot machines near exits. The reason being the positive exposure the casino could receive from a winner. For the casino, the best policy is to imbibe the other slots players with the idea that they too could be winners. Obviously, if a winning jackpot slots player just takes his winnings and is able to take ten paces and walk out the door, then the whole effect will be lost on other gamblers very quickly.

Another point is that casinos really function on having winners continuously spend their winnings within the same casino. Until they’re all gone. So casinos want to do everything possible to discourage winning gamblers from leaving.

Stick To Random Slots Not Progressives

Random Slots

As you’re probably well aware, there are two different types of slot machine jackpots available in both online and offline casinos. The progressive and the random. Now, random jackpots are normally fixed. And, just as the name suggests, it will pop up a prize at random periods. Progressive slots work by pooling the money from many players. Many of the casino slot machines will belong to large networks of other slot machines. These can be spread over a casino, the city, or even the state that the casino is in. As you can imagine, this offers the possibility of winners receiving life-altering amounts of money.

It’s quite possible to walk into a casino with very little money to your name. And then leave as a millionaire. And no, though the idea sounds amazing, we suggest that you stay away from progressive jackpot slots.

As previously mentioned, casino slot machines are not created equally. They will all payout at different rates. Random slot machines have a tendency to pay out more often. Though with a smaller amount of winnings. On the other hand, progressive jackpots can sometimes go for years without a single payout. Casinos are not charities, and they’re not in the business of giving money away. So if you stick with random slot machines, you’ll find that your overall possibilities of winning, are that much greater

Casino Slot Machines: Free Spins Are Your Friends

You’ll find that many online casinos, thanks to the competitive nature of finding new players, will offer all sorts of incentives to attract them. One of the most popular is to offer free spins on selected casino slot machines. This gives you the possibility of playing for free. On the whole, you’ll find that free spins will give you a great opportunity to learn the gameplay of a particular machine. In the long term, this will help you win at slots, as you’ll know the best points at which you should place your bets. Although it’s true that some online slot machines will only allow you to cash out smaller prizes from free spins, others are more generous. They will happily let you win the jackpot online, win big, and cash out. And all without spending a single penny.

Not only are free spins a great means of getting to know the slot you want to play, but many casinos like 22Bet Casino will offer what’s known as “Free-Play.” This is a way of practising on any slot machine (or table game for that matter). Once you’re feeling confident about the gameplay, then you can switch up to playing with real money.  Though you can’t win any prizes using free-play, you can explore a whole online casino and try all the games.

Be Wise In Your Slots Betting Choices

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One factor that many gamblers fail to understand is the Random Number Generator. This is programmed into the modern casino slot machines, be they online or off. The main point is that it doesn’t matter whether you bet the maximum or the minimum amount. Your chances of winning remain exactly the same. Some uninformed players think that by betting more, they have greater odds of seeing a larger cash prize. In spite of what you might have heard, betting the maximum amount will not increase your jackpot winning chances.

The truth of the matter is that all slot machines are set with a degree of, what’s known as, “volatility.” Playing casino slot machines with higher volatility and you’ll find they will not pay out as often. But when they do, the prizes will be larger. Conversely, slot machines with low volatility will pay out more frequently, though the prizes will be much smaller. Though it’s true that you can capitalise on a progressive slots machine, as it pays to bet with higher amounts. For a machine with low volatility, you should always stick to smaller betting amounts. With these slot machines, it’s always better to take a slow but steady approach. 

Examine The Pay tables Of The Casino Slot Machines 

We suggest that all gamblers should check the pay tables which will tell you the machine’s volatility. Every slot machine is going to be unique. And as such will come with its own set of pay tables. By paying attention to these, you will be able to make your bankroll last much longer. Whilst at the same time, it will increase your jackpot winning chances. Remember that all gambling simply revolves around how well you can manage your gambling bankroll.

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