celebrating in Las Vegas

Birthday Ideas for Celebrating in Las Vegas

So what’s there to do if you happen to be celebrating your birthday, and also happen to be in Las Vegas? Well, one’s things for certain, there is no shortage of amenities to visit and no shortage of activities to partake in. But the real problem is just knowing where to start. Of course, we all know about those glamorous casinos. But there’s much more to Vegas than just gambling. Whether historical sites or touristic locations, you can certainly fill your birthday with pleasant surprises.

But, on the other hand, you’re in Vegas! So your birthday should really be a blast, not some low key affair. Like viewing some historic monuments! After all, you’re in a city that’s wall to wall casinos and entertainment. So, with that in mind, let’s have a look at things to do on your birthday when in Sin City.

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Choose Your Perfect Casino

With just so, any famous and great casinos to win the jackpot, and to choose from, and with them all being within walking distance of each other, choosing just one can present a problem. So an easier way of narrowing the options is to choose your location first. Where will you be spending most of your birthday? As you’re aware, a centrally located hotel to stay in is of paramount importance. That’ll save you both time and taxi fares as you explore your locality. On the whole, we would suggest that you stick to Las Vegas Boulevard for your sleeping requirements. This will give you access to the Las Vegas Strip, just a short walk away.

You could, of course, head into downtown Las Vegas. Here you’ll find older establishments. One thing that you’ll notice straight away is that everything is slightly cheaper here. Though there are fewer amenities than you’d find up-town, this area does have it’s own unique charm. even though it’s still truly Vegas, it might not be the “Vegas experience” that you’re after. For that, you’ll need to be uptown.

Celebrating in Las Vegas: Birthday Amenities

This all comes down to personal choice. Whether you want to go to the non-stop party route or just relax with some spa treatments. Or anything in between. Virtually all the top casino hotels will offer an amazing array of spa and relaxation services. And, on your birthday, there’s nothing better than treating yourself to a luxury spa. Go visit the sauna, and get a massage. It’s a great way to start your special day. You’ll feel relaxed and super clean. And ready for whatever the city has to throw at you.

celebrating in Las Vegas
Viva Las Vegas

A good idea is that before you set off for Sin City or start your day when you’re actually there, is to go online and see what’s on offer. Along with what’s happening for that particular day. Check out all the major casinos as there are bound to be special events and shows going on. one word of warning, The Strip is full of unsavory people, so always remain aware of your surroundings when you’re out.

High Roller or Gambling Lite

Maybe for a change, have some cash saved up for the special day. And then roll into town like a balling high roller just for the day. There’s no harm in having some extra monies squirreled away for an occasion just like this. Decide how much of your day will be spent inside a casino. Also on the jackpot games you’ll be playing. Both of these factors will let you know roughly how much you’ll be needing for your bankroll. Whilst you’re online, you can find the casinos with tables that offer the best bang for your buck. In other words, the best casinos to win the jackpot. A good idea is to approach the player’s club at the reception and mention that it’s your birthday, and you’re looking for something special. All the big casinos will be happy to make your stay with them over this period something to remember, with lots of comps thrown in.

Celebrating in Las Vegas: Birthday Dining

As it’s your birthday, we’re sure that you’ll be looking to treat yourself to some fine dining. Luckily for you, Las Vegas has no shortage of top chefs and top restaurants. So there’s no shortage of fine dining opportunities. Once again, have a look online to find the type of food you’d be after. We tend towards the high-end steak houses. But each to their own. Sort out your dining option before the day begins. It’s always best practice to book ahead and book early so as to guarantee a table.

If you’re on a budget, then no matter. Las Vegas has you covered. There are so many great buffets and meals, and all available at amazing prices. For example, a common meal is a steak and lobster for just $4.99. Or Prime Ribs for the same price. Then there is breakfast all you can eat buffets for just $2.99. Really, there’s no reason cash-wise to go without anything but the best on your birthday in Las Vegas.

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Birthday Entertainment

It goes without saying that any birthday in Vegas should include a show. Most of the larger casinos will have some form of big-budget show ongoing throughout the year. Particularly if your into music, then your options are huge. Then there are circuses and musicals, revues, variety shows, and magic shows. You can find the stars of TV and many famous singers playing whole seasons there.

celebrating in Las Vegas
Happy Birthday!

Celebrating in Las Vegas: Sports and Amusements

Well, a city with the size and magnitude of Las Vegas has no shortage of sporting activities and events. The city is dotted with arenas, sports facilities, and golf courses. It matters not whether you want to participate or simply remain a spectator, there’s certainly something for everyone. As a gambler, you’ll probably want to have a punt on an event here. So before you come to Vegas, spend a little time studying form, and then you can make a bet and increase your jackpot winning chances at the same time. Sin City now boasts of having three professional sports teams, as well as minor league teams tend the Division  1 the University of Nevada. And if sports aren’t exactly your thing, then there’s rock climbing, laser tag, loads of outdoor activities, and finally a whole bunch of virtual reality activities.

Lounges and Nightlife

In Las Vegas, you can often have the very best night “out” by staying in at your hotel. Not only do hotels have casinos attached but also a great many other forms of entertainment and things to do. As a birthday boy or girl, the hotel’s own lounge isn’t such a bad place to kick off the night. Many are smart and elegant and the perfect spot for that pre-dinner Martini. Once you’re ready to rock the city, then there is any number of cool clubs where you can shake your booty. Running from Techno to Swing, from Industrial House to Classic Ballroom dancing, you’ll easily find examples of every musical genre along with venues playing them.

Though you could walk the Strip in the evening, as you’re the star of your own birthday, why not simply higher a limo to get around. It’ll be waiting, along with a mini-fridge of chilled Champagne, for both you and your posse whenever you decide to change venues.

Conclusion: Birthday Celebrating in Las Vegas

As we previously mentioned, it really will pay dividends to do plenty of research before you set off to Vegas. The city is the perfect destination for a birthday bash. But, as with all things, it’s best if you come prepared. You should have no problem filling your days with exciting and interesting things to do. There is any number of venues, casinos, and activities and events going on at any one time, so the city is yours for the taking. We suggest that you start by deciding on what part of town you’d like to stay, and then finding a nice hotel there. The rest of your itinerary should lead off from this first location.

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