craps strategies to increase profits

Introduction: 9 Effective Craps Strategies To Increase Profits

Considering that the casino table game of craps is a low-volatility game, it’s surprising that more players don’t take part. If you dig down, you’ll find that many craps wagers have a house edge of less than 2%, with some going all the way down to zero for odds bets. Let’s have a look at nine effective craps strategies to increase profits. But keep in mind that some of these are quite technical, and you’ll have to learn to play craps to properly to be able to understand all these jackpot winning tips and tricks.

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The Iron Cross

Many suggest that, of all the craps strategies to increase profits, this should be the only one at the craps table. It can certainly help you increase your winning percentages. essentially, you’re winning money on any other number that’s rolled out. For example, you place equal wagers on the five and the field. You then put bets of at least 20% higher on the six or the eight. Now you have covered every possible number apart from the seven. So you can enjoy a net win whatever the result. Apart from rolling the seven, that is. Oh…keep in mind, that the seven is the most commonly rolled number in the game.

The Whirl

First off, we should state that the casino house edge on the whirl is a staggering 13%. In any normal situation, that would have gamblers leaving the table in droves. The whirl consists of five numbers: 2, 3, 7, 11, and 12. An aggressive bet will pay out 26.5 on the 12 or the 2. Sevens are a tie The 3 or the 11 are paid out at 11:5. To be fair, this isn’t nursing your bankroll. But it’s certainly a great way of maximizing your winnings.

File:Craps table layout.svg
Know your table – Image source:, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Craps Bets

You’ll be betting on any craps of the 2, 3, or the 12. It’s an aggressive strategy and can result in wins whilst keeping a manageable house edge. This bet pays out at 7:1. Keep in mind that the house edge in these bets is going to be over 11%. So, though the winnings will be nice, there’s always a pretty good chance that you’ll be on the losing end.

Hard 6

No one can say that any of these strategies we’ve listing here can be described as anything but hard and aggressive. There are much safer ways to bet, which will also increase the time you can play but not draining your bankroll in minutes. Betting a hard 6 is one of the more aggressive bets you can make. The action consists of the roller hitting 2 x 3’s. The house edge on this bet is 9%. So, in some ways, it’s one of the safest “aggressive” bets we can see today and can certainly increase your jackpot winning chances.

Snake Eyes

With a house edge of 14%, in truth, you should just walk away. But as we’re dealing with an aggressive approach, it might all be worth it as the payout is 30:1. That’s a huge amount. You’ll need nerves of steel or a massive bankroll to be happy placing such a bet.

3-Point Molly

Most players would never attempt this bet. Simply because it would require a serious bankroll. You’re going to be placing several bets with maximum odds and with a relatively low house edge. The general idea here is to place a come bet with maximum odds to protect a pass line bet. The sheer number of wagers and the winnings that you’ll collect along the way should act to mitigate any losses. This is a very popular play and as such, one of many useful craps strategies to increase profits.

craps strategies to increase profits
A classy table for a classy game – Image source: Lisa Brewster from San Francisco, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Laying It Down

These are the craps lay bets which allow you to lay numbers. Now the come bet is wagering that the shooter will roll a number before rolling a 7. The lay bet is betting that the shooter will roll a 7 before the number. So, let’s put a “lay down” bet on the number 4. As the 4 has a pretty low probability we’ll be betting at 2:1. You’ll probably win more of these bets than you’ll lose. Unfortunately, the house adds a “commission” onto these bets of 5%! This is to tilt the odds back into the house’s favour. The actual house edge is 2.4%. though this is low for craps, there are other casino games where this is much lower.

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Put Bets

The nice thing about put bets is that you can place them before the shooter has made a point. You should focus on the most commonly rolled numbers. Also, you’ll be getting free odds, which in itself should help lower the house edge.

An Even 12

These craps strategies to increase profits are commonly called “Boxcars” and are the highest paying wager in craps at 30:1. But the house edge is a brain-fogging 12 – 14%. So, though it does offer a huge payout, the house edge should tell every player to run away. Never the less, a boxcar will give the punter who’s looking for a thrill, a great bit of bang for their buck. But you’re going to be needing a massive bankroll to support you through your losses. But if you manage to hit the 12, then you’ll certainly know about it!

craps strategies to increase profits
Good luck!

The Pitfalls Off Aggressive Craps Strategies To Increase Profits

We should start by saying that we don’t recommend an aggressive style of betting as a part of your jackpot winning strategies. Especially playing craps. You can certainly have some big winnings at the beginning. If you’re lucky. But we notice that after the initial success, with these craps strategies to increase profits, many gamblers stay and try to win back their subsequent losses. As they fall further behind, they start to increase their wagers. Until all the bankroll is gone. Chasing losses is one of the most self-destructive behaviors any gambler can make. It would be much better to call it a day after early wins, as this would leave some profits for the next casino visit.

The thing is that you can’t keep on playing aggressively. You can’t be a long-term player with any of the above bets. If we take money out of the equation, then probably the best reason for betting aggressively is the sheer thrill of doing it. And if you’re a high roller and have enough funds, then that’s no bad thing. You’re betting to enjoy yourself. If you want to visit the casino to have a blast, then bet aggressively and enjoy yourself.

Conclusion: 9 Effective Craps Strategies To Increase Profits

In truth, you can’t be a long or short term winner at craps. The game doesn’t work in that manner. If you’re seeking long term craps strategies to increase profits at the casino, then we suggest playing games that require some skilled input. But craps is more about luck than any other factor. All the above aggressive bets may work once in a blue moon. But every time they fail to come in, then it’s going to be costing you a pretty penny, especially with those house edges.

But if you’re feeling lucky, then go ahead and try one or all of the above craps strategies to increase profits. You can even try them online, for smaller bets, at sites like Bet365 Casino. If some of your wagers hit the mark, then you’ll certainly be rolling in cash. And if they don’t. then you’ll still of experienced the thrill of aggressive betting in craps.