Dice Control
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Introduction: Dice Control – A Wonderful Art Form

Stand around many real casino table games watching the games, and you’ll often hear gamblers talk about “dice control.” In fact, it’s one of those topics that is always brought up by someone who is standing around the craps table. In some ways, you can compare the rolling of the dice during a casino game, with that of flipping a coin. Obviously, the end result is going to be totally random. But the truth is that a gifted dice thrower is able to control the movements of the dice and thereby give himself a huge advantage.

So though you might believe tossing the dice is nothing more than a matter of luck, many skilled gamblers will tell you that it’s much more than that. Let’s take a deeper dive….

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So is Dice Control Possible?

The short answer is yes. And the long answer is yes as well!  You might be surprised to know that many professional gamblers have mastered the art of controlling their dice. Whether they’re playing jackpot poker or any other casino game that requires the throwing of dice. Being able to throw the dice and achieve a preconceived result is not an art, it’s a science. You see, it’s all in the grip. Professional players know how to hold the dice before they throw them.

Funnily enough, you can actually teach these methods to beginners and you’ll find many YouTube videos, as well as courses, designed to let the novice player learn the intricacies of controlling the dice during a throw. You could also try the free play at Bet365 Casino. That’ll give you a chance to practice without risking your own money.

If you are a regular at the gaming tables in Las Vegas or any resort casino for that matter, then you’ve probably seen some great casino players. We don’t recommend you compete against them because they will take you to the cleaners. But if you just stand around and watch the gameplay, especially with the game of craps, you will gradually become aware that they are controlling the dice throws. Try spending some time watching these players. You will see that they’re using a dice control strategy during their gameplay. All clever stuff!

How to Control The Dice at The Casino

Dice Control

It’s amazing, but once you’ve learnt how to control the throwing of dice, then it’s a real game-changer when it comes to cash results. It seems crazy that you can get the desired results with a strategic dice throw. More especially when you consider the length of a typical craps table. The general idea is to toss the dice so that they remain stable as they fly through the air. In other words, the numbers that were on the top when you toss the dice will remain on top when the dice land.

During their flight, they need to remain at a square angle to the table, and when they fall to the surface, they will rotate together and look natural as they come to rest. It’s important that the dice land smoothly and that you are able to control this last rotation.

Random vs Non Random Dice Control

There’s a difference between the random and non-random dice controller. In the former, the dice are picked up and then driven into the air until they hit the back wall of the craps table. The dice will fall with a light bounce Ideally you want the dice to fall flat, then maybe rotate and then stop. With this technique, it’s not possible to know which numbers will appear. Now, on the other hand, a skilled dice controller already understands how to game the system. They’re able to throw the dice six times and have the number 7 appear whenever they wish.

We can see that, in the right hands, the non-random method is streets ahead of the random dice control method. We should point out that no dice throwing method is going to function with an online game. So you can’t win the jackpot online with it.

How Does a Beginner Learn to Control The Dice

Dice Control

Whether you’re a novice player or an amateur gambler, then you can learn how to control the dice, but be aware it’s a long and arduous process, requiring a great deal of trial and error. Throwing the dice in a completely random manner will always result in your bankroll gradually being depleted. Imagine if you could control the dice whenever you wished it. Of course, the general idea is that you don’t want to see the number 7 until you do. A skilled dice controller will be able to throw the dice 20 or 30 times before they see that number. They can simply make any number appear on demand.

Now we have you interested in learning about dice control, it’s probably better to team up with someone who is already an expert. Yes, of course, you can always follow YouTube videos, but the actual technique and the nitty-gritty of how it all functions is best seen first-hand through hands-on teaching with an expert player. It’s also a great education to go with these people to a real casino and see real dice control in action in its proper environment. Of course, it’s a great opportunity to make money as you can place your bets after seeing your team member rolling the dice to avoid any loss to your bankroll. 

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Practice Makes Perfect

Controlling the throwing of dice is not a mental skill. It comes from being physically dexterous and with lots of practice, it’ll eventually become part of your finger’s muscle memory. But for that to happen you will require hours and hours of tedious and boring repetition. Many expert dice controllers suggest leaving aside at least 5 hours a week for over a period of six months if you want to learn this skill well enough to be able to produce consistent results at the casino games table.

Once you have dice control under your belt, then everything in the casino will change for you. It’ll certainly increase your jackpot winning chances. You’ll be able to approach table games that you might have been nervous about losing money on before. But as you can now control the gameplay, to enough of a degree, you can be confident to play and then walk out with some winnings.

Dice Control is Cheating

Dice Control

One thing that we should point out is that all casinos are on the lookout for people who may be cheating. Whether counting cards or dice control, both of these practices will see you backed off and asked to leave the casino. And probably also asked never to return. Casinos, on the whole, have a very low tolerance when it comes to card counters or dice controllers. To that end, it’s better to try and hide in plain sight. Make use of the dice control method, but not all the time. Just enough to keep your head above water financially.

Be forewarned that the craps croupiers and table dealers are taught to recognise dice controllers, so you’ll need to perfect a means of disguising your throws. That’s why it’s better to play online. We love Bet365 Casino for their huge selection of casino games, including many live dealer efforts, plus there nice welcome bonus of 100% up to €/£100. 

Having an Edge Over The Casino

We suggest the best technique is to measure the approximate number of tosses it would take for your favourite number to appear. Of course, this method is pretty imprecise and can take any number of rolls for a 7 to appear. Look at the odds of the game you’re playing and then you’ll be able to measure out the rolls almost technically, to ensure that you have an edge over the casino. If you go online you can find many software programs that will measure your dice control strategy mathematically. make some of these part of your jackpot winning strategies.

Keep in mind that talent has nothing to do with it. Just put aside some time each day and start the laborious grind of learning how to toss the dice and ensure that you get the desired results. As they say, the only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary!