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Why Losing at the Tables Is Still ‘Enjoyable’

When it comes to playing casino games, here at, we often talk about how the fun aspect should be of primary importance. But to be realistic, we need to face the fact that nobody likes to lose. Even if you’re a semi-professional player who manages to win most of the time, you’re still going to feel a little short-changed when faced with the occasional loss. Then there are players who are continuously losing. Yet in spite of this, they still return to the casino to play again and again. It’s not really their fault. Just the act of gambling produces a chemical reaction in the brain. We can blame dopamine.

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Tunnel Vision

Due to the rise in problem gambling over the last couple of decades, many experts are now warning all gamblers to consider the reasons for gambling very carefully. On the one hand, you have gamblers who are simply unrealistic in their goals. They are blinkered and fixed in their view that gambling is just about winning. They believe that certain jackpot winning strategies will let them beat the house and emerge as winners.

Just Wanna Have Fun

On the other hand, we have gamblers who either play at a land-based casino or online at a casino like 22Bet Casino, with the sole purpose of having fun. These are players who accept that losing is part and parcel of the whole game. And yet still continue to have a fantastic time. In other words, the actual financial outcome is of little consequence to them, provided they have a great time. In truth, this latter, more positive side of the argument is occupied by relatively few gamblers.

Losing With Grace


If you’re like the vast majority of gamblers, you probably sit more on the side of those looking to win. Or perhaps somewhere in between the middle of these two options. On the whole, you understand that the odds of winning are going to be pretty minimal. Deep down you recognise that the house always wins thanks to the house edge. To that end, you are expecting to lose money on every casino visit. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t hate losing any less. But what it does mean is that there is an underlying acceptance of the risk. Before you start to play, you already know you will lose money. And probably will not turn a profit. In other words, you are realistic with the possibility to increase your jackpot winning chances.

This still begs the question as to why gamblers keep returning to the tables and playing more. After all, each and every player must recognise the evidence in front of them as they watch their bankroll being relentlessly depleted. This shows them that they will lose more money than they hoped to gain. So why then do they keep returning to the same negative results?

A recent study was carried out at Nottingham Trent University in the UK and concluded with a very simple answer.

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In It For The Dopamine Rush

The study looked into the mental activities of 5,500 gamblers. Simply put, gambling, like sex and drugs, is all about the buzz of adrenaline and endorphins. These are the kind of hormones that we normally associate with exciting activities. But what was more interesting was how the losing gambler still experienced this massive rush of dopamine in exactly the same manner as if they had won.

And it’s this factor that makes things rather cloudy when we try to draw a line between problematic gambling and enjoyable gambling. We’ve all heard the term “adrenaline junky.” And even though this sounds like a cliché, it’s actually surprisingly accurate. All human beings are programmed to instantly crave the production of endorphins and dopamine. For the drug addict, whether choosing cocaine, methamphetamine, or heroin, the effect is the same. Thanks to the rush of dopamine, anything can become addictive.

With Dopamine Winning Or Losing Is The Same


When we talk about gamblers returning to the table, we generally assume that it’s voluntary. But knowing how dopamine affects and promotes addictive behavior, we can see how many gamblers feel compelled to gamble again. This happens even if your previous experience was one of losing. Your brain craves the high of a dopamine rush and it’s immaterial how it comes around in the first place. In other words, to trigger this hormone it doesn’t matter if you were previously winning or losing.

Furthermore, the researchers noticed that the effects of a win can negate a series of prior losses. For example, if there was a win that followed a losing streak, then the rush of dopamine was significantly more powerful. Interestingly enough, if you win almost constantly, then your dopamine levels remain relatively modest. So striking it lucky after a long losing streak is going to set your brain on fire with sheer euphoria.

Addicted To Dopamine And Losing Streaks

This may help explain why some players find it impossible to walk away from a losing streak. We all know that casino games are totally random and it’s impossible to predict the outcome between one round and another. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing jackpot poker, blackjack, or roulette. If you find yourself on a downward trajectory, then your brain is already programming itself for the effects of a potential win. In fact, the longer your losing streak, the greater the explosive sensation, if and when you eventually win. The downside of this is that it affects the gambler’s cognitive functions. Thereby making it difficult for them to make rational and logical decisions. 

Now we can understand why losers end up chasing losses. They are simply chasing the kind of high that can only come from breaking a long losing streak. Any sane or logical gambler knows that chasing losses is fatal. At the end of the day, many gamblers end up losing more than they can afford to. Worse still, the cycle perpetuates itself. The brain craves the rush of dopamine and adrenaline. But at a certain point, the likelihood of this happening reaches zero.

The Real Rewards

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Most experts today agree that the key to safe and enjoyable gambling relies on the gambler focusing on real rewards. Of course, there are a huge number of reasons why humans love to gamble. Yet to find real joy means that we need to take out much of the gambling experience, especially if we consider the ideas of winning or losing. This in turn will reduce the dopamine hit.

Obviously, throwing good money after bad in a losing streak leading to insurmountable losses is not going to increase the gambler’s enjoyment in any sense of the word. As we continuously suggest, all gambling should be viewed as a source of entertainment. Regardless of the outcome, you should be looking to enjoy yourself at the gaming tables or in front of the slot machines. Like many other hobbies, gambling should provide a welcome form of escapism from mundane day-to-day life. 

Let Luck Do Its Thing

Part and parcel of this is letting go and relinquishing control. In other words, you let luck take the steering wheel and choose your course. That’s because none of us have any control over what the next card or the roll of the dice will be. By accepting that fate will control your destiny, the minute you log into your online casino at 22Bet Casino, then the better time you’ll have to play their jackpot games.

Although it might sound kind of hippie, we suggest that the rewards of gambling should be found in the social aspects of each game. After all, it’s a welcome opportunity and diversion from real-world problems. Not only that but there’s also the tantalizing prospect of winning a prize. Keep in mind that it’s still worth playing, even if you don’t win. You’ll still receive your dose of dopamine. Having said that, the bottom line is you still need the willpower and strength of character to know when to walk away from the game. It’s important to understand that the rush you experience when gambling is nothing to do with any positive aspects of the game. 

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