Losing Streak
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Introduction: How to Stop a Losing Streak

Deep down, all gamblers who go to the casino, whether that be the brick-and-mortar or online ones, have a secret desire. And that is, to win and, to win big. Of course, many gamblers will tell you it’s all about entertainment, but this isn’t really true. They are being a little economic with the truth. The dream is to be amongst those who win life-altering amounts of cash and are able to live out their dreams. As we all know, the really big winners, be they playing the lottery or casino games, are as rare as hen’s teeth. However, everything can be derailed with an unwelcome losing streak.

Having said that not all casino games are the same and not all casino games have the same probability. Whether playing online or off, some games have a much greater chance of paying out winnings than others. For example, the European version of roulette gives the player better odds than the American version, thanks to its single zero. But if the game is one of high volatility, then your likelihood of winning is very slight. The most important thing is to play the right game, at the right time, in the right place, and with the right wages which suit your bankroll.

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Being Guided by Your Bankroll

All decisions made in the casino are really financial decisions and the guiding force should not be whether you are entertained but should be based on your bankroll. After all, you cannot play and enjoy games you cannot afford. An example would be starting your evening with £100 which you hope will last the whole night. But then, being too emotionally caught up in the game, you place it all on an outside bet at the roulette table which you have virtually no chance of winning. It’s a foolish move and all your bankroll will be gone within that single wager.

How much of a better plan it would be to split the £100 into smaller £1 bets, and place those on outcomes where you are more certain to have a win. This way your bankroll will last the whole evening and will increase your jackpot winning chances. More importantly, you will be entertained. If you’re playing online, then King Billy Casino will keep you entertained for an evening. 

Losing Streak: Being Serious About Your Game

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If you enjoy games where some skill is needed then you need to be serious about your gameplay and strategy. This way you will have a greater say in the outcomes. Two classic examples would be poker and blackjack, where you can learn how to make strategic decisions regarding the moves, that will bring you closer to being a winner. Now, if you are on a losing streak, then it’s a good idea to forget about silly strategies that are supposedly there to guarantee successful results. An example of this would be the Martingale system for winning at roulette. Believe us when we say that it doesn’t work and will leave you in a bigger hole than when you started.

Losing Streak: Up Your Poker Game

If you want to remove the house edge entirely out of the equation, then the game you should be focusing on is online jackpot poker. We’re not talking about video poker where you play against the machine, but real-life poker where you are playing against other people. With an online poker room, it’s just you vs the other players, and the house has nothing to do with it. Because the house cannot control the outcomes they cannot take money from the players. Yes, they may well take a percentage from the cash out after the game, but during gameplay, the house has no effect on the results.

By choosing to play online poker, then it’s up to you to bring your skills and strategy to the table. We suggest you brush up on your poker knowledge before embarking on live dealer games. A great place to play online poker is at King Billy Casino. They will even throw in a massive welcome bonus of 151% of up to £500. That’ll certainly make your gameplay last a lot longer.

Losing Streak: Clear Your Mind

Many times when a gambler is experiencing a long losing streak, he will fall into a way of thinking that is unhealthy for gambling. Namely, he will start seeing his bets through the lens of pessimism, and begin to consider himself unlucky. Whatever he does from that point on will have a negative result. Yes, we are well aware that many casino games rely on luck. And the gambler can have no say in the outcome. But, though that is true, in the real world there is also the player’s mindset and attitude to take into account. If the player can change his outlook to a positive one, then the results will also change.

Don’t Start Chasing Losses

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One of the many reasons why gamblers continue to lose when they are experiencing a losing streak is because they cannot help themselves but start to chase losses. This never ends well. The problem with chasing losses is that essentially you are not playing the game for the correct reasons. The games must be played for pleasure and enjoyment, with the idea of winning being secondary. All casinos are businesses and are built from the losses of the gamblers who gambled there. So curb your winning expectations. 

When you are experiencing a losing streak then your emotions start to encroach onto the game. After all, you go to casinos to win the jackpot, not lose all your money. So you will feel stressed and agitated and are therefore in no condition to be making decisions. Especially one based on strategy and money management. Both of these important factors rely on a completely clear head, along with letting the logical side of the brain take control as opposed to the emotional side. In fact, letting your emotions get the better of you when playing casino games and betting is a pretty bad idea and will result in frustration.

If you happen to be playing against other players then you are bound to fail. Afterall, they can see that you are agitated. That you’re unable to play a strategy that makes use of your mental handicap. And like a self-fulfilling prophecy, this will only serve to make you even more emotional. 

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Conclusion: How to Stop a Losing Streak

When you think about it, a losing streak is just about having unrealistic expectations of the game that you’re playing. It’s important to realise the back and forth of casino games and that you cannot win them all. There’s a good jackpot winning strategy we suggest if you find yourself on a losing streak. Simply consider either calling it a night or leaving the casino and going for a walk. Sometimes that’s all you need to clear your head, and thereby stop the losing streak, is a new perspective. This can only come about by changing your mindset. That’s why stepping away from the casino games table for 20 minutes can work wonders.