Dutch gambling ads ban
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Dutch Gambling Ads Ban For Online Casinos In The Netherlands

The Netherlands is famous for its stringent approach to gambling regulation. Now recent developments in the realm of online gambling have brought the issue to the forefront. A comprehensive ban on advertising for all online gambling services is under review. This raises questions about its implications for players. This Jackpotfinder.com article explores the reasons behind the potential Dutch gambling ads ban. As well as its potential impact on the gaming community.

The primary objective of online gambling regulation is to safeguard consumers. Dutch online casinos must align themselves with these regulations. This is particularly true in terms of advertising practices and the protection of vulnerable individuals. Today’s post delves into the resolute stance taken by the Netherlands in dealing with online casino operators.

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Historical Overview Of Gambling In The Netherlands

Gambling has enjoyed a long-standing presence in the Netherlands, dating back to the 14th century when it became a popular pastime. The country is also home to the oldest continuously operating lottery in history. Although gambling has been legal for many years, it was not until the enactment of the 1964 Betting and Gambling Act that proper regulatory measures were put in place. This legislation grants licenses for all forms of gambling. But it was several more decades for even more significant changes to occur.

The Dutch Gaming Authority 

Established in 2012, the Dutch Gaming Authority (Kansspelautoriteit) serves as the regulatory body. It oversees all gambling activities in the Netherlands, including the top land-based NL casinos. This authority operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice and Security. A significant development occurred several years later when, on April 1st, 2021, the Remote Gambling Act came into effect. Thus bringing all Dutch casino sites under the regulatory purview of the Dutch Gaming Authority. Consequently, remote gambling was officially legal in the Netherlands six months later. This allowed Dutch players to finally savor the offerings of offshore casinos and included table games like jackpot poker, roulette, and blackjack, as well as online jackpot slots.

Dutch Gambling Ads Ban: A Broken Promise

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Shortly after the issuance of the first online gambling licenses, concerns started to emerge among political observers regarding the surge in gambling advertisements. In response to these concerns, gambling companies in the Netherlands made promises to reduce the display of “untargeted” advertisements. They also pledged not to broadcast gambling content on TV channels before 10:00 p.m. However, as we can see from the fine of €400,000 against Bet365 Casino, the amount of money gained from placing ads is greater than any potential fines. 

However, despite these assurances from gambling companies, advertisements continue to prominently display ads in various places. These include such things as bus shelters, online platforms, highways, and even on TV. These ads show jackpot winning tips and tricks as well as a lot of other enticing information which might lead some viewers to believe they could win. A report from market researcher Nielsen revealed that spending on advertising had increased by a third compared to the previous year. This actually amounted to an additional expenditure of nearly 15 million euros.

Smartphone Cards And Dice: Crackdown On Dutch Gambling Ads

Due to the failure of gambling operators to effectively regulate their own advertisements, Franc Weerwind, the Dutch minister for legal protection, is calling for stricter regulations. Among the proposed measures is a potential ban on gambling ads in the Netherlands.

Imminent Dutch Gambling Ads Ban

In the summer of 2022, Franc Weerwind announced the initial plan to start the ban starting on January 1st, 2023. However, due to the requirement for public consultations on the legislation, the Dutch gambling ads ban was subsequently put on hold. The latest update indicates that a ban on untargeted gambling ads should be in force by July 1st. If this timeline is good, other bans will also be set back accordingly. In case of further delays, these additional bans may see delays of up to another 12 months or longer.

Proposal For A “Two-Strikes-You’re-Out” Model

The Netherlands has a determination to shield its youth from excessive exposure to gambling content. A recent survey shows the extent to which young people have exposure to online gambling advertisements. This is including promotions on radio and TV. Unsurprisingly, this raises concerns among Dutch lawmakers, prompting the proposal for a Dutch gambling ads ban and other restrictions. One such measure involves the implementation of a “two-strikes-you’re-out” model. Thus allowing temporary license suspensions for operators who are repeatedly targeting young people and violating the Dutch gambling ad ban.

Smartphone Online Casino: Stricter Enforcement and Gradual Advertising Bans


Weerwind has proposed a proportional enforcement approach, suggesting that local regulators should have the authority to rectify any mistakes made by license holders once they are identified. The minister emphasizes the power of communication in promoting compliance. His proposal includes the possibility of imposing periodic penalty payments. Furthermore, if a violator continues to disregard the rules, further fines may be necessary.

In addition, Weerwind suggests empowering the Kansspelautoriteit to prevent payment providers from accepting transactions from non-compliant companies. He believes that this approach would be more effective than the “two-strikes-you’re-out” model.

What Comes After The Dutch Gambling Ads Ban?

The Netherlands has plans for more rules within the gambling industry. These include bans on other forms of advertising deemed to be hazardous. These bans, such as the prohibition of untargeted advertising, will be gradual in their release. They will cover areas such as sports sponsorships and TV sponsorships. The ban on TV sponsorships is anticipated to be enforced 12 months after the implementation of the untargeted Dutch gambling ads ban. Following another 12-month period, the ban on sports sponsorships will be introduced. However, all this will not affect the online casino and sports bettors. In many ways, it lays the groundwork for a clearer and better gambling environment for online casinos like Bet365 Casino.

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