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Reasons To Stay Away From Fake Las Vegas

Though it’s a hard truth, if you haven’t visited Las Vegas, you’re not missing much. You might be surprised as to how many people believe that Las Vegas is a paradise for gamblers. However, it’s also home to armies of prostitutes, pimps, grifters, and aspiring gangsters. In our experience at Jackpotfindr.com, the plastic and fake Las Vegas is not worth a visit.

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Introduction: Reasons Not To Visit Las Vegas

We understand that you may have a wonderful notion about the entertainment, meals, and attractions at a casino. However, some sources claim that these things are totally artificial or certainly not as impressive as they first seem. Allow us to provide you with an honest and accurate description of the city that never sleeps, which is nothing more than a place of disappointment and filth.

Dozens of Gambling Options In Fake Las Vegas

Of course, Las Vegas is a city known for its casinos and entertainment. At first, it can be overwhelming with all the bright lights and noise, as well as the abundance of casinos in a small area, all competing for business. Many people visit the city to try their luck at games like jackpot poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps, video poker, and keno. However, the atmosphere in the city can also be intense. You’ll find a never-ending stream of promoters and hustlers aggressively handing out flyers and trying to persuade visitors to come inside. These individuals all seem desperate, with weird fake smiles and a sense of exhaustion from dealing with so many disinterested passersby.

Memorable Vegas Shows For The Wrong Reasons

The city is known for attracting big-name celebrities and having a variety of shows available at any given time. Unfortunately, this is just another opportunity to scam the unaware. When looking for tickets to see Celine Dion, the Blue Man Group, or Circus du Soleil, the ticket office will claim that all the cheapest tickets are sold out. However, after negotiating with the ticket agent, they will offer you a fake discount. When attending the show, you’ll see that the theater is only half full. Upon returning to the ticket office to complain, the agent will threaten to call security.

This common experience highlights how the fake Las Vegas has a tendency to use marketing ploys, such as overpriced tickets, and bait and switch, to draw people into casinos. Additionally, the shows themselves often lack genuine emotion. They seem unoriginal and overproduced, with the stars just going through the motions. Overall, the city’s entertainment offerings seem appealing at first, but will ultimately disappoint.

Dreadful Fremont Street Experience

Fremont Street

We’ll say it straight out, Freemont Street in Las Vegas is not worth visiting. It’s like a sad rubbish disco with flashing lights and noise but no substance whatsoever. The street performers there are aggressive and only care about getting money from you. Furthermore, there’s a good chance you may even get pick-pocketed. Additionally, there are a lot of used-up prostitutes handing out pornographic flyers to anyone, including children. Overall, it’s a depressing and disheartening experience.

Awful Dining Options

The fact that individuals have only ever eaten in middle America is probably the main reason why they rave endlessly about the incredible food in fake Las Vegas. It’s clear to a stranger looking in, that the goal is to get diners through the seats as rapidly as possible. The idea is to stuff them with the least expensive, most filling garbage. A lot of sugar and empty starch. At the canteen level, the food is actually less edible and more like to slop for pigs. There is no consideration or enjoyment of cooking. It’s all about keeping an eye on the prices of essential materials. They confuse quantity for quality because the majority of the population there are retards. Similar to insects munching on a discarded, stale doughnut.

Even though the food is inexpensive, the enormous amount of waste will put your moral principles to the ultimate test. We dare you to enter the kitchen and look around. You’ll be met with the eyes of worn-out, forlorn, and exploited eyes of Mexican cheap or illegal labor looking back at you.

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Pathetic Bragging Rights

Any sensible person would ask why on earth they would want to brag and say they were in Las Vegas. As if it’s something to be proud of. Personally, there’s no lame excuse big enough to go to fake Las Vegas. If you admitted you were a pedo or had the coronavirus, you would likely receive more sympathy from us. There is absolutely nothing good that you can say about any given minute spent there. It’s merely a place where the uneducated and impoverished go to become poorer. It represents the pinnacle of the fake American dream.

Additionally, we suggest that if you have any pals that think Las Vegas is hip or cool, simply shoot them in the head right there and then. By doing so, you will render a service to humanity. Such friends are not necessary. You’re better off simply staying at home and enjoying an excellent casino experience at Bovada Casino.

The Fake Las Vegas History

Las Vegas

Let’s face it, Las Vegas has a shorter history than any church door in Europe. The “history” is all really recent. Even then, we find it a struggle to take pride in. After all, it’s the history of nothing more than mafia thugs and dishonest politics. The ironic part is that there are even museums and exhibits that openly discuss the city’s founding. Both the history and the telling of it are “Disney-fied”—a wildly colorful, cheap, and plastic retelling of a narrative that never happened. Much like the pathetic mini Eiffel Tower and the brackish waters of the canals of a faux Venice. The whole fake Las Vegas experience is like having Michael Bay helm a My Little Pony film.

Useless And Aggressive Street Performers

These just are the worst. Over time, this city may have attracted some of the least talented and most desperate individuals on the planet. Yes, they are all here. And while adoring their rubbish acts, you’ll quickly realize that they are a part of one enormous trash tribe. With this in mind, you’ll feel perfectly at home on the sidewalks of Freemont Street if aggressive scamming and painfully useless performers are your thing. What they can give the audience is not their main concern. It’s what they can wring out of every onlooker.

We challenge you to give any performer more than a two-second look. Within that time limit, they will jump on you and threaten you to pay them money, even if you’re just passing by with no interest in them. It’s the hustle is that matters most. There is no novelty or excitement in that.

Conclusion: Reasons To Stay Away From Fake Las Vegas

Let’s remember that gangsters created Las Vegas. Keep that fact in mind at all times. You’ll find that such characteristics still exist in the city’s DNA when viewed under a microscope. The plan is to take the ignorant American working poor and put them through an artificial plastic hell until all of their money is gone. And then persuade them that they enjoyed themselves so that they will return. And such is the lack of critical thinking, they all believe it. In fact, they act just like the proverbial Lemmings!

In many ways, we’re thankful for the increase in online casino popularity. Playing at Bovada Casino is a so much better experience. Here’s an interesting fact: did you know that the hotel windows throughout Las Vegas cannot be opened? It’s to stop any losers from jumping. That pretty much says it all and sums up fake Las Vegas to a tee.

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