TV expert sports bettors

Introduction: Reasons To Ignore TV Expert Sports Bettors

Unfortunately, TV expert sports bettors are everywhere. If you switch on the TV to watch your favourite sport, there’s always a good chance that between breaks, you’ll have to listen to some “experts” giving their winning tips. They always appear very sure of themselves. In these days where there appears to be a successful sports punter around every corner, then it begs the question: do these picks ever prove a better bet than if you’d picked the winners yourself? We would suggest that you ignore these “experts.” You’ll have the same success if you start your own sports betting tipster service. Here we’ll tell you why.

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TV Expert Sports Bettors: The Sample Sizes Differ

These TV expert sports bettors can appear to be successful sports bettors who give bang-on sports betting predictions. They appear to have the figures to back up this claim. But, if you dig down, you’ll find that there’s a lot of sleight of hand going on here, especially with those important numbers offering proof of the gambler’s know-how. You’ll find the real answers if you take the time to look carefully at the figures as they’re presented. So, if you’re on a website that is boasting an unbelievable winning ratio in any game, then look carefully at the numbers they use to compare their results.

A good example would be that many websites boasting huge betting success, happen to include in their results, games upon which you couldn’t possibly bet on. Luckily you will not find these types of tricks with our favourite, 22Bet Sportsbook. As one of the leading sportsbook sites in the whole industry, you can’t go wrong with them.

So, if a website claims 60% wins over the last 5 years, then that’s quite a rare number. But before you jump for joy, remember that you need to take the “juice” out of the equation. Suddenly that number looks less impressive. Often the number you’ll see will be based on the betting on every single game during that particular season. You can’t follow that. And if you could, then it would mean you had a massive bankroll.

The main point is that the numbers these experts use do not apply to the average punter who’s trying to win the football jackpot. They are also very selective of the choices, leaving out the bad bets that could lower their overall average score. Would you honestly pay for a betting model like that? Where honesty takes a back seat to (their own) profit?

TV expert sports bettors
The most important is having fun!

They’re Regular People Like You

There is no qualification needed to go on TV and spout your sports betting picks. Those TV expert sports bettors giving the tips, are no better at the betting game than you are. Keep in mind that TV is first and foremost a source of entertainment. Anything useful will come far, far down on a list of things that appear on TV. These experts are paid for their entertainment value. Nothing more. To make consistent winning bets, you’ll need to do an awful lot of research, as well as have a large dose of luck on your side. It doesn’t matter what anyone says, but winning bets is hard work!

A TV-based sports expert is in no better situation to provide qualified tips or win the best sports betting jackpots than anyone else sat on their sofa at home. You might imagine that because they are somehow closer to the “source” of TV sports, maybe they have some sort of “insider knowledge”. But the figures for wins and losses tell a different story. On the whole, most online bettors will use complex research and numbers to come to as rational conclusions as possible. But your average TV pundit knows even less than this. They try and make recommendations appear more worthy, simply because they come from a TV personality. It’s all just show business.

TV Expert Sports Bettors: Gambling Trust Issues

Why would you ever take advice from someone with no skin in the game? After all, it’s so easy to make recommendations, when the consequences don’t have any effect on you, one way or another. Look, at the end of the day, you’re playing with your own money. It’s your neck on the chopping block. Interestingly, there are two closely related types of show on TV at the moment, and both involve gambling. The first are those “business” shows where some expert tells you the picks for rising stock trades. And the second are these tipster channels, where experts tell you the likely winners for the day.

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These shows are more or less interchangeable. These so-called experts likewise. Their commentary makes them appear worldly and knowledgeable on their respective subject matter. But we have no means to verify anything they’re saying. Though they will make impassioned and convincing arguments about finding the best online jackpots, unless they have their own money on the line, then it’s hard to take their advice seriously. And, as we pointed out earlier, it’s on TV, which makes it automatically untrustworthy. On the other hand, it could be argued that these shows are a good source of new information.

TV expert sports bettors

The more information you have at your fingertips, the better it is to make considered choices. Still, we don’t recommend playing on the advice of these TV expert sports bettors, whether betting on sports or the stock market. We suggest you stick with our tried and trusted 22Bet Sportsbook. You will not experience any trust issues with them.

You Need to Learn for Yourself As a Sports Bettor

Those who listen and then act on the advice of TV expert sports bettors, often do so because they lack the confidence to make their picks. They are uncertain, often due to a lack of knowledge. If you need to depend on someone else for tips in the hope you’ll strike a profit, then think again. The first thing is that if anyone had a sure-fire tip (no such thing as “sure-fire” in betting) then why on earth would they share it? We can’t stress enough that you have to put in the work unless you want to be consistent in losing your wagers. Though it’s nice to have an arm to lean on, you must start to learn the skills that’ll put you in a better position whenever you place a sports bet.

One of the main reasons for self-study in sports betting is that you can start to formulate your betting strategy. If, for example, you’re betting on the NFL, then it’s so much better that you have formulated your own NFL betting strategy. In other words, you put yourself in control. No one can lead you to make profitable bets, not least TV expert sports bettors. Part and parcel of your learning is that it’s a journey. Yes, sometimes you’re going to have to eat some losses. And conversely, sometimes you’ll be celebrating huge wins. But for these things to come to pass, you’ll need to hunker down and read and listen. Another point about taking second-hand advice is that it takes all the fun out of placing a wager.

TV expert sports bettors
“Don’t let poets lie to you” – Björk

Conclusion: Reasons To Ignore TV Expert Sports Bettors

It’s so much more fulfilling if you did the work and discovered value where no one else has seen it. Watching an underdog come home victorious with your wager riding on it is a great feeling. In other words, you did your homework, and now you’re reaping the results. Betting is much more than just about winning. It’s about making the experience rewarding. And for that to happen, just correlate all the available data and make a choice based on those numbers. This will certainly boost your jackpot winning chances.

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