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Common Mistakes With Live Bets

Thanks to relatively recent developments in stream technology, many online sportsbooks like 22Bet Sportbook now offer live betting. This means that you can watch the match or game progress, and place a bet at any moment during the gameplay. Keep in mind that the odds will be constantly updating, which means the amount you’re wagering versus the possible wins will also change. With this in mind, we want to help players recognise all the potential live betting mistakes they can easily fall into during the heat of an exciting game.

One thing we love about live betting is that it enables you to anticipate potential comebacks and increase your wagers as the odds change. But because of how quickly things are changing in front of your eyes, a lot of gamblers frequently commit some quite basic errors. So let’s take a look and see if we can identify any adjustments that will make it easier for you to place more profitable bets at online jackpot casinos and thereby increase your jackpot winning chances.

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Only Make Live Bets Whilst Watching The Game

This seems to be an obvious choice. After all, it would be insane to try to place a live wager without following the game as it develops. This is due to the fact that seeing the precise instant the odds change during play is the key to effective live betting. Let’s face it, live betting is hardly a sedate activity. While the action is taking place, you must move yourself. To that end, you must always be paying attention. Even though live betting without watching a game won’t guarantee you a win, doing so will just make your experience rather pointless.

Always Bet For Outcome Probability Over Value


Here’s a typical misunderstanding; that one should only wager based on potential outcomes. It’s essential that you take the risk and the value of the result into account. Many gamblers only stick with their favourites. This is all fine and good, but since they are the favourites, the odds will be very poor. Risking more than you stand to gain is a risky way of thinking. For instance, if you’re watching a game, and the result appears to be very certain. Is it wise to stake your $400 on the team with odds of victory that are 400 to 1? Most likely not. After all, what’s the point of you staking $400 to earn $10?

Ignore Heavy Favorites

Remember that with these odds, you would need to win the wager 40 times to make up for just one loss. In fact, you’d need to win 41 times in order to even break even after a defeat. Obviously, that’s not a wise way to bet. In contrast, if you wager on the underdog at +4000, you only need to win once to guarantee a sizable profit. Since you may win $400 with a $10 wager, there’s good value right away. Just keep in mind that all gambling involves taking a risk.

Take note that picking strong favourites won’t offer you anything of actual value. Conversely, betting big on the underdogs is a definite way to lose money. So choose your jackpot games wisely, and if there aren’t any good ones, wait patiently for the right one to come along.

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Good Bankroll Management

Keeping track of your cash when live betting can soon become a pain. Consider that you’ll be betting on the move at an astonishing rate in the vast majority of game types. It’s a very tense period when you’re wanting to place bets throughout the game. And then winning and losing instantly. But if you want to prevent big losses, you’ll need to keep your bankroll spending in check. The easiest solution is a straightforward “money in” and “money out” running number that is updated whenever the situation changes. This will give you a current running total and will let you see how much money is still in the kitty. You’ll find that 22Bet Sportbook offers a range of practical tools to keep your spending in check.

Be Wary Of Betting Against Yourself

Another important element, known as “contradictory wagers,” is one that many live bettors misunderstand. These are wagers that you place during a game that, for an unforeseen reason, contradict wagers you earlier placed. Consider placing a $100 wager on the Packers defeating the Seahawks. You could be tempted to place a $200 wager on the Seahawks if they are up early in the game to make up for your losses and still earn $100. But circumstances may shift once again. Because you decided to go against your original play, you would then be losing money. Generally speaking, you should never bet on both teams simultaneously during a live betting transaction. Though we understand that hedging your bets is a reasonable play, the risk that comes from contradicting yourself is really not worth it.

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Making Too Many Live Bets

There seem to be countless betting options with live betting, with each offering a valid reason to win the jackpot online. The odds change often, and it’s all very thrilling and fascinating. But be cautious not to overdo it. Make every effort to maintain simplicity. You will undoubtedly find a lucrative betting opportunity when watching a live sporting event. However, just because you can doesn’t imply that you should, as the proverb goes. Understand that you just cannot expect to be able to seize every opportunity that presents itself. Therefore, it is essential to not overthink everything and to simply get on with enjoying yourself.

Have a Plan For Your Live Bets

Going into live betting with a strategy is highly recommended. This can help you choose when it would be best to try your luck. You can keep an eye open at the beginning of each of these sessions if you break a game into three or four primary sections. Overall, here at, we believe that the best course of action is to continuously monitor the odds as they’re continually shifting. Be patient and wait for the value to be at its greatest. Try to avoid making your betting decision in advance and focus instead on how the game is going. Basically, choose the moment to place a live bet with an open mind, not based on the team with whom you plan to wager.

As always, make sure you take the time to do your homework before considering making live bets. And make sure you separate the sporting facts from the myths. This will assure you of formulating betting jackpot winning strategies. Find the time in your daily obligations to watch the game in real-time. And remember to only bet on value, not on the outcome.

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