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Are Greedy Casinos Unhappy If You Win Too Much?

It’s generally safe to say that any unfavourable stigma attached to casinos stems from how they are depicted in the movies. The local cops are corrupt, the greedy casinos are rigged, and the casino will kick you out if you win too much are all stale, old cliches. James Bond may be the only movie character to visit a casino that isn’t run by the mob or taking advantage of its patrons. But this brings up an interesting question; do casinos really give a damn if you win or lose? And is it possible to win too many games?

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Are There Such Things As Greedy Casinos?

The idea that greedy casinos are so hungry that they’ll use any shady methods to make sure that all of the patrons’ money stays inside the casino’s walls is actually an urban legend. Yes, there are undoubtedly numerous dishonest and greedy casinos located throughout the world, but these establishments are undoubtedly clandestine and illegal. Such institutions will frequently prey on weaker gamblers or those who are problem gamblers.

All Publicity Is Good Publicity

However, all regular, regulated casinos require publicity. And when it comes to advertising, nothing beats word of mouth. A personal referral is much more effective than, for example, a printed media campaign. And the winner of that same establishment is the one who will perform the job best. Winners enjoy boasting, and by doing so, they promote the casino where they found their luck. Also, many winners will feature in puff pieces in local media, thereby promoting the casino at the same time. Remember that every casino game, even those in online casinos like Bovada Casino, is intended to be more profitable for the casino than the player. So there isn’t really the slightest motivation for a casino to defraud a consumer.

Counting Cards Is Not Illegal


Card counting is a subject that is frequently brought up in idle conversation. The fact is that almost all casinos, especially the big boys, have no problem with blackjack card counters. And the reason for this is that most card counters are terrible at maintaining the count, even when using just one pack of cards. Yes, there are skilled card counters, and they are frequently confronted and told to keep their distance or backed off. This is so because the casino depends on a statistical percentage of players losing because it is a business. Card counting can therefore fundamentally alter their business model. If you are found counting cards, the casino may impose restrictions on your behaviour but on the whole, you’re not required to return any winnings.

Greedy Casinos Love Big Winners

When you walk into numerous casinos, you’ll see that the entrance hall is adorned with enormous pictures of prior winners who are looking down on you with happy and angelic smiles. The casino is aware that treating every winner like a badge of honour generates excellent PR. After all, they must spread the notion of success. Those in the know may also make jokes about increasing the house advantage because everyone wants to succeed. And the casino is appealing to this urge to win. Positive images of jackpot winners simply serve to enhance the appeal of gambling. If this was an online casino like Bovada Casino, this would be a means of encouraging players as they dream of how to win the jackpot online.

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You’re Not Winning Money From The Casino

The essential thing to keep in mind is that, apart from the very beginning of a game, you’re actually gaining money from other players rather than money from the casino as a whole. Even greedy casinos must be able to pay out any winners when a new game begins. The losses of other players, however, can cover that void after the game has started. Thus enabling the casino to profit from the surplus. That’s why the typical casino keeps between 20 and 40 per cent of players’ monthly wagers. So why would they be unhappy about the occasional player who wins some money? In actuality, if you’re playing at the gaming table with someone and they win, they won your money.

In reality, you can view the casino as serving as a middleman. Money comes in and passes through the casino’s hands. This is where the majority of it stays. Then some eventually make their way to the winners.

There Can Be Technical Glitches

slot machine

When a player asserts that they won but the casino won’t accept their winnings, it always comes across as needy and depressing. A good example would be Katrina Bookman who was trying her hand at the jackpot slots in 2017. She believed she had legitimately won $43 million. However, the machine could only make a maximum payout of $6,500. The slot machine wasn’t working properly. The words “Malfunctions Void All Pays” are on a sign for everyone to see, on the side of every slot machine. Machines occasionally make mistakes and can go wrong. This provision is also included to safeguard the casino because numerous attempts have been made by crafty individuals to deliberately cause the machine to malfunction in an effort to receive a payout.

Greedy Casinos Still Are Legal

Even so-called greedy casinos rarely decline to pay out a real award. However, there have been attempts by cunning gamers to try to win money in an underhand manner or by using dodgy jackpot winning strategies. For instance, some players may be using a credit card that has been stolen to play. Or, when asked, they decline to produce acceptable identification. With online casinos, they try to get around the casino’s nation-blocking security procedures. These are all good justifications for the casino to hold back any winnings. At the end of the day, the casino will display its house rules for everyone to see. Read them and understand that it’s in your best interest to comply with them.

Casinos Love Winners

There is no chance that you will ever have to leave after making a significant win if the casino you are playing in is legitimate. This includes having a licence and that it complies with the law. Consider that the best form of promotion a casino can receive is a large victory. It spreads the myth that everybody can succeed. When compared to the money collected from losers, paying out winners is a mere drop in the ocean. Keep in mind that a reputable casino will never try to discriminate between winners and losers. Remember that as soon as a player enters the room through the front door, they all have the same opportunities. Now imagine if online casinos prohibited you from winning. Or denied them any chances to increase your jackpot winning chances. The whole iGaming industry would be as dead as a Dodo overnight.

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