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Biggest Betting On Sports Myths 

When you consider just how vast the betting on sports industry is, then it’s not surprising to come across a huge variety of ideas and views about sports betting activities. As you can imagine, though the majority of these are perfectly sensible, some are based on misconceptions. Unfortunately, you’ll find them often repeated by sports bettors around the world. To help you separate the wheat from the chaff, we thought we’d take a look at some of the most misguided and false sports betting misconceptions in order to set the record straight.

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Bookmakers Are Always Correct

Whether you’re a weatherman in a TV studio or a gypsy sitting in a tent with a crystal ball, there’s no way are you able to predict the future. Likewise, bookmakers cannot know the result of an event before it happens. If you pay attention to the odds, you’ll notice that they don’t get it right all the time. Furthermore, just because bookmakers are experts in offering odds and offering more than fair prices, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they are able to predict any results with certainty. 

Keep in mind that bookmakers make their money by charging a fee or “vig.” Without this, we fear they would be out of business. Especially if they were relying solely on their own predictions. Having said that, it’s possible to find price inaccuracies amongst different bookmakers when betting on sports. For the sharp-eyed sports bettor, this offers the possibility of discovering greater value.

You Need A Strong Head For Mathematics

Unfortunately, there’s no getting around the fact as in order to find an edge in sports betting you need to be able to make quick calculations and have a good understanding of probability. But this doesn’t mean you need to be a big-brain mathematician with a head full of jackpot winning strategies. If you follow or “shadow bet” a proven sports tipster, then it’s not necessary to do any calculations for yourself. 

Risk-Free Betting Doesn’t Exist


Actually, though it’s hard to believe, there are actually risk-free sports betting opportunities. Though they need study and understanding, it’s perfectly feasible to turn a tasty profit and win the jackpot online by utilizing them. There are two risk-free techniques available for all those betting on sports. Let’s have a look at them in turn.

Matched Betting

Matched betting is about turning bookmakers’ promotions, incentives, and free bets into profit. You need to have multiple sportsbook accounts and be constantly setting up new ones as you go along. But it’s perfectly feasible to see a decent monthly income using matched betting techniques. In fact, there are many betting on sports experts that are doing this today.

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting it’s very similar to matched betting. But in this case, you’re going to be earning rewards from the differences in the odds at betting exchanges and bookmakers. By taking advantage of these differences, you are able to place bets with better-expected value. And it’s these value bets that will give you a good return on your betting investments.

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All Betting On Sports Is A Mug’s Game

For those who don’t take part in betting on sports, you’ll often hear them say that all forms of betting, especially sports betting, are simply a mug’s game. There is some truth in this. After all, the vast majority of bets, whether at an online sportsbook like 22Bet Sportsbook will lose money in the long run. Yet, on the other hand, there is a small subset of sportsbook bettors who understand how to make a professional living from it. 

Many who do this will be flying under the radar as a means of keeping their gambling secrets to themselves. Everyone who has placed a bet on some sport or other knows that this carries a risk. Nevertheless, there are betting on sports players who are willing to put in the time and effort in order to find even the tiniest advantages over the betting markets. As you can imagine, competition is very fierce. However, professional gamblers are able to consistently produce relatively small wins. These build up over time into a considerable annual income.

There’s Zero Point In Betting On Sports With High Odds

sports betting

High odds or longshots are said to never win. After all, these show a simple reflection on the probability of an event happening. But you only have to look through the sporting pages of a website or newspaper to see that upsets happen all the time. Of course, betting on sports that are long shots is going to increase your risk. If you are betting on high odds, then you need to have strong nerves and more risk tolerance than your average sports bettor.

In fact, it’s this risk tolerance that allows some confident sports bettors to bet on events offering high odds. You will also need to have deeper pockets, as the risk tolerance that goes with betting on high odds means it’s possible that a long time might pass before you see any winnings. Take note, that just because you’re betting on sports at higher odds, doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily a good bet. As with all sports betting, finding the expected value is the most important aspect. This can occur in both long and short prices. Always check the odds at an online sportsbook like 22Bet Sportsbook before betting.

Because I Haven’t Won Lately, I’m Due A Win

Whatever you do, don’t fall into this way of thinking. The idea is that simply because you haven’t won recently means that you’re due for a win very soon. Essentially, this is the “Gamblers Fallacy.” The misconception is that previous random events will have an effect on future ones. It’s important to understand that each and every betting action and result is an independent action. In other words, the result has nothing to do with any previous ones. As such, it’s impossible for your previous results to influence any upcoming ones. You may be surprised how often you experience either a winning or losing streak.

Here at, we tend to look at this way of thinking in the same manner that we look at superstitions. Having a superstitious view of gambling is not going to help you. It often leads you astray from essential mathematics and critical thinking. No gambler or sports bettor is due to a positive result. This is one reason why, when you’re betting on sports, you should not count on a win to offset any previous losses. Likewise, only bet with stakes that you are prepared to lose with good grace.

Betting On Sports Winners Are More Important Than The Odds


Probably one of the major reasons why bookmakers continue to thrive is the fact that many sports gamblers don’t consider the odds before they place a bet. It’s ridiculous and foolish to imagine that just picking a winner is enough, whilst completely ignoring the value of the odds. In reality, the odds are probably the most important factor in sports betting. If you are a football fan who follows La Liga, then you made chose Real Madrid to win the league every season, simply because they have won more matches. But just because Los Blancos have frequent wins, doesn’t necessarily translate into a La Liga title at the end of every year.

If you were to bet on them then you would struggle to make a long-term profit. This is due to the odds. And the fact that everybody else backing them as favourites to win the football jackpot. The result is that the price will be too low to see any profitable earnings.

It’s About Finding Value

Remember that being successful at betting on sports isn’t about how often you win. It’s about how much you are paid each time you are successful. And that’s why finding value is the most important aspect of all sports betting. Without this, you will never find betting success. To that end, we recommend that all new gamblers focus on finding the best prices. As time passes, and you stick to finding the best value, then you will increase your jackpot winning chances.

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