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Play Low-Stakes Games With A Small Budget 

Although gambling is a fun activity, there are many times that you can’t gamble simply because you don’t have enough money to go to casinos to win the jackpot. But not all gambling games need to cost a fortune. If you look around, you’ll find plenty of low-risk games and low-stakes games for gamblers who are gambling on a budget. Today we thought we take a look at some of these fun games which are available for low rollers. You might be surprised to learn that for as little as $20 you can still have great fun. As well as having a chance to win the jackpot online.

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Wager On Your Favorite Team

A good idea if you don’t have a huge amount of money to bet on is to look at an upcoming sports game. For example, it‘s possible to place an official wager in an online sportsbook. On other occasions, just make a bet on a team or player that you know. You might be pleasantly surprised to turn your $5 bet on football into $150. Many bettors like to use parlay bets. This is where they can buy 3 to 4 outcomes in a single bet. This can be for anything from the final score of a match to how many touchdowns passes a particular player throws.

Even greater fun can be had by betting with a friend. As the game proceeds you can enjoy the friendly competition. As you can see, just by betting $5 with your mates, you can easily get 3 or more hours of entertainment value from such small wagers. Not only that, but you also have a chance to double your money should you wish to do so. When you make a small sports wager with your friend, the vig doesn’t have any effect on you. So by simply betting with your friends, you’re going to save around 5% on the sportsbook vigorish.

Now some bettors may instantly assume that 5% of a few dollars isn’t anything to write home about. But they would be both wrong and short-sighted. Imagine for a moment that you make 25 bets of $10 each. This means you’re betting a total of $250. Of which 5% would be $12.50. If you think about it, $12.50 is enough money to make 3 bets among friends.

Low-Stakes Games: Play $1 Keno


If you make small bets on sports then you have a good possibility of breaking even over time. Also if you study a little about the teams and players you’re betting on, you can even make a bit of money. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case if you play Keno. To start with, we should mention that when playing Keno you are pretty much guaranteed to lose money. Nevertheless, Keno does possess a couple of benefits that are hard to find with other casino jackpot games or forms of gambling.

The first of these is that you can buy Keno tickets for as little as $1 from almost anywhere, including online at casinos like 22Bet Casino. Furthermore, this $1 ticket could bring you a return of $10,000 or more. The second benefit of playing Keno is that it’s a very slow game. In fact, the draws can run between 5 to 15 minutes. As far as entertainment value goes, it means that it’s possible to gamble for hours with very these very low-stakes games. 

The hard truth about Keno is that its long-term returns are absolutely abysmal. In reality, for every $1 you invest in buying Keno tickets, you probably are only going to receive around $0.60 back. Still, on a positive note, this is a much better return than you’d get by buying lottery tickets. But it’s still nothing to write home about.

Buy a Lottery Ticket Every Day


In many ways, lottery tickets are very similar to Keno tickets. Essentially, you spend very little money with the possibility to win the jackpot online should you get lucky. On the whole, most lottery draws happen a minimum of once a day. Others can be a couple of times a week or even once a month. This means that it’s not necessary to buy a lot of lottery tickets at the same time. If you’re in the US, then many people buy tickets for the Mega Millions and Powerball simply because they both have massive prizes of at least $10 million. You have to consider tickets to these huge winnings only cost $2 each.

If your gambling budget is small, and you’re looking for low-stakes games, then you can simply buy one of these progressive jackpot tickets once a day to increase your jackpot winning chances. This will come out at just $14 a week. And you’ll have 7 shots at winning the prize. It’s true that the long-term returns on lottery games are absolutely minuscule. But that shouldn’t distract from you buying tickets. After all, there’s no harm in dreaming about how you spend your jackpot. Also, a quick look through the media tells you that somebody has to win. So it might as well be you. But you can’t win if you don’t play!

Low-Stakes Games: Bingo Cards


A great way to gamble whilst having fun on a social level is to play bingo. One great aspect of the game is that it takes some time to play. But it’s perfectly possible to buy a pack of bingo cards allowing you to play multiple games at the same time. Making it one of the best low-stakes games. Many communities around the world will have bingo games that take place on a regular basis. Of course, you can play many popular bingo games online at a casino like 22Bet Casino

We believe that probably one of the best aspects of playing bingo is that you can have fun with your friends and family. Go to any real bingo hall and you’ll see it’s full of family members and friends enjoying themselves. In truth, bingo isn’t much better than the lottery and Keno games when it comes to long-term returns. In some ways, this is almost beside the point. Bingo should be viewed first and foremost as a cheap gambling game with fantastic social interaction.

Bet on Horses Online

Here at Jackpotfinder.com, we mainly deal with online betting. Of course, is perfectly feasible to go to the horse track in person and back a horse using a small budget. On the whole, the vast majority of real horse tracks are happy to accept wagers that start from as little as $2. This means it’s perfectly feasible to place a bet on every race on the day’s card for less than $30. Yet we suggest that you stick to betting online to save money. This is simply because there is no traveling cost involved. 

With today’s stringent casino licensing rules you’ll find that betting on the horses online is both safe and secure. With money online sportsbooks you can actually watch the horse racing in real-time as it streams over the internet directly to your mobile phone. So, though going to the horse track with family and friends make a great day out, it’s perfectly possible to save money and still have a great time by gambling using your mobile phone while sitting at home on the sofa.

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