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 Guide to Playing Mahjong 

A popular Chinese game that dates back to the 1870s is mahjong. It reached the United States and Great Britain fifty years later. Mahjong is still quite popular today, not just with Chinese gamblers but also all over the world. If you play it in person, it can be a social jackpot game. But it has also migrated to the internet gaming world. There are numerous games available on countless websites and mobile applications. Many of them are fun, no-cost games that you can play. However, you may also play for real money online.

Today at, we’ll describe how to play Mahjong for money, introduce a few variations, and provide some advice on playing successfully. We also look at the online version of the game at casinos like Bet365 Casino.

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Mahjong Instructions And Rules

Mahjong can appear to be quite difficult, mainly because there are numerous methods to score it. But the fundamentals are rather straightforward. All that is necessary to know is how the tiles are organized, how to create melds, and how the scoring functions. The basic principles of the game will then be clear to you.

Mahjong Tiles

Mahjong uses engraved tiles rather than playing cards, which is one of the aspects that makes it such a distinctive game. Originally, these tiles were cut into bone. Nowadays, plastic makes up the majority of them. You can get pricey tile sets made of ivory or jade if you want to be fancy. 144 tiles make up a typical mahjong set. However, certain configurations come with an extra four or eight tiles that can be utilised as jokers or bonus tiles.

The categories into which the tiles are organised resemble the card suits. Knowing which tiles match one another is a necessary part of learning the game’s rules. Grouping them makes it simpler to remember them.

Suit Included Symbols Number of Tiles
Circles 1-9 1-9 Four sets of 9, 36 total
Bamboo 1-9 Four sets of 9, 36 total
Chinese Characters 1-9 Four sets of 9, 36 total
Winds N, S, E, W Four sets of 4, 16 total
Dragons Red, Green, and White Four sets of 3, 12 total
Flowers Plum, Orchid, Chrysanthemum, Bamboo One of each, 4 total
Seasons Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn One of each, 4 total

Making Hands In Mahjong


The primary suits that make up the majority of the Mahjong set are the circles, bamboo, and Chinese characters tiles. They stand in for 108 of the total 144 tiles. Seasons, flowers, winds, dragons, and other unusual tiles are also included. They contribute more to your final score. These are extra tiles because there is only one of each flower and season tile included in the mahjong set. Without needing to use them in a meld, you score extra points for each of these tiles you hold in your hand.

Mahjong’s goal is to assemble tiles into melds, which resemble jackpot poker or gin rummy hands. You can obtain a Mahjong and win the game if you gather the necessary number of melds. Melds are collections of particular tile pairings. There are a set number of points for each kind of meld. You will score points more quickly and be able to declare Mahjong before your opponents if your melds are stronger.

Types Of Melds

These are the meld options you can collect.

  • Pong: Three tiles of the same rank and same suit.
  • Chow: Three tiles of the same suit in consecutive rank.
  • Kong: Four tiles of the same rank and same suit.
  • Eye: A pair of identical tiles. The eye meld can only be used as the final piece in Mahjong.

Basic Instructions For Mahjong

Each player starts the game with 13 tiles. You draw a tile when it is your turn to play. Then throw away a tile to conclude your turn. You can keep a meld in your hand hidden until the end of the game if you have one. More points are awarded for concealed melds. For your final tile in your meld, you may choose to take another player’s dropped tile. However, you must instantly divulge the meld if you want to claim someone else’s discard. As a result, it has a lower point value.

Every time a player takes a discarded tile from another player, they also have to take a tile out of play. Play then continues with the player on their right after their discard. As a result, some players might skip a turn. The round is won by the first person to get Mahjong. Mahjong has four melds, each containing three tiles, as well as a pair. Players that have a kong meld will receive an additional tile.

Mahjong Scoring


According to the regulations, there are two possible ways for a round to terminate.

  • No player has Mahjong when the available tiles run out. The result of the game is a tie.
  • When a player wins a mahjong game. They declare it and take the victory.
  • The game can be scored in a variety of ways. Depending on the Mahjong variety you are playing, different rules apply to scoring.

Before declaring Mahjong, a player must have at least 8 points, according to the official Chinese version of the rules.

Points For Each Meld

There are many point values for each meld.

  • Chows= 0 points
  • Four Chows= 2 points
  • Concealed Pungs= 4 points
  • Revealed Pungs= 2 points
  • Kongs= 2 points

Depending on the position of the tiles, certain game variations provide various point values.

How To Score Special Tiles

Pungs with a value of one or nine, for instance, are valued greater than those with a value between two and eight. Based on precise patterns, you can double your points when playing Hong Kong Mahjong. There are unique rules for special tiles like dragons, winds, flowers, and seasons.

  • Pair of dragons= 2 points
  • Pair of winds that matches your seat or the round= 2 points
  • Flower or Season tiles are added as bonus points on top of your Mahjong, which means you can get additional points, even if you only have one flower or one season tile.

The Winner’s Points


Some games allow players to draw additional tiles after putting their flower and season tiles aside at the start of the game. Mahjong has additional scoring guidelines that award the victor extra points. Normally, the winner receives 20 points automatically, however, the following circumstances allow for additional points.

  • Make Mahjong without chows = 10 points
  • Winning by drawing a tile instead of picking up a discard = 2 points
  • Winning with the last tile dealt from the wall: 10 points

Try Out Different Scoring Methods

These scoring guidelines are the most simple. Once you understand this method, you can experiment with alternative iterations that offer different score options. Additional melds that can be used to increase your score are included in some scoring systems. There is a list of meld combinations in the American Mahjong game that is updated annually. Although those variations are entertaining and difficult, it is essential to first grasp the fundamentals. When you’re ready, you can refer to this source for additional guidelines on scoring melds.

How to Play Online Mahjong For Real Money

Mahjong can be played for free or with real money online. There are hundreds of websites dedicated to free Mahjong games if you wish to play mahjong for free. While some websites just provide game varieties, others provide a large selection of skill games. You can play cash games at a handful of the best online casinos. However, a tournament is the most popular multi-player online game format. Bet365 Casino has its own live dealer games for an even more exciting experience. It’s a great way to win the jackpot online.

Mahjong Variations


There are numerous varieties of the game mahjong due to its popularity. Some of our fave Mahjong variations are listed here.

Ricchi Mahjong – In this kind of variation, there aren’t any jokers or flower or season tiles. Red fives and a Dora tile are two extra bonus options. When a player just requires one more tile to win, they might declare ricchi.

Hong Kong Mahjong – Similar to traditional Chinese Mahjong, it bases its scoring on a certain paytable that provides doubles for particular pairings.

American Mahjong – Eight jokers are included in this gaming variant which enables players to combine five and six-tile melds. It also contains the Charleston, a pre-game tile-trading custom.

Mahjong Solitaire – A four-player game is traditional Mahjong. It’s a game you can play by yourself. You match pairs of tiles that are arranged in a predetermined configuration rather than making melds.

Japanese Solo MahjongPlaytech developed this special edition, especially for online casinos. Players can compete with the dealer in this situation. The thirteen tiles that each player receives are predefined, so each player only requires one of them to create a game of Mahjong. You have three opportunities to increase your jackpot winning chances by selecting the necessary tile.

Mahjong Connect – a version of the game Mahjong solitaire. The objective of this single-player game is to match pairs of tiles. The tiles are arranged, though, so that new tiles drop down to replace the ones that were just matched. The matches and the tiles that follow them must both be taken into consideration.

A Huge Mix And Match Of Mahjong

These are but a few variants that exist. There are countless permutations that allow you to play alone, with two other players, three other players, or four other players. Compared to traditional games, online Mahjong offers a much wider variety. To make Mahjong solitaire, several of them merge classic Mahjong with other games like solitaire. There are countless scoring systems that also produce further varieties. Basically, you must change your techniques for each one to succeed, these scoring systems also keep the game interesting and new.

Conclusion: Learn The Basic Of Mahjong

Mahjong is an easy game to learn the fundamentals of. But while you are playing, it can be difficult to recall everything. Mahjong games are also noted for going quickly. When other players collect a discard and have trouble keeping track of their discards, you can lose turns. It’s a good idea to find an online casino where you can practice. This’ll allow you to become familiar with the rules and the gameplay. Have a look for the best online casinos with jackpots to ensure you’re playing a quality game.

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