Progression Betting

Introduction: Progression Betting vs Negative Progression

For over 50-years progression betting systems have been extremely popular and with all types of gamblers. Because these systems can be learnt very quickly, and they also follow a very straightforward pattern, any player can implement them with minimal skill. So if you’re a new player, then you may find the whole progression betting system to be rather opaque and it can be difficult to understand how they work exactly. Ever helpful here at, we’ve taken the time to prepare an article that will give you an overview of both the positives and negatives of using progression betting systems when playing online casino games.

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The Basic Concept

Progression Betting

As we previously said, the basic concepts of progression betting systems are pretty straightforward. To put it in its simplest terms, it’s just about adjusting your next wager based on whether you won or lost the previous one. Now the exact adjustment of your new bet will depend on both the casino game you are playing as well as the system being used and also whether you’re going to make use of a positive progression or negative progression.

The most common place you’ll see progression betting systems in use in the casino is around the roulette table. The usual wagers here are on even money bets, such as on even or odd, or red or black. Another popular game that uses progression betting systems is online blackjack. You can try these systems by going to Omni Slots Casino. They have a huge number of casino games. Plus you can play for free to try them out.

The Positive Progression

Simply put, the positive progression betting system means to say that you’ll need to increase your wages when you’re winning and decrease them when you’re losing. How simple is that! Well to be truthful, though it may look simple, it‘s actually a little more complicated. That’s because, in case you haven’t noticed, you are actually gambling, which means it’s extremely difficult to predict the future of outcomes. But using the progression betting system is still a pretty good jackpot winning strategy.

If you make use of this system it’s not that complicated and therefore you can watch your profits grow substantially, providing you follow the basic rule of just increasing your bets when you’re winning, and decreasing them when you’re losing. Now keep in mind that the system is not capable of determining what your outcomes will be. But nevertheless, you’ll be well protected from losing your whole bankroll if you actually experience a losing streak.

An example: The Paroli System

Progression Betting

Here we have one of the world’s most popular positive progression betting systems. Simply set yourself a base stake and then this will form your initial wager. Now every time you win a bet, you then increase your stake by just the amount of your base stake. Not a cent more. On the other hand, if you lose, then you simply go back to staking the original amount of your base stake. 

Let’s have a look at an example of how this would work in practice if you were playing roulette online and had a base stake of £10. And let’s suppose that you were simply betting on the red each time. In this case, you would follow these simple Paroli rules:

  • The ball lands on red. Increase your stake by the basic staking amount of £10 for the next bet
  • The ball lands on black. Put £10 on the next wager
  • The ball lands on zero. Go back to staking £10 for the next bet.

So from this example, we can see that if you win then your stake goes up by £10 for the next wager. If you lose then the wager remains at £10. It’s an altogether safer system to be able to win the jackpot online.

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Negative Progression

As you might have guessed, this is to all intents and purposes, the exact opposite of positive progression betting. With this system, it’s all about increasing your wager after you’ve experienced a loss. The idea here is that you hope to win back enough money to break even once you make a win. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that this system is incredibly dangerous, simply because a long series of losses will result in a catastrophic loss of your bankroll. In truth, we would consider this system as terminally flawed. Because the possibility of ginormous losses is always there, it’s difficult to recommend this as a system for winning.

Of course, all casino jackpot games contain a huge element of luck. So it could be argued, probably by an optimist, that a losing streak will always come to an end. We all know with gambling that previous results have zero influenced are the results to follow. But some gamblers can change this point into believing that a previous result does have an influence on the following one. This madness is known as the “gambler’s fallacy.” In truth, this warped way of thinking has led to many bankrolls being lost in casinos all over the globe.

It’s a reason why we would never recommend playing any negative progression betting system, as they are simply too risky. We believe that gambling should be, first and foremost, a fun experience and to lose all of your bankrolls within a few minutes will definitely wipe the smile off any gambler’s face. Definitely not on our list of jackpot winning tips and tricks.

Conclusion: Progression Betting vs Negative Progression

Progression Betting

As we previously said, we consider that negative progression betting systems are far too dangerous to bother with when playing casino games, especially as a winning strategy. Losing streaks are as inevitable as sunshine after rain and will result in a catastrophic loss of funding. You will not end the casino evening well, and you won’t have enough money to even take a taxi home. 

If you’re after a bigger win, then you could do worse than playing with positive progression betting systems. But do keep in mind, no matter how well you can play, the house always has an edge. To that end, the house has a built-in advantage over you, and no matter what strategy you stick with, you will still need a good dose of luck in order to beat the house. You can try your hand at beating the casino with Omni Slots Casino. They have so many games to choose from and, even better, a massive welcome bonus of 150% up to €500 plus 70 free spins.

So after reading this, the question is, what should you do? Do you want to try and extend your winnings by increasing your stake or should you simply bet at normal levels and enjoy the process? As you can imagine, here at jackpot, we consider all forms of gambling to be first and foremost, a fun way to pass some time. If you have the skills and the willpower to effectively manage your bankroll then you will be able to relax and find entertainment in playing casino games. Part and parcel of this bankroll management are knowing when to bet accordingly. But above all, remember to have fun.

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