Safer Gambling

Introduction: 12 Gambling Tips For Safer Gambling

As many of us know, gambling has been a popular pastime since the dawn of time. Whether it was a couple of Neanderthals throwing down some whites knucklebones or a movie with James Bond playing baccarat in Monte Carlo, gambling has never gone out of style. Now we live in the age of the internet and mobile gambling. As such, there is always room for gambling tips that can help both novice and professional players equally when it comes to playing online casino games.

Today, the online gambling market is worth around $40 billion. Depending on the source of that information, this number can go up or down by at least 20%. Looking at this huge sum, we can see that casino games are responsible for around 25% of the gross profits from online mobile games. Coming up in a second-place we have live casino table games which are proving to be a market that’s growing exponentially, as it allows gamblers to experience a casino atmosphere while sitting at home. 

In many casinos you can play with as little as one penny and as much as thousands of dollars, when you want to play at the online casino. All these online entities can offer hundreds of jackpot games along with almost an equal number of methods of making a deposit into your online casino account. They are set up as money-making machines. All the games in the online casino you’re playing at will have code written into them allowing them to be controlled by utilising a random number generator.

Because the running costs are so much lower, you’ll find that playing online is much cheaper and your bankroll goes much further than if you’re playing real bricks and mortar casino.

Tips For Safer Gambling

Safer Gambling

One of the most important factors that we should state is that you should always remember that gambling is not a way of earning money. Yes, we know we can read about professional gamblers who are able to make a killing every day at the casino. But that’s not you. You should be playing at the casino in the same way that you might be sitting in the cinema after buying a ticket. It’s all about the entertainment value. It’s easy to fall into the trap of giving away much more money than you will ever win, simply because of the greed of trying to get back more.

Remember the only entity that makes money with your betting is the casino itself. After all, someone has to pay for that amazing building, or if playing online, for those non-stop servers.

For Safer Gambling Set a Budget

Always set a budget. And this should always be set before you set off to gamble, whether that might be at a real casino or online. As the old rule goes, only ever gamble with what you can afford to lose. Tonight when you arrive at the games table, don’t place all your bankroll on one stupid bet. You’re not going to have a good time and if your bankroll has been completely depleted, then it will be time to go home and your evening would have been a very short one.

We suggest that you set your betting limit to around 5% of your total bankroll. That means to say that you’ll never bet more than 5 per cent of your remaining money with anyone wager. This is a great rule to help you increase your jackpot winning chances. You can play online for much smaller amounts at They have a massive selection of games as well as a very nice welcome bonus of 100% up to €200 plus 60 free spins.

Set a Time Limit For Safer Gambling 

Safer Gambling

Set a time limit in advance. Real casinos are set up in such a way that without windows or any observable clocks, the gamblers have zero ideas of how much time has passed. If you’re playing online, in particular in the evening, then the games are designed to be so immersive, that like the man in the river casino, you will forget all sense of time and before you know it, it’s early morning. Remember that the more time spent at the casino, the more money you will lose as the house has an edge over the gambler.

Don’t Hide Losses for Safer Gambling 

Don’t try and hide losses. Just accept all the money has gone and that maybe it’s time to go home. If you start betting or taking a credit card to the casino ATM in order to take out more money to try and win the money you’ve lost, then you are, my friend, on a road to destruction. Chasing losses is not only unseemly but also incredibly foolish. That’s why it’s important to set a limit before you decide to go gambling. and then stick with it rigidly. 

Don’t Gamble if You’re Depressed

If you’re feeling depressed or mentally unwell then it’s not a good time to go gambling. If you’re in this type of mental position, then gambling will not pull you out of it, but may even do the opposite and cause you to fall into a greater depression. Also if you’re feeling over-emotional, then you’ll be unable to make proper decisions about betting strategy and as a result will end up losing all your funds. It’s best to go gambling when you’re feeling in a positive, optimistic, and happy mood. After all, as we always say, safer gambling is about having a good time.

Safer Gambling: Have Other Hobbies

Don’t make gambling your only hobby. We suggest that you have a diverse number of different hobbies. Let gambling be a single pastime amongst many others. Looking at the numbers, it’s easy to see how many gamblers can fall into a serious addiction. 

For Safer Gambling Put The Credit Card Away

Safer Gambling

Never gamble with a credit card. You have to pay interest on credit so there’s no point in using money taken from your credit card to go gambling with. Also, credit cards are technically building a debt based on money lost at the casino. Once you’ve had a loss it’s so easy to whip out the credit card and recharge your online casino account with new funds. But just don’t do it! If you find yourself unable to control your online gambling spending, then it points to the fact that you have a serious gambling problem, and we suggest that you should seek professional help.

Safer Gambling: Have a Well Earned Break

When you are into safer gambling, take a break. No one can continuously concentrate for a long period of time. And if you try to do so, you will end up making mistakes which will cost you money. This is a very useful one of several jackpot winning tips and tricks.

Say No To Alcohol And Drugs For Safer Gambling 

Safer Gambling

Do not do any drugs or consume any alcohol when you are gambling. The reason why brick and mortar casinos are keen to give you free drinks is that they know that the alcohol will befuddle you, and you will be unable to make the correct decision when it comes to laying bets or gambling. To that end for safer gambling always remain sober. believe us when we say that you can’t win the jackpot online if you’re drunk. if you’re going to play online, then please be sober when you visit our favourite online casino, There are some great games to play along with many live dealer options.

Safer Gambling: No Cheating

Safer GamblingIf you’re playing online do not bother using unauthorised cheats or cheat codes. These will get you banned as all top casinos as they all run programs that are specifically designed to seek out cheat codes and bots. If you read any of the website’s terms of service, you’ll see that these types of game aids are considered illegal, and you will forfeit all the funds in your casino account. As a given, you shouldn’t cheat anyway!

Safer Gambling: Don’t be a Bully

Do not bully anybody during a game. If you’re playing online and then always be civil and kind and considerate to other players. You’ll find all forms of bullying are not tolerated and if it’s you who’s the culprit then be expected to be reported and to lose all your casino rights within a matter of minutes. Not only that, but many forms of online abuse are criminal matter.

Safer Gambling: Don’t Give Away Personal Information

Do not reveal personal information to anyone when you’re playing online. and likewise do not ask for personal information from anybody else. This is a basic tenant of safer gambling.