roulette computers
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Roulette Computers 

Today there are many activities, both concerning business and hobbies, whereby people look to technology to solve any problems or obstacles they may come across. Even in the land-based casino, there are some players who are thinking that it should be possible to make use of technology in order to increase their jackpot winning chances. To that end, we thought it might be interesting to take a look at roulette computers. These are gadgets that can predict where the tiny ivory ball might fall. They do this by taking into account the ball’s speed, as well as the speed of the spinning wheel. The concept is simple. These devices first came out decades ago, meaning that roulette computers are not necessarily a very modern novelty.

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The Structure Of Roulette Computers

As roulette is really just a game of chance, then the only strategy of predicting where the ball will land is to use technology. Consider that the use of external technology might be the best means of beating the house. Over the last 20 years, roulette computers, just like blackjack computers, have changed considerably. Today’s machines are much more complex and smaller than before. Another consideration is that the older machines would only function on older wheels. They are of no use on today’s more complex modern ones. Nevertheless, today you can still find a roulette machine that will allow you to achieve a high probability of winning. Keep in mind that there are a couple of practical factors to take into consideration when using a roulette computer.

Dominant Diamonds 

Dominant diamonds are the name of imperfections on the ball track. The problem here is that even if the casino wishes to avoid them, they are inevitable. The ball will always hit a specific diamond as it spins around the ball track. And these are material as to the release speed of the ball, as they will ultimately affect the speed of the ball as it travels around the track.

Predictable Ball Bounce 


The bounce of the small ball is not completely random. In fact, it is possible to take a calculated guess as to where it’s going to land. More especially if you take into consideration the location where it first hits the pockets. To get a correct number you just need to be highly accurate.

Get Predictions and Bet 

Pulling data from the speed of the spinning wheel and the speed of the ball as it spins around the track, then a roulette computer can predict the winning number that the ball will eventually fall onto. A modern computer roulette computer will be able to calculate these speeds in around 1 to 10 seconds. Once the calculation is complete, then the information will be transmitted to a hidden earpiece. This will give you certainty when it comes to betting on a single number.

How to Apply Roulette Computers

When you visit casinos to win the jackpot, you’ll find that there is a relatively common approach towards applying a roulette computer to an actual game. In fact, there are several phases that would need to be completed correctly in order to get the most accurate probable results. 

Ball Sample Size

The first thing you need to do is decide on some reference points around the roulette wheel. The most obvious ones to choose are the metal deflector or one of the diamonds. Now, once the croupier releases the ball, you will have to click a hidden button each time it passes your chosen reference point. You need to keep clicking until the ball actually settles into its final resting place in a pocket.

Measure Carefully

You need a sample size of at least 30 spins to be able to have any possible chance of determining both the speed of the ball and the spinning wheel. If the first click is made at the green zero, then when the wheel completes the spin and the green zero is back at the reference diamond, you’ll need to click again. You need to keep clicking this until the ball falls into its final pocket. By doing so, the roulette computer will be able to calculate an approximate pocket sector where the ball should land. This will give you a pretty good idea of where the ball is going to end up.

Place Your Bets 


Now, you actually sat at the roulette table, in order to make some money. You’ve got the most important information. Then it’s time to adjust the predictions from the device. You need to take a minute to factor in all the discrepancies caused by the bounce of the ball. All this will give you a much more accurate prediction. Meaning that you’ll be able to place your bets well within the time window for doing so. Unfortunately, a roulette computer will do nothing for you if you’re playing online at a casino like King Billy Casino. In which case, you can still get a head start by making use of the generous welcome bonus of 151% up to €/$500 + 51 bonus spins they give to all new players.

Roulette Spin Testing Tips

When you first get your hands on a roulette computer, you’ll need to calibrate it. This is a way of determining its accuracy in the long run. We suggest that you try it on a number of different roulette wheels. You need to set the target ball speed at no faster than 1,000ms or seconds/per/ball revolution. It’s a good idea to input all the statistics from every wheel you have tested in order to find the best average.

Roulette Green Zero Marker 

You may well find that there are some built-in factors that can affect your test results. If you wish to avoid these, it’s a good idea to perform a spin test with a slower rotor. This will allow you to eliminate the most common potential mistakes. If you’re going to be testing the level wheel algorithm then make sure that your target ball speed is at least 1,300 ms or greater.

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How To Make Your Own Roulette Computers 

If you go online to shopping sites like eBay, you will find a variety of roulette computers for sale. But you can also make one yourself. It’s not difficult and you can find video tutorials on YouTube. Below you’ll find listed all the main aspects in order to manufacture a perfectly reliable home-made roulette computer.


This will be the physical device that runs the roulette computer. There are many different size microprocessors with different functions, like voice predictions, which are available to the general public. You also find coin-sized programmable chips. You may well find that you’re able to modify your mobile phone in order to have it act as a piece of hardware. This will attract much less attention at the jackpot games table. 


These will allow you to calculate the combinations of options from the spinning wheel and from where the ball falls. It will take into account the timing you set when you click the button. On the whole, you’ll find that all roulette computers will use the same algorithm.

Ball Deceleration and Calculating Ball Bounce 


Keep in mind that just one revolution of the wheel can change your edge drastically. As not all roulette computers are able to dynamically adjust to the minuscule deviations of ball deceleration and ball bounce.

Roulette Computers: Early Predictions

Though the roulette computer is a critical part of helping you predict the wheel number, it’s important that you don’t get in too early. This can cause losses. Nevertheless, it’s important that you place your bed before the dealer calls no more bets.


It just makes sense that if you’re going to do this in the casino that you don’t get caught. To that end, you should avoid frequently gazing at the wheel too much. Many more serious roulette players pay more attention to the table layout than to the wheel. So keep that in mind whilst you check your own behaviour.


It’s just common sense to test your roulette computer before you start using it. After all, you’re going to be using it as a base for betting with real money.  So it’s important to be absolutely comfortable with all its functions. And be well acquainted with a backup strategy should things go wrong.

Roulette Computers Myths

online gambling

Unsurprisingly, most gamblers and members of the public for that matter will tell you that all gambling computers are illegal. But actually, that’s not true. You’ll find them legal in most countries. That’s because gaming laws and legislation differ from country to country. And in the US, from state to state. Don’t get us wrong, there are many casino companies that are constantly lobbying to make roulette computers illegal. The problem for the casinos themselves is that, rather surprisingly, these devices do not fall under “cheating” legislation. Especially when it comes to gambling laws. Another point is that with live-dealer online games like those offered by King Billy Casino, these roulette computers will not function.

Croupier Tricks Against Roulette Computers

Of course, the casinos have their own ways of ensuring the use of these devices is going to be difficult, if not impossible. To this end, you’ll find that many casinos will instruct the croupier to close all betting before the wheel is spun. This means that the whole prospect of making money via your jackpot winning strategies is lost. Another fact to keep in mind is that in order to function, then the roulette computer will need to be very close to the roulette table. Having said that, these devices are very easy to hide and so the chances are that the croupier will not spot them. The most common situation is that gamblers would hide them in their pockets.

Nevertheless, we would suggest that it’s probably a good idea to check the legal situation of the jurisdiction you’re using your roulette computer in. In states where roulette computers are legal, then the casino will still be searching for them. Their problem is that they cannot legally search the player. In fact, they can’t do much about it if they find you gambling with a roulette computer. Not even call the police. But as the casino is private property, they will inevitably ask security to escort you from the building using your head to open the door!

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