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The Most Common Roulette Patterns 

For more than three centuries roulette has been one of the favourite casino jackpot games beloved by players all over the world. Yet in spite of, or maybe because of this, it’s nearly impossible to beat the system. Over time many players have concentrated their efforts on looking for roulette patterns that might help them on their way to victory. With this in mind, today we thought we take a deep dive into the world of number patterns in roulette. We are looking at everything from hot and cold numbers to the probability of repeating numbers.

For over 300 years, players all over the world have enjoyed this game of chance. One of the factors that makes it so special is the sheer randomness that leads to an unpredictable outcome. Yet in spite of this, you can still fight many online players who believe that certain RNG roulette patterns can be deciphered to tell you the outcome of any future spin.

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Please Use Critical Thinking

In truth, this is more than slightly delusional. Having said that, it’s possible for a seasoned or veteran player to use gameplay strategies to try and reduce the risk of losing. But on the other hand, these strategies do not guarantee a win. Here at, we suggest a combination of healthy gambling habits and a suitable gambling budget. This is the only way to increase your jackpot winning chances and to look after your bankroll.

Before you start gambling, it’s essential that you can see the number of combinations available coupled with your bet size. It’s irrelevant whether you’re betting in a real brick-and-mortar casino or at an online casino website like Bovada Casino. Don’t fall into the old wives’ tale of thinking that the previous ball spins can affect the current ones. Also, keep in mind that the odds when playing on an American roulette wheel are 1 to 38.

Repeating Roulette Patterns


You may have heard of repeating roulette number patterns. With the standard deviation, we can calculate the probability of a specific number winning twice. For example, if we take the American roulette wheel then we must multiply the 1/38 winning odds by 1/38 to get the result. This gives us a 1 in 1,444 chance of the same number winning twice in a row. Below you can see we’ve listed the expected probabilities of repeating roulette numbers on both the European and American roulette wheels.

  • American Roulette    Repeat Odds

                             1                              1 / 1444

                            2                               1 / 54 872

                            3                               1 / 2 085 136

  • European Roulette    Repeat Odds

                            1                               1 / 1369

                            2                              1 / 50 653

                            3                              1 / 1 874 161

Considering that the small ivory ball is dropped into the spinning wheel at random, it’s impossible to predict the outcome with any sense of accuracy. However, one thing we do know, and that’s that each round is an individual event itself and there is no connection to the previous one. Technically, this means that the same numbers could appear more than others in the short term. But in the long run, all the numbers should equal out. This is why it’s very difficult to find a consistent roulette number pattern.

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Hot and Cold Numbers in Roulette

Hot and cold numbers refer to those that come up most or least during a short period of time. This could be something like 24 hours or the last 500 spins. You’ll find that it’s up to the software developers who select the term that will appeal to and resonate with players. In other words, there’s some trickery involved to encourage players who believe in such stuff. As we previously mentioned, there are no roulette patterns set in stone. Any patterns you might find will change over time.

You might think about using a hot number for the last 24 hours you’d have a higher chance of winning. In the same manner, you may believe that by selecting the same numbers a week later, they will no longer be hot and therefore your winning chances will decrease. In simple terms, hot numbers are those that appear more often than others. To be frank, the whole idea of hot and cold numbers is foolish. That said, because the game is absolutely random, then choosing a hot or cold number is exactly the same as using any other number off the top of your head.

Popular Roulette Strategies


With roulette being a game played with real money bets, it is no surprise that many players and mathematicians have spent a lot of time trying to determine any patterns about the roulette wheel. As a direct result of this, you’ll find that there are many roulette betting strategies that have developed over time. Many players will have their own jackpot winning tips and tricks that they employ whenever they go to the casino. 

These players will claim that these strategies have been proven over the centuries and will give them a consistent result. One thing you notice straight away is that none of these players appears to be winning any more than those who are not using strategies at all! We suggest that you only consider roulette systems as a means of reducing your risk, as opposed to guaranteeing any wins.

  • Martingale

The Martingale system was invented in the 18th century in France. It’s very simple to follow and the strategy suggests that you should double your bet after every loss.

  • Reverse Martingale

This is the polar opposite of the above bet and suggests that you should double your bet when you win instead of when you lose.

  • Fibonacci

This is another simple negative progressive betting system which uses the Fibonacci number sequence as a means of determining the size of your bets.

  • Dalembert

In this progressive betting system, your bet size will depend on the outcome of the previous round played.

  • James Bond

Yet another progressive roulette strategy dictates that your bets must be in the following proportions: 70%, 25%, and 5% for the first, second, and third beds.

  • Labouchere

With this strategy, you’re able to decide the amount of money you want to win before you even placed a single bet.

All of the above strategies are slightly different from one another. Here at, we don’t really recommend playing any of them. Nevertheless, if you head over to a land-based casino, you’ll see many players utilising one or more of these. Because players are constantly looking for an edge, this is no surprise. Many of these gamblers believe that by using a roulette strategy, they could be provided with a more reliable betting sequence. Thus enabling them to turn a small profit. But, as we previously stated, none of these systems can guarantee a win.

Roulette Patterns – Overview

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It has been said that utilising roulette patterns can help reduce your chances of losing. But this is not the same as a successful player who knows popular bet combinations. To that end, let’s dig deeper into inside and outside bets. With the former, you’re choosing between groups of neighbouring numbers. Such bets will often carry a much higher risk.

We suggest you stick to the outside bets as they are far more suitable for beginners and low-stakes players. That’s because they give you better odds when it comes to the chances of winning, especially when compared to inside bets. There are a number of categories for outside bets in roulette, with probably the most famous being, red/black, high/low, odd/even, and columns and dozens. The highest odds in all roulette bets are the high/low and odd/even bets.

Another method to help you win the jackpot online is to consider what is known as “Call bets” or “French bets.” These wagers are only available on a French or European roulette wheel. That’s because you have to bet on a single zero wheel. Because of the difference in number sequences, you can’t use Call bets on American roulette wheels.

Most Popular Roulette Numbers

Hopefully, after reading this article, you can see that there’s no method available to read roulette patterns with 100% accuracy. Of course, that doesn’t mean that some numbers are not more popular than others. If you talk to many experienced players, and even casino croupiers, they will often say that the number 17 is the number that appears most frequently. Then there are the popular numbers that players like to bet on. These are the numbers 26, 0, 23, and 8. Why not try some of these numbers to see for yourself if they work or not? With small bets are a reputable casino like Bovada Casino, you’ve nothing to lose.

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