The Best Odds in the Casino

Introduction: The Best Odds in the Casino

On the whole, there are going to be two types of people who visit online casinos to win the jackpot. The first is the amateur player. Normally they have some time to fill and so pop over to an online casino and maybe spend a little bit of money. But they are more concerned about having a good time. For them, it’s not so much about winning or not, but rather about being entertained for a few minutes. 

Then we have the other type of player who is altogether much more serious. For them, the casino represents a means of earning some money and bringing home some bacon from their efforts. They will know all the rules of the game at hand, as well as having studied in every tiny detail any necessary strategies. As they play, they will be constantly calculating the odds, thereby allowing them more winning opportunities. They are serious casino players. 

Of course, we are dealing with casinos here, and everybody knows the saying about how “the house will always win”. This is because not all casino jackpot games will give the best odds to the player. In fact, and to be truthful, it’s the other way round, and virtually all casino games have been designed so that the house will have a better chance of winning over time. But having said that, there are some games where the house advantage is less. If you’re the second type of player we mentioned, then these are the games you should be pursuing.

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The Best Casino Games to Play

Of all the games in the online casino that you have a better chance or greater odds of winning the jackpot online, the slots are definitely the ones to stay well away from. They rely solely and completely on luck. With a high play-through rate, they will suck your bankroll dry within minutes. The online games with the greatest odds of winning can be found only at the casino table. The following three games will give you the best possibility or odds of winning. You can play all these games at Whamoo Casino, which in our humble opinion is one of the best online casinos of 2021.


The Best Odds in the Casino

With its simple rules and fast play, for many players, this is their favourite casino game whether they are playing in a real bricks and mortar casino or online. In this game, the player will play against the dealer. With online games, you may find a lot of players who will be playing simultaneously, but nevertheless, always remember that your objective is to tackle the dealer and not another player. As you probably well know, the person whose hand comes closest to 21 without going bust, wins the round.

What’s interesting about blackjack, and what makes it more than just a game of luck, is that with some knowledge of basic strategy and odds, you can change the outcome of a game. But we should point out, only very slightly, and over a considerable amount of time. Obviously, the dealer is relying on luck, so in some ways, the odds of winning are more or less the same. In most casinos, you’ll find that the dealer has around a 1% advantage over the player. But with careful strategic play, a player can even out these odds, and maybe emerge victoriously.


The Best Odds in the Casino

This is a table game that’s played with dice and the player who rolls the dice is called “the shooter”. Other players will make bets on the results of the shooter’s roll. The very first craps rollout is known as the “coming out” and with it, the shooter needs to win a 7 or an 11. If he happens to end up on any different number than that number, it’s called “the point”. Now the shooter is required to hit the point before he rolls a 7 in order to win. Of all the wagers to make, the simplest is whether their shooter will win or lose on his roll. 

You can of course place other wagers. For example, you can bet on when the shooter will hit any other particular number instead of rolling a 7. If you bet on a “past line” wager, then your basically betting odds are 50/50. Any other bets will not increase your jackpot winning chances and will result in the odds reverting to the casino, though on the other hand, your payout will increase proportionally. There are a number of great craps strategies to try out.

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As you know from all the glamorous Hollywood movies, roulette is a game with a spinning wheel. This will have 38 numbers on it with the numbers 1 to 36 is displayed in red and black, and the number 0, or in American casinos double zero, will be in green. In roulette, the dealer is called a croupier, and he spins the wheel and drops a small ivory ball onto it as it spins. When the spinning wheel starts to slow down, the ball will drop into one of the numbered pockets.

Now there is any number of bets available at the roulette table. Probably the simplest is the 50/50 bets which include whether the ball will land on red or black. If you’re feeling particularly daring, you can also raise the number of pairs, though you will decrease your odds by betting on numbers or a set of numbers on the table. For example, you can bet on the ball falling on the numbers between 1 to 12 or between 1 and 18. 

The Best Odds in the Casino

The House Edge

Though these three games represent the best odds in the whole casino, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be leaving the casino with your pockets full of cash. That’s because the casino still maintains what’s known as the house edge in all of these games. This is a tiny percentage that’s built-in to the game itself, which will allow the casino to profit over a long period of time. So though the odds may appear to be 50/50, in fact, they are slightly less in favour of the player due to the house edge.

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Conclusion: The Best Odds in the Casino

To that end, even though many players of blackjack will tell you that knowing basic strategy and having some skills will see you win over the course of an evening, the truth of the matter is that all gamblers need a considerable amount of luck. To a degree, it could be argued that luck is what keeps casino games exciting. After all, if we already knew the outcomes, it would quickly become a simple but boring money-making exercise. Luck adds the element of anticipation and surprise. Which is exactly what our first player is looking for. 

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