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Roulette Tips And Advice You Should Avoid At All Costs

The internet is a great source of information and advice. But of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that any of it is really useful or even correct. Many of those giving advice are actually trying to sell something. To that end, the information tends to be tainted. Then put in such a way as to target a sucker into paying for more of the same. Maybe because casino games involve such a large degree of luck and chance, there is a huge vacuum that needs filling. More often than not by all sorts of nutty and ridiculous theories. Maybe the desire of the gambler to win means that he or she is more likely to believe long-standing myths. Myths that have been found to be false years ago. The same applies to virtually all roulette jackpot winning tips and tricks.

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Roulette Tips: It’s Not a Difficult Game

The game of roulette is simple to learn and simple to play. When anyone thinks of casino games, the mind automatically turns to the roulette wheel and the green baize table stretching out from it. In some ways, roulette represents the stereotype of all casinos and their gambling games. Yet this can still fall under the auspices of nonsense roulette tips and foolish tactics. There always seem to be any number of bystanders, standing around the roulette table, offering unwanted and unneeded advice on how to predict the roulette numbers. Generally, this seems to be based more on witchcraft and sorcery than logic. So, without further ado, let’s have a look into the world of strange theories and concepts surrounding the idea of winning at the roulette wheel.

Wager The Opposite of Winning Numbers / Colours


This is a common fallacy when playing casino games. For example, the idea is that if the ball has landed on red for the last 5 times, then it is somehow due to land on the black. Many people will say that smart money should always bet on the opposite number or colour than the one that is winning at their present moment. The thinking is that, statistically because the ball has already landed on the red 5 times, it’s now more likely to land on the black. You don’t need to be a big brain to realise this is nuts. Whatever you do, don’t start making this one of your jackpot winning strategies.

Each spin of a wheel is a totally separate and independent event from the last. This means that every time the ivory ball drops into the spinning wheel, the odds are completely reset. The cure for this situation is an understanding of the most basic of mathematics. If you play at 22Bet Casino, they have live dealer games where you’ll be able to see that these theories just don’t work.

Betting Systems For Beating The Roulette Odds

Sorry but this is impossible, and you can’t. Here at, we have looked at all types of gambling systems and strategies. Many of these can appear to be perfectly feasible when written down on the back of a napkin at 3 am. But reality will certainly undo any of these theories within a short space of time. An example would be the famous Martingale system. With this idea, if you have lost a bet then you will need to double the next bet and keep going until you eventually win. The problem is that it only takes a few losses and you will have no shirt on your back.

Another factor that many who swear by these roulette tips forget, is that all casino table games would have table betting limits, meaning that you can only bet up to a certain amount. Whatever you do, stay well away from this system. It has a nasty habit of making beggars out of bankers.

With Roulette Tips Take Advantage of Dealer Signatures

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The idea behind this is that you watch the dealers very carefully and study the way they throw the war or spin the wheel. As crazy as it sounds, some gamblers believe that by doing this they will have a better possibility of being able to predict where the ball is more likely to land. And that this depends on the way the dealer released it in the first place or spin the wheel. There are those who are true believers of this method. Yet interestingly enough, they never seem to have any more wins than anyone else playing at the gaming table.

You would be better off looking into a crystal ball or trying to read the tea leaves to predict the bowls final resting place. One only has to look at the mathematics behind the odds of the ball landing in the same place twice. Then you’d realise just how bonkers this theory really is.

The Casino Roulette Wheel is Rigged

If you go to casinos to win the jackpot, then you might be amazed when you’re having a chat with casino players in a land-based casino, as to how many believe that playing online offers a more secure and fair gaming experience. This thinking is totally wrong-headed. Obviously, an online casino has a much greater possibility to be cheating you by simply manipulating an algorithm. They forget that online casinos need a licence to operate. And these licences come with very strict rules and regulations governing every aspect of online casino gaming.

Online casino games are constantly under audit and checked for fairness. We don’t believe there is but a single casino anywhere that has spent good money gaining a reputable licence so that they would throw it all away by ripping off roulette players. As far as roulette tips go, the very idea is as short-sighted as it is ridiculous.

Look Out For Biased Wheels

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The idea behind a biased roulette wheel is that the roulette wheel is somehow suffering some form of damage. Or is wearing more in one particular place. The result is that it tends to tilt a certain way. This means there is a greater possibility of the ball landing in the lower portion of an uneven and unlevel wheel. The idea here is that the gambler should sit on the table and study the wheel and the results from it, by collecting thousands and thousands of outcomes. Running through these numbers, he or she is looking for a pattern. One which will tell them that the wheel has a slight tilt. Yes, it’s true, going back over 100 years, there were gamblers who did take the casino to the cleaners because of biased wheels.

But today, the manufacturers of roulette wheels take great pains to ensure that they are producing them to exacting standards. So there’s no possibility of bias creeping into the equation. So looking at the wheel, whilst writing every outcome in a little notebook, is an absolutely pointless waste of time. In fact, this is almost the very definition of madness. Don’t be that guy. Put the notebook away. And stop being silly!

Study Hard And Be a Roulette Champ

You have to remember that the game of roulette is largely one of luck. Therefore it’s impossible to master, or become an expert, in a game where chance plays the much greater part. No amount of study is going to increase your jackpot winning chances. Looking after your bankroll is something you can do. And also by keeping your bets within your betting limits is a simple way of ensuring your gambling can last for a longer time. Just to be clear, none of these roulette tips to do with the mechanics of the game will help you to win.

To that end, once you know the bets to be made, it is pointless to study up about the game of roulette. It’s not a game where you can make non-stop profits. Just play, accept your wins and losses, and look to have a good time. Of course, for a better playing experience, you should learn the rules. For that, you should head over to 22Bet Casino. They offer free play, so you can practice until the cows come home. Also, there’s a great welcome bonus for all new players of 122% up to €300!

Bet Odds And Evens Together 

Hearing this is enough to make most people roll their eyes to heaven. It’s total nonsense. The idea of betting odds and evens at the same time will not guarantee you any wins. Though it’s true that it may reduce your chances of catastrophic losses, you will not win anything at all. Keep in mind, there is that all-important zero or sometimes two of them on the wheel. Meaning that your chances of winning are much less. In reality, your chances of losing are going to be at least twice as much before you have any possibility of seeing any winnings. If you thought this through in a reasonable and logical mindset you would realise how foolish it is.

Some Numbers Appear More Often Than Others

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In the short term, yes, it’s quite possible that some numbers may come out more frequently than others. But you have absolutely no way of knowing exactly when they will appear. It certainly won’t be over any number of consecutive spins. If for example, the 13 has the ball land on it more times than the 10. This really just represents a statistical anomaly, and nothing more. Equally possible is that it will take another 1,000 throws to hit the 12 again. First and foremost, the casino game of roulette is simply a game of chance. Stop trying to read into the throws, the spinning of the wheel, and the dealer’s actions. None of these things will help you.

Roulette Tips: Take a Break

We suggest that if you find yourself going down these roads of madness, you step out of the casino and maybe step away from gambling for a while. Here at, we believe that gambling should be first and foremost an enjoyable activity. If you find yourself taking it so seriously, that you start believing in this mumbo-jumbo, then perhaps gambling isn’t for you at all. 

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