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Why You Lose Every Time You Play Blackjack

For many casino players, especially those who might consider themselves a newcomer, the trip to the casino tends to follow a familiar pattern. First, your head over to the slots as a way of warming up for what’s to follow. Play a few reels and then head over to the bar and grab a drink or two. Now the reason you’re really here is to play blackjack, but in order to approach the blackjack table, you need to build up some nerves. Have another drink. The idea in your head is that you’ll be sitting with the pros, hitting, standing, and winning, as you watch your stack of chips grow in front of you. In your fertile imagination, because you’re a humble sort, you don’t usually see yourself getting unusually rich. But you do expect to be cashing out some winnings at the end of the evening.

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Fantasy Meets Reality

Of course, an imagination being full of fantasy is one thing, so reality will come as a shock. You eventually sit at the casino gaming table with your chips and begin to play. But the game doesn’t follow the pattern that you imagined it would. No, in this new reality, your stack of chips is gradually being depleted in front of your eyes. Maybe another drink will help. After about 20-minutes, you realise that all your chips are gone. You slowly get up from the table and turn to the other players, but they don’t notice you, as they are concentrating on the cards in their hands. So you end up slinking away into the night. A total loser. Unfortunately, reality bites.

A Lazy Blackjack Player


Sitting on the bus going home, you may be asking yourself how could this have happened? You went out to the casino with high hopes and came back with all your hopes smashed, along with empty pockets. Thinking back to how you played those hands, a graduate awareness sweeps over you. And you realise that you simply suck at blackjack. You never really bothered to study the odds or understand some basic blackjack strategy. High hopes and dreams are not enough if you want to score some winnings. 

Know Your Weakness

But here’s another home truth. Believe us when we say that every single blackjack table and every single casino has at least one player who is sitting at the blackjack table making exactly the same mistakes as you, time after time, hand after hand. No one wants to hear that they suck at the casino game they love. But it’s important to acknowledge any shortcomings, as, without this realization, you will not be able to turn the corner and begin your journey on the road to gradual improvement. Maybe one day you’ll have real success at the casino or win the jackpot online. But you still have a long way to go.

Play Blackjack –Enjoy Yourself

As we say, time and again at, blackjack is designed to be, first and foremost, a fun game. Yes, of course, there are gamblers in the casino who set out to win. But they tend to be the types who are loaded with cash and don’t really care as to how much they lose. But for the average casino player hitting the blackjack table should be part of the whole casino experience. If the cards happen to fall in your favour, even better. But if they don’t, and you lose, then you shouldn’t be upset. Accept that you passed a great time, and move on. You can have a blast playing live dealer blackjack at Bet365 Casino. They also have a very sweet welcome bonus of 100% up to €/£100 for all new players, which is a great way of stretching your bankroll.

Knowledge Will Take You Further


The problem here is that if you really suck at blackjack then you’re not going to have a good time playing the game wherever you go. We suggest that you take some time out and spend some hours on the internet learning the ins and outs of the game. Understand the nature of the mistakes you are making and where you make them in the gameplay. We’re not suggesting that you need to be an expert in order to have a good time at the blackjack table. Just that some basic blackjack strategy and maths will help increase your chances of having some wins. It’ll also allow your bankroll to stretch even further, thereby delaying the moment you have to leave the table, and leave the fun behind.

Play Blackjack: Systems And Strategies

We should start by saying that there is in fact no such thing as a bulletproof blackjack strategy or system. There is so much luck involved that if a player tells you that by simply making certain moves, you’re guaranteed to walk away with sums of cash, then they are full of it. It is after all called “gambling” for a reason. None of these jackpot winning strategies or systems has worked or will ever work in the future. They are designed to help players feel better about themselves when they lose. In that, they can blame it on an outside system as opposed to blaming themselves.

Don’t Waste Time Trying to Count Cards

The same applies to card counting. Some believe that playing and counting cards will give you a huge age over the casino. But here’s the rub. Card counting is instantly recognisable by security at the casino. Within a couple of hands, you’ll be approached by the pit boss and backed off. Or to put it another way, ceremoniously asked to leave. Not only that, but expect a lifetime ban for your efforts. Casinos have been dealing with card counters for years and know exactly the moves and gameplay to look out for. It’s their house, and you can’t do whatever you please there without consequences.

You Haven’t Learned The Blackjack Rules

Blackjack Rules

Knowing that the game involves getting to 21 is simply not enough. Many players approach the blackjack play table with minimal knowledge and as a result, see their bankroll get a spanking. The crazy thing is that there is so much information on the Internet if you just decided to put aside some time and study a little. There are many different varieties of blackjack, each with different odds and playing structures. The more you study, and the more knowledge you gain, the better player you’ll become. Never skimp on information or knowledge, especially if you’re betting with your own money. Knowledge is always a sure way to increase your jackpot winning chances.

Don’t Choose a Table That Uses a Continuous Shuffling Machine

Take note of the type of shuffling machine used at the casino blackjack table. From the casino point of view, the introduction of CMS was not just as a means of countering card counting, but also because they allow for much faster gameplay. A typical blackjack table dealer using a CMS will deal at least 20% more hands than a regular table in the same period of time. If you’re not a confident blackjack player, then this means you will be losing 20% more as you gamble. Finding a table without a CSM is going to help minimise your overall losses for the evening.

Stop Drinking


Blackjack is one of the few card games where you can actually calculate the odds of winning or losing depending on the cards in your hand. But trying to think clearly about some basic mathematics and odds is going to fly out the window if you decide to accept those comped drinks. Unfortunately, you are thinking of the price of drinks in a regular bar and comparing them to these free gifts you get at the casino. But keep in mind, the casino is trying to make a profit by any means, and it does so in two ways when it comes to alcohol.

The first is that they used the cheapest and most rubbish drinks possible. And the 2nd is that these drinks are given with the idea behind to get you tipsy, and therefore they hope you’ll make some staggeringly bad decisions. In other words, free drinks help you lose more by befuddling your ability to make clear rational decisions.

Start Practicing How to Play Blackjack

There’s no excuse for not improving your game through practising. Today it’s perfectly feasible to go online and find the best online casinos with jackpots that offer blackjack in the form of free play. This means you can play for as long as you wish without spending a single penny. All reputable casinos will offer this option and you should grab it with both hands. For example, Bet365 Casino offers free play on a number of blackjack variants. Keep playing and practising until your level of game starts going up. Only once you feel absolutely confident about your gameplay, should you start playing with real money, either online or at the real casino. Practice will open your eyes to all the possible moves and therefore help you lose less money.

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