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Tips For The Amateur Slots Player

In truth, we are always reluctant to recommend slots for new gamblers. Without a proper understanding of them, you can easily lose your whole bankroll in a matter of hours. Though they do appear to be the most popular game in the casino, they are in fact one of the worse games for gamblers available. But, as an amateur slots player, if you do insist on playing these jackpot games, then we’ll have a list of jackpot winning tips and tricks that might not help you win in the long run, but will help you have more fun and make your bankroll last longer. So let’s have a look at some slot machine rules.

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Don’t Become A Slot Machine Zombie

If you take a walk around the gaming floor of the casino, you see many people playing the slots appear to be, to all intents and purposes, in a trance. They just sit there, in front of the slot machine, their expressions blank, as they continue to hit the spin button every few seconds. In some ways, the machines are designed to make the amateur slots player act this way. The lights and sounds, along with the very repetitive gameplay all lead to the player becoming almost hypnotized. And in many ways, that’s exactly what the casino wants, a brainless player shoving their money into a machine on auto-pilot. We suggest that you set the alarm on your phone to ensure this fate doesn’t befall you. Take a break every ten minutes or so and go and take a walk to stop yourself from falling into this well-laid trap.

amateur slots player
RTP isn’t everything…

Failing To Understand Return to Player

As you well know, all slot machines run on their preparatory software. Of course, back in the day, slot machines were mechanical. Today, the program will dictate exactly how much of the cash that goes in will be kept back by the casino and how much will be paid out to the amateur slots player. This latter amount is call the “Return to Player” or “RTP”. The easiest way of looking at this is to consider it as a percentage. So many machines will post that they have an RTP of 93% or whatever. This means that the machine will pay out 93 cents on every dollar. But remember, that payout isn’t necessarily to you. It’s over a long period of time, as it’s an average.

In the short term, the payout can fluctuate hugely, but over time the stated RTP will be correct. You should only ever play on machines with the highest returns as a given.

The Amateur Slots Player: Understanding Casino Bonuses

Whenever you go to sign up with an online casino you’ll see lots of offers or bonuses. These are there to encourage you to make the move and put down a deposit. But, before you jump for joy at the prospect of free money, it’s always best to read the Terms and Services before diving in. As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Normally the bonus will be a percentage of your initial deposit. So an advertised “100% deposit” will mean that the sum will match your deposit. A “200% deposit” will triple it. But the bonus will always come with some strings attached. We call these, “bonus requirements”.

For example, many insist that you first spend “multiples”. This means that, for example, a 30x multiple requirements on a deposit and bonus means that the amateur slots player will have to wager at least 30 times the total amount.

Check Out the Casino Slots Club

Virtually all casinos will have a “slots club”. Though it might go by a different name, they are all much of a muchness. By signing up to the club, you can earn all sorts of bonuses and rewards by simply playing the slots. On the whole, it’ll represent a very small amount or percentage of what you’ve risked. But, still, it’s better to get something back, than nothing at all. Always ask at the front desk for the slots VIP program and then sign up.

amateur slots player
Pick the right machine!

The Amateur Slots Player: Coin Size Considerations

Keep in mind the return to the player we already mentioned. The higher your wager amount, the more you’ll lose. So, if you’re a slots player on a $3 slot machine, you’re going to be losing more than if you were playing on a $1 machine. Therefore, if you want your bankroll to last longer, it makes perfect sense to use lower denomination coins. Always search out the slot machine that takes the smallest coin and you’ll be able to save money over the long term.

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Slow Down Your Playing Speed

The rate of loss is directly correlated with the number of spins per hour. Obviously, if you play 500 spins per hour, then you’re going to lose more than if you were playing 100 or 200 spins. Of course, this number is all down to the amateur slots player. You get to decide how much you want to spend. The casino security is not going to march you out of the casino for taking too few spins on the slot machine. So, rather than shoving coins in like there’s going to be no tomorrow, slow down in order to limit your losses and extend your slot machine playing time.

Why Games Within Games Exist

Though you go to casinos to win the jackpot, everything in the casino exists in order to get more money from you. It’s the same with games within games. In many modern slot machines, there is any number of bonus rounds to be unlocked. This might appear to be a great feature. But the design of it is to ensure that you play for longer. Obviously, the longer you play on the slot machine, then the more money you’ll be losing. Of course, you should enjoy all the extras like stories and extra bonuses and levels, but keep in mind what they’re there for.

Know The Difference Between a Jackpot and a Progressive

You’ll notice that some slot machines have jackpots and others have progressive jackpots. yes, they’re both jackpots. But the progressive jackpot is slightly different from the ordinary jackpot. And that’s because the regular jackpot is always going to be the same amount as the payout. But a progressive grows according to the monies fed into it. Not only that, but many progressive machines are all tied together and the jackpot is coming from all these machines. Once won, the progressive machine resets itself to zero or a low amount and once again starts to grow from the inserted coinage.

amateur slots player
Slots everywhere!

Try Limiting Your Slots Gambling Losses

We suggest that as an amateur slots player before you even set foot inside the casino, you decide on a spending limit. You can do this by either limiting the coins you’ll play with or limiting the time you’ll spend in front of the slot machine. Once your budget is exhausted, then it’s time to stop gambling and go home.

The Best Slot Machine to Play

Here are some factors to consider when looking for the best jackpot slots machine to play. The first thing will be the low cost of entry. So try and find a machine that accepts quarters. The second point is to find a machine with at least a jackpot of $50,000 or a progressive one. The idea here is to win big whilst simultaneously playing on a low-cost machine.

The Amateur Slots Player: There’s a Better Option

Leave the slots alone and go and search out a video slot machine. This is because the return to the slots player is always much higher with these virtual machines. Also, the actual return to the player will be clearly stated on these machines, unlike their more primitive versions where finding the exact RTP is very difficult. If you’re feeling tired of just shoving money into the regular slots machines, then have a look at video poker. Yes, as an amateur slots player, you’ll need to learn a little about the gameplay and strategy. But the fact that it’s not just luck makes it that much more involved and satisfying to play.

Conclusion: Tips For The Amateur Slots Player

So…you’ve read this article, and yet you still want to continue to play slot machines. Well, just make sure that you stick with the advice given. And remember that there are really no jackpot winning strategies in slots. If you want to increase your slot playing motivation, whether it’s the slot itself or the gambling that is more important to you, then why not play online. Free slots are a good way to see if you can still enjoy yourself without spending your money. But if you insist on playing with real money, remember to set a fixed limit and never go over it.

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