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Wealth Attraction For Blackjack Players

First things first, what on earth is wealth attraction? Well, to put it as simply as possible, it’s all about making money. Of course, when you go to the casinos to win the jackpot, you should have the same goal. You want to be making a profit as opposed to just blowing all your cash. Yes, the casino does have a certain entertainment factor and is a great way to pass the time. But as a “for-profit” gambler, you have to keep your eye on the prize. So the question is, can you use wealth creation techniques to make money with blackjack?

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What Has Wealth Attraction got To Do With Blackjack?

More than anything, wealth attraction is a state of mind. It’s something that you can study and improve upon as time goes by. If you’ve been thinking about blackjack in terms of a game, then you’ll need to reset your ideas to a different format. You’ll need to make changes in the manner that you normally play. After a while, this new means of looking at blackjack, as well as a new way of playing, will become your default setting for the game. And then you’ll start to move forwards and start to make some real money at the casino blackjack table.

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Using wealth attraction to make is rich playing cards is one thing. But the first things you’ll need to do are to improve your game until your running on the optimal settings. There is a number of specific steps for you to take that’ll improve your game. Some jackpot winning tips and tricks, if you like. And these are tried and tested methods that have been shown to work consistently for all players. You’ll need to set aside time in order to learn these tricks and it’s going to take a lot of practice to know when to use them.

Study Winning Casino Blackjack Players

If you want to learn about fixing cars, then you’ll need to get yourself to a motor garage and learn the trade. Well, it should be no surprise that learning how to play blackjack to a higher level should involve the same tactic. If you want to be a winner, then you’ll need to study at the elbow of winners. In the beginning, you need to find books and websites that have all the useful information. In fact, all the important basic stuff can be found online. Learning about the casino edge, about perfect blackjack strategy and card counting can all be done on your own. Decide this is what you want, and then get yourself motivated to learn it.

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Rules for Blackjack Wealth Attraction

To say that you need to know the rules of blackjack inside out would be a huge understatement. Knowing the rules is one thing. But you need to know all the nuances that each rule will provide in either helping or hurting a player. It’s an understanding of the very backbone of the game. That’s because every rule has both a positive and a negative effect on the overall gameplay. Knowing how a certain rule can affect a game will improve your chances of winning hugely. Coupled with finding tables with a low casino edge and a high return to player will almost guarantee that you’ll be pulling in the cash. Keep in mind, that if you fail to find a good table with a low house edge, then all of your work will be for nothing.

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Wealth Attraction Starts With Gambling Strategy

So now that you’re armed with a complete understanding of the rules and how they are implemented, it’s time to work on some basic blackjack strategy. To win at blackjack you need to know the best scenario for playing every hand. Each separate combination of cards will have a perfect strategy for playing. Every hand will have an optimal play, and if you get it wrong, then expect to be losing money as opposed to gaining. The only way to learn this is to make a strategy chart, sit down, and learn it. You’ll need to be able to memorize all the possible outcomes.

A great aid to this is to play free online blackjack whilst having the strategy chart at your elbow. Every new hand should be checked off on your chart until you’ve memorized all the different hands. Using a proper blackjack strategy will actually lower the house edge by around 0.5% when compared with regular players. Many players see at least a 1% improvement over the way they previously played without any idea of basic strategy. You should commit to learning this, as a for-profit player will have little success without it.

Accurate Tracking of Your Blackjack Play

Tracking your results is essential for wealth attraction. And imperative if you want to see whether you’re improving. At any time you need to know your profit and loss. Add to this information like table rules, how long you were playing at each session, where you were playing, and your average wager. The more information you can track the better chance you’ll have of understanding exactly what’s going right and what’s going wrong. Knowing where you’re making mistakes is essential if you want to be improving your game.

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Card Counting for True Wealth Opportunities

Finding a table with a low house edge is a huge help. Likewise being totally up to date with your basic blackjack strategy is also going to be useful. But though both of these factors are helpful, they’re not enough to see you winning at a consistent level. For that, you’ll need the added strategy of card counting. There are a few different systems in use, but you’ll need to pick one and learn it. Though it sounds complicated n paper, it’s surprisingly easy to master. That’s because with most systems it’s really just about counting the ratio of high to low cards. Essentially, each time a card is dealt, you’ll either subtract or add a number to your running tally.

If you then make bigger bets when the tally is in your favor, then you can practically eliminate the house edge. You’re betting more on your edge than you do on the casino’s edge. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you make a profit at blackjack. It’s a close call, but in the long run, you’re winning more when you win, as opposed to the amount you’ll be losing. All winning blackjack players count cards. But having said that, you’ll need to work out a technique that doesn’t show your card counting during the gameplay. You’ll need to learn how to disguise your counting, or the casino will notice and you’ll be backed off.

Advanced Blackjack Wealth Attraction

All the above methods point to using wealth attraction techniques to increase your profits. But there’s another level of skills that can help ensure your profits even more. These advanced techniques will take some time to master, but you’ll find all the information you need online.

Blackjack Shuffle Tracking

This can only really be used in casinos with hand shuffling. You’re tracking groups of cards as they go into the dealer’s tray. Then you try to ascertain where these cards are going to end up after the shuffle. The idea to have a rough indication of when the good cards will be dealt with.

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Blackjack Ace Sequencing

For this, you’re going to be tracking the aces as they’re discarded. You can then use this information to predict when aces will appear after the shuffle.

Blackjack Hole Card Play

Here you’re taking advantage of poor dealer technique. Sometimes, particularly at the end of a busy shift, the dealer will get a little sloppy. He’ll place the cards that are face down so that you can inadvertently get a flash of their value. If you get to see the dealer’s face-down cards once in a while, then this is a huge advantage and can definitely increase your jackpot winning chances.

Conclusion: Wealth Attraction For Blackjack Players

All the above fall under the heading of “wealth attraction”. They are all blackjack strategies, some easier than others, that’ll help you make your jackpot games profitable. It’s mainly about acquiring the right knowledge and then knowing when to put it into practice. We suggest that you get on the internet and start finding some reputable blackjack resources with which to study. Armed with this information, you can go to the casino and start picking the right tables to improve your game.

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