slots vs poker
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Why Poker Players Should Consider Playing the Slots

Let’s face it, playing slots and playing poker couldn’t be further apart. Poker is a social game where you play with others. It’s also a game that features both luck and skill. The bets involved in poker are, essentially, the odds for the other players seated with you at the game’s table. If you have some poker skills then you can make some pretty consistent profits. Conversely, if you suck at the game, then you’re gonna be a poorfag. Now let’s consider sots in this slots vs poker battle.

On the other hand, slots are simply a game of luck. There’s no need to have an understanding of odds or equities. You just press a button on a machine. If, by chance, the reels land in your favor, then you’re a winner. There’s no betting, calling, raising, or standing here. So why on earth would a poker player want to play on the slot machine?

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Slots vs Poker: Slots are quick and rewarding

If you have any gambling skills, like being good at blackjack or poker, then playing the slots must seem like a total mug’s game. At least in poker, there’s a “win rate.” But with slots, everything is just so arbitrary. But there is a similarity between these two very different past times in a slots vs poker competition. And that is that they both involve gambling. And that’s really the charm of the slot machine. Whether you’re a skilled player or an absolute dufus, it doesn’t matter when you’re seated in front of the online slot machines at Bet365 Casino. Simple luck and chance lead to a sort of democracy and everyone has exactly the same possibility of winning.

Slots vs Poker: Slots are Fun

Playing poker requires continuous concentration if you want to win the jackpot online. It’s a very demanding game and is pretty stressful and ultimately exhausting to play. There’s a huge amount of mental focus on your opponents which can be draining after a few rounds. You have a lot to remember and also you’re trying to “read” your opponent. And trying to understand their tells. We certainly wouldn’t recommend playing poker at the casino as the best method of unwinding! But in a slots vs poker comparison, the opposite is true of slots. There’s still the thrill from gambling, but there’s no pressure there. Hit the button, the reels spin and you either win or lose. The slot machine takes care of everything. Simple.

To that end, slots can actually be a great way of relaxing. After a long session at the poker table, taking a seat in front of a slot machine lets you relax and helps you to come down from the mental buzz.

Slots and No-Risk Bonuses


Online, many casino operators offer both slots and poker rooms. Every once in a while, these companies will offer a special bonus for either free spins or a bonus cash reward with no deposit requirements. Although the actual amount of free spins or cash bonuses can be pretty low, you still want to make use of them. After all, a freebie is a freebie. The problem with casino games such as blackjack, where you can get pretty close to the break-even position of a casino, is that many casinos like Bet365 Casino know this and therefore exclude or severely limit the wagering requirements.

Walk over to the slot machines and you’ll be able to see the wagering requirements listed along with the “Return to Player ” (RTP). It’s easy to calculate your return for slots. If you make use of the bonuses and free spins, along with rollovers, and return to players’ ratings, you’ll see that when comparing slots vs poker, playing slots isn’t as wasteful as you previously thought.

Slots vs Poker: Play for More Money Faster!

Poker is a steady plod, a game that can only go as fast as the slowest player. You might be a quick thinker on your feet, but others need to plot every possible scenario slowly but surely. Also, the amount you could win is directly proportional to the amount you were willing to stake. If you want to turn $1 into thousands, then you’re going to be playing for a very long time. Even if you take part in these crazy fast hyper-turbo tournaments, it’s still going to be slower than a single turn of the reels at the slot machine.

When talking about slots vs poker, we have to address the issue of progressive jackpot slots. There are certain progressive slot machines that offer payouts no poker player has ever encountered whilst playing even the greatest game of poker. Microgaming‘s Mega Moolah and Playtech’s Deal or No Deal all offer life-altering amounts of cash. These jackpot games can make you a millionaire many times over. Yes, of course, it’s true that the chances of actually hitting those sums are pretty unlikely, making the odds extremely long and unfavorable. But on the other hand, show us a poker game where you can increase your jackpot winning chances by betting a lousy $1 to win a million.

There’s a Time and a Place for Slots

Those of you who are poker players and have gotten this far in the article are probably still scoffing. After all, when it comes to slots vs poker, how can you compare the more or less constant wins of a decent poker player with the sheer luck involved in playing a slot machine? We get it. You can’t. But it also depends on your initial motivation for playing poker in the first place. If looking to just win money at one of the best casinos to win the jackpot, then slots have bigger prizes but with fewer possibilities of winning them. But if you’re playing poker to have some fun, then we can see no reason why slots cannot give you the same buzz. And for a lot less money too.

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