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An Expert Guide To Spot Poker Tells 

It’s pretty well known that poker consists of equal levels of luck and skill. But there’s another factor that’s equally important that isn’t often mentioned. Simply put, it’s the ability to read your opponent. Being able to pick up on so-called “poker tells” can certainly help you determine the right way to play. Essentially, these are certain patterns of behaviour that the player can’t help themselves but do when they receive specific cards. Such things as adjusting their hair or scratching their ear when they’re bluffing. Or maybe they draw out their decisions when they’re holding serious cards. Whatever they are, you need to be able to spot poker tells by picking out certain aspects of body language or facial expressions that give away their underlying game. 

Many players who go to casinos to win the jackpot tend to believe that the world of poker tells is just for professional players. But nothing could be further from the truth. Even casual players can learn through basic observation the different types of behaviour that can help them understand their opponents at the card table. Take note that the advice below doesn’t apply to online casinos like 22Bet Casino. Playing over the internet limits our ability to spot poker tells in other players also playing online, as we simply can’t see their faces. 

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Keep Track Of A Player’s Timing 

Being able to spot poker tells is going to be one of the most important areas to master when you’re playing poker. And so it follows that the more you play, then the better feel you’ll have for the overall game. Probably the easiest poker tells to observe is when a player is gambling either very passively or very aggressively. Likewise, if a player hesitates before raising the stakes. Then may mean they may be unsure of the cards they have in their hand. Of course, all of these behaviours could simply be a bluff. So the skill in determining exactly what’s true or a bluff comes from having a sharp enough ear and eye.

Be Familiar With Your Opponents

Sometimes in order to understand an opponent, and to spot poker tells they’re trying to hide, you need to play them many times. By doing so, you’ll gradually be able to recognize the length of time taken before they actually make a decision. This can be used to your own advantage. Of course, you’ll need to have observed the player and play many hands through with them. Providing you can monitor and track how your opponent is playing, especially when they win or lose, then you’ll have a much better understanding of the process leading up to these two different results.

How Often Do They Look at Their Cards?


Another easy poker tell to recognize is the frequency by which the players look at their cards. You’ll find that some players will continuously check their cards before it’s their turn. On the one hand, this could be simply a force of habit. On the other, it’s a poker tell. The hesitation comes from being unsure whether they will end up with a good result. Sometimes you’ll notice that a certain player will take a one quick peek. This often donates that they’re holding a weak hand. In such situations, it’s worth taking note of how they perform as they go in. Also, see when they actually toss their cards away. This will give you an edge if you happen to go head to head with them.

Pick Up On Both Non-verbal And Verbal Communication

It’s important that you have your ears open to both non-verbal and verbal communication. This is more about your understanding of a player’s personality. For example, a player who’s chatty and happy and frequently talks. But the moment they become quieter or more closed off, then you know something has changed. These types of players will say such things as, “this is the best hand I’ve seen all day.” In such moments, look to see that their body language matches such a positive statement. If it doesn’t, then you’ll quickly realize it’s a fake emotion that’s designed to throw off their opponents. If you’re playing against novice players, then to spot poker tells is going to be so much easier. A new poker player will find it very difficult to hide their emotions. More especially so if things are not going their way.

Use Betting Size To Help Spot Poker Tells


It’s a given that to be successful at jackpot poker, then betting size is an essential ingredient. If you happen to be looking for patterns of behaviour to spot poker tells, the wagering size can help you. That’s because confident players tend to make larger bets. Whereas a player who’s unsure about things will shy away and only bet small. Likewise, you may well come across players who frequently bet small and suddenly decide to go all in. Within these forms of behaviour, there are messages hiding in plain sight. You may also come across the type of player who mixes it up in order to throw people off their poker strategies.

An example of bet sizing happens when a player hesitates. They are unsure whether to increase the bet size when their turn comes around. Perhaps they raised pre-flop. And now hesitate after the flop. This shows both fear and weakness. It may be better to raise the bet in order to counteract this.

Be Aware Of The Smaller Miscellaneous Patterns 

You may come across a player who consistently decides to bet the flop every single time. Now, if at the same time they were to check their hand only randomly, then it could be a sign of a big hand. Conversely, there are many players that prefer to bet the minimum, but multiple times. We suggest that you be wary of them. That’s because, by betting minimums, they are bluffing their opponents before they’re able to bet big, leading to their opponents missing the draw.

Finally, we should point out what’s known as a “blocking bet.” This is where a player checks and calls, and then suddenly bets into you. What’s happening here is that the player has picked up what they needed and they’re looking to draw free of charge. The way to negate this is to charge them more to draw.

Spot Poker Tells That Help You Succeed


Being able to read your opponents and understand and spot poker tells at the casino games table is going to be essential if you want to win. To that end, it’s important that you always have one eye on the situation going on around you at all times. The thing is that you never know what types of patterns will suddenly appear. It’s important that you’re always on your toes and are able to identify new modes of behaviour in an instant. It’s more difficult to spot poker tells when playing online. But internet casinos are designed for a different playing style. And, unlike their land-based brethren, online casinos give all new players a huge welcome bonus. For example, 22Bet Casino gives out 122% up to €300! Which is a great chance to help you to win the jackpot online.

Wait To Pick Up Your Cards To Spot Poker Tells

We always suggest that you take your time and wait before looking at your cards. Use this moment to check out the other players as they look at their cards for the first time. On the whole, they’ll be focusing on their hands and you should be able to pick up their instant reaction to the new cards. Keep in mind that other veteran players will also be scanning the table also looking to spot poker tells. To that end, make sure that you check your own poker behavioural patterns. Ensure that you are not giving anything away without realising it.

It’s a wonderful skill if you’re able to maintain your own composure whilst being able to quietly observe the other players around you. Take notes of such tiny things as facial ticks and even the smallest emotions. See how players react when they fold or get a big hand. All these factors and more can help you read the game better. And by doing so, improve your jackpot winning chances.

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