sports gambling success

Introduction: The Path To Sports Gambling Success

Though wagering on sporting events is one of the better methods of trying to win more money than you lose, very few sports bettors ever make it happen. The thing is that sports betting fundamentals require a lot of study and knowledge. Something that your average punter either doesn’t have the time for, or the inclination to make the effort. There are some basic steps you can take to increase your earning potential and maybe make a difference in your long term results. This will help you on your path towards sports gambling success.

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Don’t Do What Everyone Else Is Doing, Because They’re Losing

Firstly, let’s have a look at how most sports bettors make their wagers and see if we can learn something about the best ways of making your bets. Most of these punters will stick to betting on their favorite team. This 90% of all bettors will rarely look at the odds. Or try and alter anything about the bet from the last time they placed the same bet. It appears to be more like a religion. There’s no real-time or effort involved, just either the same bet or something slightly different based on a “hunch” or their gut feeling. 

As for the other 10%, they are mainly made up of more serious punters who take the time to study form and go through all the data. They’ll invest considerable resources in their efforts to better themselves. This is the group you should be aspiring to join. They are more likely to use a reputable company like the 22Bet Sportsbook when betting online, as they’re looking for value bets. 

Sports Gambling Success: Things To Stop Doing

Well, the first thing to do is to stop betting on your favorite team. This is an almost childish approach to gambling. Just because you like them is probably the very worst reason to bet on a team. By any metric, the fact that the team is your favorite is zero reason to imagine that they’ll do any better, simply by knowing you are their supporter. Secondly, stop making bets based on a feeling in your water. This is such a silly notion that if you can’t see the stupidity of such an idea, then there’s very little we can do to help you step away from your delusion.

sports gambling success
There are dos and don’ts in sports betting

You might think that many sporting events are based around the notion of luck. But you’d be wrong. You’ll not be winning the football jackpot with luck. It’s all about the math! Of course, you can’t become a successful punter with mathematics alone, but they will for the majority of events, form the foundation of all of your bets. To put it another way, using math for your choices is the polar opposite of using your gut feeling. Always follow the numbers as opposed to something intangible. Using your hunches as the guide to placing your wagers cannot lead anywhere but a wasted bankroll. Oh…and keep in mind that the bookies take their vig which on even bets is 5%. So even before you make a bet you’re already 5% down. 

Sports Gambling Success: Take Your Time

Another fatal error is spending only a few minutes making your choices. This is no better than taking a wild guess. In other words, it’s an absolute waste of your time, and by default, your money. Before betting, you’ll need to learn how to evaluate different sporting events and find value. Otherwise, it’s just pointless betting at all. You’re better off going as a spectator and saving your money.

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Nothing Matters without the Betting Lines

Until you’ve seen the betting lines, then you have no reason for making any bets. Without them, you can’t have any sports betting success. So many gamblers just throw their money at the bookmaker with so much as a single glance at the lines. Pure madness! Without seeing the lines, how on earth can you possibly know where the value is lying. For example, if you’re betting on the NFL and you think that the home team will win by 7 points. There’s no value if the line is 6, 7 or 8. There’s only value if the line is 5 or lower, or 9 or higher. It’s plain math, and there’s no escaping the fact that without this basic information, you’re just throwing your money away. To evaluate a game and find the value, you must first check the lines on offer, otherwise, you’re whistling in the wind. You’ll also need to be able to read sports odds in your sleep.

Start Small and Build Your System

As with all things in life, there’s the easy path and then there’s the smart path to sports betting success. The one you should be following is the same one that the smart guys who are successful at sports betting have followed. If you can’t yet see the road, then we suggest that you start small and grow slowly but steadily. Remember that successful sports bettors are most certainly not going to be sharing their secrets with you or anyone else. Maybe they play online Toto sites. But they’ll never say. Yes, this way there’ll be a lot of trial and error. But, provided you watch your bankroll, this is a great way of learning. The school of hard knocks means you’ll remember every lesson. Once you’ve developed a system that works for you consistently, then simply ramp it up, little by little.

sports gambling success
The most important thing to become a professional bettor is learning the importance of bankroll management

The main requirement is patience and a lot of it! To that end, keep your bets low at the beginning. Keep in mind, that all systems are long term. You might think that you have a winning system after a string of wins over, say 4 – 6 months. But that’s still too short a time to see if it works and isn’t the result of some other external factors. Keep your eye on the ball and don’t assume anything.

Sports Gambling Success: Winning Is a Full-Time Business

Essentially this comes down to sheer dedication. What will you give to make it? How much of your free time are you willing to sacrifice to sit at the top table? And it’s this quality, a determined work ethic, that separates the wheat from the chaff and leads to sports betting success. The 10% we spoke of earlier are the ones willing to go that extra mile. Can you do that? Are you willing? Of course, this isn’t a secret. The 90% already know this. But they are either unwilling or unable to make the sacrifice. Yes, you can be a successful sports bettor. But it takes work. A lot of work.

Successful sports bettors treat their activity as a business rather than a lifestyle. As with any business, they invest in it, looking for ways to constantly improve it. And they take great care of their money. If you already have or can develop this approach, then you’re already halfway there. And are ready to increase your jackpot winning chances. That’s why if you’re gambling online we recommend 22Bet Sportsbook as they have a great reputation and a huge selection of different sports on offer.

Bankroll Matters, Even If It Doesn’t Seem Important

Your sports betting journey will be a very short one without a sizable bankroll. We suggest that you spend some time saving up as your regular casino spend is not going to be enough for this type of betting. This tidy sum should be earmarked for sports betting and nothing else. Over time, you need to build this to be as large as possible, so even if you start small, you’ll need to keep constantly adding to it. So why do you need a large bankroll? The first reason is that you need to have enough to survive the downtimes, those losing streaks that all gamblers will have at some time or other. The second is simply practical. If you want to make a living from sports gambling, then you’ll need to bet big. To make a decent return you’ll need to be wagering at least $1,000 a pop. That points to a bankroll of at least $100,000.

sports gambling success
Let’s get this started

Conclusion: Sports Gambling Success

So, as a rule, never follow what the majority of other punters are doing. Remember that the whole betting business is built on their losses. Pay attention to the lines on offer before you even think about placing a punt. The lines offered by sportsbooks allow you to see exactly where the value is in any jackpot games if there’s any at all. Then you need to educate yourself on all the fine detail that makes up sports betting. Remember that past results mean nothing. Finally, you’ll need to build up a substantial bankroll. In some ways, if you’re able to achieve all of this sports gambling success, then you would have earned the right to call yourself a professional sports gambler.

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