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Why Online Casinos Can Be More Profitable Than Traditional Casinos 

Thanks to the popularity of gambling through the centuries, traditional casinos have a long history. It’s generally considered the first gambling house that was established in the 17th century in Italy. Since that time there has been an ever-growing demand for entertainment venues for gambling. This has impacted casino the industry as they look for new ways to both entertain punters and encourage new ones.

In the mid-90s, we saw the introduction of online gambling. This is when the first online gambling websites first open their doors to the general public. It goes without saying that it was during the infancy of the internet that these casinos to win the jackpot were very different animals from today’s sophisticated online platforms. You also have to remember that during this era, there was very little competition. Unlike today where you can find literally thousands of casinos all competing for the same customer base.

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Online casinos can really attribute their popularity to their accessibility. The fact that a regular gambler doesn’t have to get dressed and find his way to land-based traditional casinos. This could even involve a journey of several hours. Today that same gambler can be sitting on his comfortable sofa and in his own living room. He can be playing his favourite online games on demand. This is one factor whereby the online casino beats the land-based one hands down. Another is that they have a huge variety of gaming options available. We should also state that when playing online games, many players feel they have a greater potential to turn a profit. And in many ways, this is true.

Practice Makes perfect

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There is one major selling point from online casinos that are missing from land-based ones. That’s the facility whereby a player has the option to play for free. That allows all casino games to be played by utilizing either very small stakes or with the aid of virtual currency. If you’re a novice or a newcomer to gambling games, then this facility is going to be a God-send. The point here is that it can be daunting to play at a real traditional casino gaming table. Especially if you’re unsure of the game’s rules and the gaming strategy. Other players may become impatient with a newbie who’s constantly asking questions of the dealer or the croupier.

But with an online casino, you’ll find that all the top websites will take their time to explain the rules of blackjack, roulette, jackpot poker or whatever other games take your fancy. They also offer a number of jackpot tips and tricks. As well as strategies to help you become a better player. Only when you’re feeling confident about your playing abilities, along with the fact that you now understand the rules, should you start playing real money casino games. 

Online Is More Convenient Than The Traditional Casinos

The sheer convenience of being able to play online 24/7 at the best casinos like 22Bet Casino, is it difficult act for the land-based casinos to follow. After all, if you’re going to a traditional casino, this will take time, irrespective of how long you plan on spending there. That’s why you’ll find that the vast majority of visits to land-based traditional casinos tend to be planned outings. This leads to some players spending any number of hours at the gaming tables.

Yet playing at an online casino requires a totally different approach. After all, it’s just much more convenient. You can simply whip out your mobile device, and with the swipe of a single finger, you can find yourself at your favourite online casino. If the mood takes you, you can spend just a few minutes playing your favourite game. If you want to kill a few minutes whilst waiting for the bus or train, then you can play your favourite casino games there and then. Not only that but there’s always the possibility that you could win the jackpot online in the process. The bottom line is that with your mobile device, you have any number of online casinos in your pocket. Waiting to be played at your own leisure.

Higher Operating Costs For The Traditional Casinos

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Online casinos by nature have much less in the way of operating costs than their land-based brethren. For the player, this translates into a more profitable experience, as they are able to offer bigger prizes and even better odds. On a related matter, such as the competition for players, the many savings by the online casinos can simply be passed on to the players themselves in the form of bonuses and incentives. Also, running an online casino is going to be much less complicated than running a traditional one. 

You can see this if you head over to the online slots. You’ll find they offer much higher RTPs than you would find in the land-based casino world. For many players, both the convenience and the fact that you’re going to get a better deal financially at the online casino is a no-brainer. Especially when compared to a brick and mortar one.

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Free spins and bonuses

If you walk into any average land-based traditional casinos, then you may expect a couple of comps. Depending on how much you’re spending, you may receive a voucher for a discount at the bar or a money-off coupon that can be used in the resort’s restaurant. In order to receive anything of any real value, then you’ll need to be spending a lot. 

On the other hand, head over to any online casino website like 22Bet Casino, and you’ll instantly see incredibly generous offers and incentives, all aimed at new customers. The moment you sign up with an online casino, you’re going to score an introductory welcome bonus. This can include massive cash percentages added to your initial bankroll. As well as any number of free spins. So when it comes to making your bankroll last as long as possible, then the online casino is the winner by a mile.

More Restrictions At traditional Casinos


Once again this comes down to the fact that traditional casinos are so much more expensive to run as opposed to an online ones. What’s even better for the online player, is that there are no restrictions on how many online casinos you can sign up with simultaneously. This allows you to score a huge number of welcome bonuses. As well as a variety of generous incentives that are designed to keep new gamblers happy. And more importantly, constantly returning to play more. One thing we will point out though. And that’s that due to the huge number of online casinos chasing new players, some may offer bonuses that are not quite what they may first seem. Many of these will come with stringent restrictions. These can include such things as waging requirements and time limits through which you must play the bonuses.

It’s important that you take the time and make the effort to read through the website’s terms and conditions. Particularly those that pertain to their bonuses and other offers. You may well find that the welcome bonus is so limiting and restrictive that is not worth taking. In which case, just look elsewhere.

Free Contests And Tournaments

If you want to have a more exciting time playing at the online casino, then we suggest you keep your eye open for free contests and free tournaments. You’ll find that the vast majority of online casinos will be hosting such things on a regular basis. We should point out that these more local competitions will not have life-changing amounts of cash as their prizes. But that’s not the purpose of playing. It’s simply that you will have the opportunity to play against others. And in games that you all enjoy, along with the possibility of getting something for nothing. 


Tournaments can be for blackjack, jackpot poker, bingo and any other number of other casino games. And all for free. You may well find there’s a small cash prize on offer. If you were to step into a brick and mortar casino, you’d find it hard to see any traditional casino with the option of playing its games for free.

More Competition Than With Traditional Casinos  

When we look at the whole online casino industry, we can see that the driving force is the ferocious competition between the many online casinos. All are fighting to provide the best experience and games in order to attract and keep new players. And that’s why gambling online at a casino like 22Bet Casino is going to offer you more benefits in all aspects. When it comes to land-based traditional casinos, if you head over to the nearest large town or city, you’ll probably find one or two casinos. But if you do a simple Google search looking for the best casinos online, you’ll find literally hundreds of results. Each one will reach out to you with fantastic welcome bonuses and other mouth-watering incentives.  

Having this type of competition is going to lead to a better deal for the player. In fact, with more and more casinos constantly springing up and at the same time upping the ante when it comes to their offers,  then we suggest you take your time to look carefully. And then jump in with the best offers that suit you, your bankroll and your playing style. 

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