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Introduction: Choose Online Casinos with Trustworthy Gaming Providers

There are a thousand and one factors to look out for when you’re choosing an online casino. Many will concern the safety and security of the platform, as no one wants to be gifting their personal or bank details to a third party. What you want is an enjoyable and safe gambling experience. You’ll need to check that they have the games you like to play, as well as a decent welcome bonus, along with easy deposit and cash withdrawals to boot. And so you’ll be needing to conduct an awful lot of checks to find something your comfortable with. To save you time we recommend Bet365 Casino. It’s safe and has a huge number of games.

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There’s another factor that many bettors overlook. Or maybe simply don’t know anything about it. That is, who is providing the games to the casino? You see, casinos only host games that come from gaming providers. Even many of the prizes, in particular those massive progressive jackpots, are, more often than not, paid out by the gaming providers, not the casino. Developing any game is a huge undertaking and casinos are not in the business of making games. That’s why they buy the rights to these jackpot games and simply host them.

The Security of Third-Party Gaming Providers

When looking at any gaming software, from whatever gaming provider, you should be looking for a safe and secure platform. Older and well-established companies like Playtech and Microgaming slots have stood the test of time. Their software is regarded as top-notch. At the other end of the scale will be any number of gaming providers trying to enter the developer marketplace. They will be bringing new and as yet untried products. Though these games would have been thoroughly audited for faults, there is often such a rush to market, that problems will only show up later, when more people have had a chance to fully play the games.

We suggest that you stick with the big players as far as gaming providers go. They will have zero security or safety flaws as they have had years to iron them out, leaving them with a reliable and robust gaming platform.

gaming providers

Gaming Providers: A Superior Gaming Experience

Going back and taking a look at blackjack and poker from online games ten years ago can only make you smile. It all seems so primitive and almost quaint when compared with the gaming platforms of today. Programmers, software engineers, and designers have bought casino games into the 21st century with excellent game-play and fantastic graphics. Today’s games offer a gaming experience second to none. Not only are there games to be played over every type of portable internet device, but live gambling has made huge inroads into the overall casino marketplace.

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Today, you can open your browser or phone app and find the best casino site to play like Bet365 Casino, and be face to face with a croupier in a real-live setting. She can place your bets for you and the whole experience is very similar to a real casino. On the whole, you want to find games that run smoothly, with no downtime or lag. Also, look for games that inspire you with their designs and graphics. As you’re going to be playing anyways, you might as well have an immersive all-in experience that’s stimulating for all the senses.

Gaming Providers: Regular Updates

Though all games might be secure today, tomorrow they could easily fall to a hacker. So it’s important that these games are being constantly updated with new security features to seek out vulnerabilities, as well as improved game-play and all the things that make playing then such fun. You’ll find that good gaming providers will spend considerable time and effort in keeping their products up to date.

gaming providers

A Positive Reflection on the Website Itself

In the same way that a modern, easy-to-navigate website inspires confidence over something old and clunky, it’s the same with gaming providers. If the casino site is a happy mix of great games, great game-play, and fantastic options, then that’s where you should be spending your money. If on the other hand, you come across a casino site that appears to be outdated or runs like mud, then stay well away. There’s a good chance that no one has been bothered to fix any software or security issues over time.

These sites, because they can handle real money, mean that they can be potentially risky for customers. As far as finding the best jackpot game providers goes, just stick with the big boys for now. Over time, other gaming providers will prove themselves, but until they do, stay clear of them.

Fair and Transparent Gaming Providers

Take a look at any two games or even the same game run via different online casinos and you can find huge differences in the RTP values between them. As you know, this is the percentage the machine pays out when compared with what a customer puts in. So an RTP of 98% would mean that for every $100 wagered, you’d get back $98. Keep in mind that this is not every time you play. It’s an average over a considerable period.

On the whole, anything above 95% is considered above average. As part of your jackpot winning strategies, you certainly don’t want to play on any online site which offers less. Many of the lower-end online casinos will offer games at terrible RTPs in the hope that no gambler is going to check. Why play a slot with an RTP of 75% when you can play the same slot on another site, yet with an RTP of 97%? It makes no sense.

Also, check the casino’s license. If it comes from a reputable gaming authority, then you’re all good. These can include the UK Gambling Commission, which has a stellar reputation.

Conclusion: Finding the Gaming Providers

After reading this you might be thinking that finding a reputable online casino to win the jackpot is a huge uphill struggle. But you have the internet at your fingertips. Do some simple searches and look for reviews of online casino sites. There are also many forums dedicated to gamblers just like you. Check that they have no affiliation with any casinos otherwise their reviews might be tainted. Finding happy customers is a great first step in the right direction.

Once you find an online casino that ticks all the boxes, never deposit any funds straight away. Read all the terms and conditions and make sure that you fully understand them. Then go and play!