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Popular Video Poker Variations

One of any casino’s most fantastic card games is poker. As with all casino games, it’s necessary for the player to wager real money if they want to have a chance of winning. This amount can be large or small. Yet you may find that each participant in some game variations is required to place an even larger wager. In other words, the game will also allow gamblers to earn real money and a lot of it. However, some players may also be unable to wager on some video poker variations. In truth, there are a huge number of video poker varieties within the simple game of poker. At this point, we should state that the poker game’s online video version should probably be your first choice.

The truth of the matter is that online games offer players a number of features and facilities not found in land-based casino versions. In today’s article below, we have collated information pertinent to each popular online video poker game variant. 

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Jacks Or Better

By far the most well-known video poker variations of the game found in online casinos to win the jackpot is Jacks or Better. Any player can use this video poker version, even if you happen to be a complete novice. Additionally, it’s a popular game in the traditional land-based casino. It’s worth keeping in mind that it’s also one of the lowest-stakes video poker variants. Which is great news for those with smaller bankrolls or low rollers. Nevertheless, the player can receive a high payout in the right scenario. Keep in mind that the player must place the entire wager in order to proceed.

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Video Poker Variations: Tens Or Better

Tens or Better is one of the most commonly used online video poker variations. In truth, you’ll find that it’s very similar to Jack or Better. As a poker player, you’ll certainly notice one important difference. This is because the player must obtain a pair of tens in order to win the game. You could say that this pair of tens’ sole objective is to raise the likelihood of you winning. Take note that the odds will alter as a result of certain minor adjustments of this video poker variations within the game. The payout, however, is lower than in a Jacks or Better game. In other results of this game’s possible scenarios, there’s always a welcome full-house payout. The payment for getting a full house is equal to six times the bet size for the player.

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Aces Or Faces

You could say that Jack or Better is equivalent to the Aces or Faces. Yet this game has undergone a few adjustments. For a start, the game’s pay table will remain in place until a significant update during the gameplay itself. The tweak will, in some way, alter the game’s RPT percentage and strategy. However, to make up for this, the game does offer the player a bigger payment option. The Jack, Queen, and King cards will result in higher payouts. This jackpot poker game also depends on all the 52 cards in the pack. On the whole, a pair of Jacks will be taken into consideration as the lowest winning hand at the end of the game.

Joker Poker


Joker Poker is among the most useful video poker games if you’re looking for a great time. It offers excellent odds of taking home some winnings at the end of the evening. In truth, it’s the strategy that makes the game. A 53-card deck is used. Additionally, the wild card is the Joker card which can help raise a player’s chances of winning. The pair of Kings is the main requirement to get paid. As for the payout for the game, it will be much more than it is for a regular video poker game. With the Joker cards, you can land a substantial payoff in no time at all.

Video Poker Variations: Deuces Wild

This is one of the best-known and extremely popular video poker variations. It offers both full payment and split payment options. The purpose of the game is to attract more wins for its players. Furthermore, it’s playable for novice players as well as complete beginners. Having said that, you might be better off bringing some minimal experience to the gaming table. Keep in mind that you could well be playing against other more experienced players. As with many online casino games, all new poker players can benefit from this and therefore enjoy a better gaming experience. Compared to the Jacks or Better, this game also presents a nice challenge for more experienced and veteran players. Why not head over to Bovada Casino to try your luck?

With 52 cards, the game is easy to both understand and play. You’ll need two card decks for the players. In this variant, the deuce card serves as the game’s wild card. The player can swap out cards during the game. However, the deuce card makes it simpler to combine with the other cards. Thus allowing any player a much better possibility to win the jackpot online.

Pick’em Poker


In our humble opinion, this game is the most challenging poker variation. Many players say that the game might be trickier to play thanks to a number of different reasons. That’s mainly because the player needs to adhere to the game’s special guidelines and tactics. While also giving the player playing strategies and suggestions, the aim of this game is to help in supporting the players get closer to some wins.

The player must also play with the full stakes using the two-face cards. On the left side of the screen, you can access the face side. In contrast, the right side of the screen will display the two stacks and three cards. The player has the option of using the card’s stakes to win the game.

Conclusion: Popular Video Poker Variations

Presently, thousands of gamblers enjoy playing online video games, making it one of the most popular gaming genres to be found at any online casino like Bovada Casino. The game’s ability to accommodate numerous types of players, from novices to experienced, is one of its most favorable characteristics. We suggest you head over to a reputable online casino and check out their video poker variations. Furthermore, you can play any of these variations completely for free by utilizing their “free play” or “demo mode.” This is a great opportunity to learn some essential jackpot winning strategies. Only once you’re feeling confident about your new-found abilities should you start betting with real money.

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