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The Benefits of Playing Free Play Casino Games Online

Let’s be frank, playing casino games online for real money is probably one of the most exciting activities you can take part in. But having said that, it’s also extraordinarily stressful.  And that’s where free playing casino games come into play. It allows you to have the same gambling experience but without any financial risk. In other words, it’s just a huge amount of fun. Yes, it’s true, that there are no cash prizes to be won. But nevertheless, the gameplay is identical to a real cash game. This means that in many online casinos, like King Billy Casino, you are able to receive the same bonuses and free spins as if you were spending real cash. By being able to play for free, you can improve your jackpot winning strategies as well as test out new games.

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Free Play Casino Games vs Real Money Games 

We should start by saying that whether you’re playing real money games or simply free play games, each one of them comes with its own benefits. Having said that, the fact is that with the one you are playing with real money. And also have the possibility of running real money.  Whereas with the other, you have no winnings to look forward to. So it does put them into two different worlds from a financial perspective. In simple terms, it’s the real money factor that’s going to separate them. 

Here at, we think you should consider free casino games as a simple means of improving your gameplay. This is especially true of any game that requires a certain level of skill. Nevertheless, you will quickly discover a huge amount of enjoyment, even from playing games that offer no prizes.

Why Do Casinos Offer Free Games?

free play casino games

In short, it’s all down to marketing. With such a huge number of online casino operators, all fighting for the attention of new customers, then free play casino games are a great incentive. They are useful to attract new players, as well as keep them returning as customers. On the whole, there are three reasons why you’ll see free casino games offered at online casinos:

  • By offering free casino games then the casinos are encouraging customers to play at their own casinos and choose their particular brand. 
  • Free play leads the player to discover the type of game they would most like to play. Especially so if they are uncertain about the rules of the game or whether they would even enjoy playing on it in the first place. 
  • Casinos are able to offer players an experience that requires nothing from their bankroll. There is absolutely no risk of any money being lost. Nevertheless, the casino hopes that after a few rounds of free play, you will be more inclined to start spending real money

The Free Play Casino Games You Can Play For Free

If you type “free play casino games” into Google Search, you’ll come face to face with literally thousands of results. The most popular, by a long way, is going to be the jackpot slots. This is because they are very easy to claim and require practically zero skill. You can also use free play casino games to improve your skills at the table games such as roulette, blackjack, crap, poker and baccarat.  One useful feature across all casinos will be that you can alter the size of your bet. This allows you to see how different betting sizes will affect eventual outcomes. As such, free play is a great way of learning and gaining confidence at the same time.

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Many free play games still run on flash which is, in truth, a bit dated. We suggest that for a better experience you find an online casino that offers free play casino games in HTML5. Not only does this use much less in resources, but it will allow casino games that are played on your phone to be run more smoothly.


Because these are by far the most popular game in a casino, whether online or off, there are literally hundreds of great slots available as free play. They are very easy to play, whilst at the same time being fast and exciting. After all, just a simple push of a button will start the reels spinning. You can find free play casino games on slots which will include both multi-line slot machines and the old classics, including fruit machines. In the slots world, this form of playing is also known as “demo play.” It’s a great way to improve and make use of any jackpot winning tips and tricks you might have learnt along the way. 



There’s probably no better way to learn the game of roulette than by making use of free play casino games. There is a huge amount of chance involved in roulette. Though there are a number of variances that can lower the house edge. You’ll also come across many popular strategies such as the Parolli, La Boucher, Martingale and Fibonacci. In short, you received an amazing education and it’s absolutely free.


This is one of the simplest card games. As a player, you are playing against the dealer. In order to win money, you’ll have to get closer to 21 than the dealer. In this case, it’s possible to double your bet. Be warned though. You don’t want to go over 21 or you will lose. Of all the games in a casino, blackjack is probably the one most amenable to having some skills and gameplay techniques. And just as with the other games, being able to play for free will help to educate you on the various strategies available. These can include such things as splitting a pair of fives and tens, or whether to make insurance bets. Many casinos will offer apps that allow you to invite friends and acquaintances to play for free.


By playing free play casino games you’ll find there are a huge number of different poker variants available for you to try out without any risk to your bankroll. These can include Omaha hi-lo, seven-card stud, Caribbean stud, and of course the old favourite, Texas Hold’em. All online casinos will let you practise these games for free. Some websites even offer a VR version of the game. Not only can you learn to master the rules, but also you’ll be able to practice different playing styles and strategies. You can see whether playing small with your hands, but super aggressive is better. Or you can learn the most effective means of bluffing. On a more serious point, you can also learn when it’s time to walk away. When it’s time to leave the table and cut your losses. And all without losing any real money.

Free Play Casino Games Slots With a Bonus

slot machine

Most video slots that have bonus rounds are often called ”bonus slots.”  When you’re playing a demo slot these bonuses can drop at times, which certainly adds to the excitement.  And when they do drop, you’ll see that they can be in the forms. These include wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins or bonus symbols and even more. Also, if you happen to be playing on a slot that features an interactive story, then the bonuses will probably be in the form of an “Easter egg.” More often than not, this is often a hidden mini-game. Remember that you are still playing a free game. This means there will be no cash prizes. Yet it’s still possible to receive bonuses in the form of extra free spins. 

At, we think that it’s a better idea to find a website that will offer bonus chances with free games and demo slots. In fact, you want to try and find the most generous slot when it comes to offering more exciting gameplay. By using free plane casino games, you should work out a strategy of “bonus hunting.”  Remember this is all part of your slots paying education. Once you’ve learnt how to trigger bonuses, you can then move over to the starter playing with real cash. This can only help increase your jackpot winning chances.

Fixed Free Spins

These are probably the most common and you’ll find them everywhere. They tend to come with a multiplier feature. For example, if you manage to get 20 free bonus spins with a 2 x multiplier, then you can play them through. Once you are done, the slot machine will revert back to its normal playing pattern. As an added bonus, if you have any winnings from these, you can add them to your online casino account. To try out some free spins, head over to King Billy Casino. They offer all new players a great welcome bonus of 151% up to €/$500 plus 51 free spins. Now let’s see what you can do with these free spins!

Free Play Casino Games Conclusion

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As you probably well know by now, here at, we consider that gambling is, first and foremost, about having a great time. We tend to place the financial aspects as secondary. To that end, we think that you should always keep in your mind the fun factor. That playing free casino games is going to be a win-win for you. As you’re well aware, there are no cash prizes to be won. Yet this should have zero impact on your enjoyment. And apart from the fun element, you can also use free play casino games as a means of improving your overall casino gambling education. It allows you to master strategies and rules whilst playing all your favourite jackpot games

And let’s not forget the fantastic feature that makes free play casino games so great. It’s the fact that you don’t have to sign up or deposit anything into a casino account in order to play. We should add that, as far as internet security goes, not having to sign up or download anything is going to be great for your security and online safety. To sum up, if you’re going to take part in free play online casino games, then you’ll be able to improve your gameplay and skills. Furthermore, you will be able to do this without spending a single penny. 

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