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The Impact And Influence Of Women Gamblers

The last few decades have seen a consistent rise in the number and involvement of women gamblers taking part in casino activities. One reason is thanks to the advancement of technologies allowing gambling to take place from the portable phone. What’s interesting is that according to the general public consensus, real money gambling at a brick-and-mortar casino is a masculine activity. You just have to look at any James Bond film to see that the women are really just decorative items. There is also the subtext that a woman is gambling in a man’s world. And therefore needs more masculine traits in order to succeed. But that’s another story.

The advent of internet gambling has allowed many women the possibility to gamble. But without having to deal with the prevailing gender conceptions that gambling is just a male-oriented activity. Another point is that through online gambling, there is a social aspect. This makes it easier to connect with other players all around the world. It functions well for multiplayer games like real money poker and other casino games. By finding the best casino site to play, thus giving an experience where there can be more social interaction between the players. 

Why Has Online Gambling Has Seen Such An Increase?

online gambling

You can thank the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first, for the huge wave in digital technologies. These have managed to infiltrate every type of marketplace around the world. This also includes the gambling industry. For obvious practical reasons, it’s so much easier to play on your portable device while sitting at home. It seems almost quaint today that in yesteryears, a gambler needed to jump in the car and actually visit a real land-based casino in order to play casino games.

Thanks to amazing design, clever programming, all offering an immersive experience, online gambling are able to feed virtually all the desires of a gambler. And without the necessity of going to another location. Now with the more contemporary introduction of live dealer games, there’s no need to compromise when it comes to the excitement and thrill of the gameplay. For the best casino experience, we highly recommend you head over to King Billy Casino. They have a huge games selection including all your favourites live dealer games.

What Are The Preferences Of Women Gamblers?

Recent research has shown that the most female players in any one country are those living in Sweden. Besides those women, women in the UK and Spain are well on their way to establishing women as a playing force when it comes to playing online casino jackpot games. Having said that, there is a very diverse market when it comes to the choices that women make. As well as how they go about making most of the games they want to play.

Women Gamblers Prefer Different Games To Men

women gamblers

Thanks to the ease of playing online, we are seeing more and more women playing on their mobile devices. Unsurprisingly, they have become more involved in playing online slots, real money poker, and online roulette games. This isn’t to say that women are not playing other games at online casinos. Though there is evidence that women are also betting on sports more and more. It would be interesting to know if women are better gamblers than men. But the truth of the matter remains that the easier and faster games are more popular with the fairer sex. Naturally, this makes both lotteries and bingo the firm favourites with women gamblers.

Another interesting point is that men tend to gamble on a totally different type of game. For example, we see many men betting on real money poker games, sportsbooks betting, including football and horse racing betting. In many ways, the men are looking for games that require some slight skills. Whereas women are looking for games that are primarily based around the easier and faster to play factors of chance and luck.

What Is The Profile Of Women Gamblers Online? 

If we take the UK marketplace as an example, we can see a huge increase in the number of women gambling online. The typical female gambling profile is one that changes based on preferences and age. Your average female gambler is going to be aged between 35 and 55. Research shows that a younger woman player will probably play casino games like online blackjack and real money poker. Whereas an older female player is more likely to prefer playing the slots and lottery. These numbers can differ based on time and gaming interest. But they suggest that a certain percentage of women players are much more hardcore. Their approach to gambling is more aggressive than those taking up casino games in the past.

How Much Time Do Women Spend Gambling Online? 

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We can see that women are now spending considerable time gambling online. The numbers show that online casinos have recently realized that women gamblers tend to spend 2 or 3 hours gambling each day. On the whole, each day’s gameplay makes up an average of 2 or 3 days per week. They certainly give the men a good run for their money. According to Australian studies, it was seen that one-third of women are involved in gambling of some sort. This can include playing online casino games like roulette, blackjack, or real money poker. It’s also been noted that women tend to spend more money than their male counterparts.

On the whole, you will find them busy surfing mobile casino sites in the hope to win the jackpot online. As opposed to men, women gamblers are much more likely to buy virtual chips and rewards in online casino games. One sad fact came out of all the research. That was that around 50% of women gamblers are addicted to playing online casinos. Or at live dealer online casinos on a daily basis. 

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What Is The Future Of Online Casinos?

Thanks to the internet and smartphone technology, it’s now more convenient than ever to play casino games online. There has been a huge push from the casino industry to get more players onto the internet platform. One of the main driving forces for this has been the increased interest from women in online gambling. Mobile technology lets them gamble from the privacy and security of the home. Sitting down on the sofa, and with a few swipes of your finger on the screen of your mobile phone, and you can be playing at King Billy Casino. They have a bonkers welcome bonus offer for all new players of 151% up to €/$500 plus 51 bonus spins! That’ll keep you playing for much longer and thereby increase your jackpot winning chances.

Female Biased Advertising Strategies


We are also gradually seeing a change in advertising strategies from online casino sites in order to target women. There have been a number of studies by the casino industry to find that marketing sweet spot. The perfect campaign to bring more players into the online casinos. Today you’ll find that most online gambling sites have a neutral gender perspective when it comes to promoting their own brand image. This is the same whether it’s a casino table game or a jackpot slots game. The idea here is that all these games can be enjoyed by any gender. But though many of today’s advertisements are gender-neutral, we see a gradual change that will take place. In the near future, advertising will become more and more targeted.

The Casino Industry Can Read A Woman Gambler’s Mind

Due to the intrusive nature of all advertising today, the casino industry has a means of gaining a typical woman’s spending habits and online preferences. Along with the choices she makes on an everyday basis. This vital customer information can identify the root causes that drive woman gamblers. The casino companies can then work out strategic techniques in order to keep everyone engaged. After all, they want their customers to come back to the online casino on a daily basis. We can see a future whereby, a woman has signed up for an online casino website. She will be targeted slightly differently than her male counterpart. Regular surveys and personal emails will be sent out. The types of prizes, welcome bonuses and freebies, will be slightly different with a female gender bias. This is in order to keep the female customer happy.

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