Wyoming gambling laws
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Wyoming Gambling Laws For 2022  

When many non-Americans think of Wyoming, they imagine cowboys like Wild Bill Hickok and cattle country. And though there are still some cowboys still riding around in pickups, there are certainly no roving herds of cattle. For one thing, there’s very little grass. And for another, the winters are incredibly long and hard. Almost as hard as the gambling laws. If you’re a gambler, then you’ll find that all gambling activities fall under strict regulations. In fact, there are only a few forms of legal gambling which are possible. On the whole, you’re going to find the only places to gamble are a few tribal casinos. Nevertheless, let’s have a look at Wyoming gambling laws and how they can affect your gambling activities in the State.

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The Strict Wyoming Gambling Laws 

Essentially, all gambling activities in the state of Wyoming are regulated by the Wyoming Statutes 6-7-101. These make a differentiation between games of luck and games of skill. Under Wyoming gambling laws, games of luck are strictly off-limits by the State and are actually illegal. A game of luck is described as any betting activity where there’s a risk that the gambler has no control over the outcome. This law encompasses online slots, sports betting and many other types of gambling jackpot games that you might consider the involvement of luck. It also covers the legality of all online casinos like King Billy Casino. Nevertheless, you can still find some of these games by visiting the few tribal casinos that dot the State. 

The Wyoming Gaming Commission

The Wyoming Gaming Commission also goes by the name of the Wyoming Pari-Mutual Commission. Its job is to oversee all types of gambling matters throughout the State. So if you want to gamble legally on classic games including slots machines, then we suggest you visit a Native American casino in Wyoming. These are regulated under the IGRA and offer a few of the facilities you may find In other American gambling States like Nevada. But you’ll not be finding any traditional casino games like blackjack, poker or roulette.

Looking at the state of the Wyoming legislature, we believe that there will be no changes coming down the line with regard to Wyoming gambling laws and the inclusion of games of luck. Interestingly enough, fantasy sports fall into a grey area. They are neither banned nor are they allowed. We suggest you stay away from these If you want to keep within the State laws.

Legal Games That You Can Play In Wyoming


Although the Wyoming gambling laws are, without a doubt, very strict, there are still a few legal gambling games available. Nevertheless, we suggest that you fully understand the boundaries between illegal and legal gaming. After all, in Wyoming, any unlawful gambling is punishable by the law. So if you want to enjoy a seamless gambling experience, it makes sense to stick with legal games. Then one thing you’ll not end up in is the state prison. On a more practical note, you can be sure that the gaming operator will actually pay out your winnings. That’s because in order to be legal they need to be licensed and certified by the Wyoming Gaming Commission. Below is a list of the types of games that are fully legal And that Wyoming gambling laws:

Tribal Casino Games

Throughout the state of Wyoming, there are just four tribal casinos. Unfortunately, there’s very little good news when it comes to finding all your favourite types of slots as well as table games. Amongst other things, these include roulette, jackpot poker, baccarat, craps and blackjack. And yes, they are all illegal! Thanks to archaic attitudes towards gambling activities, under these strict Wyoming gambling laws, casinos have very few gambling choices when compared to any other casino from out of State.

Contests of Skill

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to bet on on-track racing with horses and dog racing in Wyoming. This also includes pari-mutuel betting on chariot and harness racing. Of course, this is providing that you are betting at a licensed establishment.

Bingo & Raffles

You’ll find that many types of social gaming and charitable games are OK. These include such things as bona fide social wagering, raffles, lotto, bingo, scratch cards and pull tabs.

Legal Games in Wyoming Tribal Casinos


The only types of casinos approved by the Wyoming Gaming Commission are a few Native American casinos. Of the four land-based casinos, you’ll find two located in each town of Riverton and Landa. Like all the best casinos, they feature hundreds of legal casino games. In fact, some of the largest poker rooms in the State are in these tribal casinos.  Having said that, don’t go expecting huge gaming floors with lots of games, as you might find in Atlantic City or Las Vegas. Most of the games in these casinos are slots, video slots and gaming terminals. All these casinos also offer accommodation. So if you’re thinking of gambling for longer periods then you can stay over.

Overall, your gambling experience in Native American casinos is going to be on par with casinos in other gambling cities in the US. Just don’t go expecting a huge number of amenities or available gaming choices.

Pari-Mutuel Betting and Contests of Skill

When it comes to betting on your favourite sports in Wyoming, then you have several legal options. The most important one is that in order to stay within the law the game must be considered one of skill. This means it could be a contest of speed, agility or strength. Since 2003, if you visit many of the tribal casinos to win the jackpot, as well as local bars and restaurants, have been allowed to install instant racing terminals and other skill-based electronic gambling devices. We suggest you stay away from all other forms of sports betting as these are illegal within the State.

Games That Are Not Permitted By Wyoming Gambling Laws

It’s important to know which games are illegal throughout Wyoming so that you can avoid them and thereby avoid any problems that might come from playing them. We should point out that for petrol heads, any betting involving motorcycles, boats or racing cars for gambling purposes is illegal. Secondly, all types of online casinos are also illegal under the Wyoming Gambling Commission. In fact, the federal Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) bans all forms of internet gambling. They are not permissible by State laws and playing them is a crime. And that’s why you’ll find that local land-based casinos in Wyoming, as well as other gambling operators, do not offer any form of online gaming.

Video Slots

           Game Type               Legal Status

  • Video Slots                           Illegal
  • Online Table Games          Illegal
  • Online Sports Betting        Illegal
  • Riverboat Casinos              Illegal
  • Daily Fantasy Sports     Grey Market

Of course, if you want to win the jackpot online, then you could probably still gamble using a VPN. This will allow you to visit online sites like the amazing King Billy Casino from outside of Wyoming and circumnavigate Wyoming gambling laws. But we suggest you be careful. Wyoming online gambling laws are incredibly broad by definition. Having said that, there have been no prosecutions or punishment dished out to online gamblers so far.

Wyoming Legal Laws: Gambling Age 

As with most jurisdictions around the world, when it comes to gambling then the minimum age requirement is 18 years. But under Wyoming gambling laws, you need to be 21 if you want to play the lottery, bet at the horse races or even play classic casino games. We suggest that if you’re unsure as to how old you’ll need to be to gamble in any of Wyoming’s tribal casinos, then you simply give them a ring. You’ll find that the different ages required for gambling will very much depend on both the gaming establishment in question and the type of game you wish to play. 

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