Learn How Slot Paylines Work and Master the Popular Casino Game

There’s no denying that slots are one of the most exciting casino games out there to play and win on. However, if you’re new to slot games, all the terms, rules, concepts could be confusing at first. For that reason, we’ve made several guides to help news players better understand the casino game. At this time, we will help players to learn how slot paylines work.

A guide on how slot paylines work 

All in all, slots are one of the most exciting casino games to try your hand at on the sites to win the jackpot. What’s more, there are plenty of slots variations to play and win from on top casino sites like Bet365 Casino

However, to better understand the casino, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the basics of slots. One of the most important topics that even the most advanced players should know is about slot paylines. 

In brief, a payline is the line on which a payout will be awarded based on winning combinations. Now, with our guide, you can learn all about how slot paylines work.

Types of slot paylines 

how slot paylines work

First, let’s dive straight into the basics of how slot paylines work. A slot payline is a pattern on the reels where the winning combination occurs. The payline can be straight or zigzag, and players can find the winning patterns for a given slot game on its paytable. 

All in all, the payline essentially determines whether or not you will win a game of slots. Generally, it goes by two names. Some players will call paylines the betting line. Or simply as the winning line. To win a slot game, identical symbols need to reflect on the payline. 

Furthermore, when you learn how slot paylines work, it is important to note that there are several types of paylines. To begin with, classic slots have one payline, and modern video slots generally have multiple lines. Meanwhile, there are several slots that have no paylines at all. 

What’s more, you can find these jackpot slots online at the casinos to win the jackpot. A game of slots, whether offline or online on top casino sites like Bet365 Casino will end with a winning combination on the slot paylines. 

Now, let’s look more closely at the setup of paylines in a game of slots. First, classic slots have one single horizontal line with one direction from left to right. Then modern slot machines have vertical lines, zigzag, diagonal, and a variety of other patterns. 

Nevertheless, when playing either classic or modern slots, you will encounter two major types of slot paylines: fixed and variable paylines. 

Fixed paylines and variable paylines

Next, when you learn about how slot paylines work, it’s important to know about these two major types of slot paylines. First, a fixed payline is essentially an all-or-nothing game. In this case, you have to bet on all the paylines before spinning the reels. 

The game then distributes your bet across all the paylines. For example, if you place a $1 bet on a 10-payline online slot Bet365 Casino, you are essentially betting 10 cents on each winning combination. There are numerous opportunities to win big on slot games with fixed paylines with bonuses. 

For instance, wilds, free spins, and even scatter symbols. These features are among the reasons why most players prefer to try their hand at slots with fixed paylines on the online jackpot sites. Meanwhile, variable paylines offer players more flexible betting options. 

Also, some players refer to variable paylines as adjustable paylines. In this case, players can select a specific number of paylines to bet on. Although you can adjust your bets to fewer paylines for a higher payout, you also lower your overall chances of winning. 

In this situation, you could likely miss the jackpot if the winning combination falls on an inactive payline.  

Learn how slot paylines work 

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At this time, we will explain how slot paylines work. When you learn paylines work, there are several factors to consider. These are direction, wild symbols, scatter symbols, and bonus symbols. 


First, slot paylines have a flexible orientation. So, instead of one horizontal payline, you will find slots with several multiple lines that can go in several directions. These days, it’s common to see slots with a downward direction, or vice-versa. 

Some slot games on the best jackpot sites have a diagonal orientation. Before playing a slot game, you should first check the direction of its paylines. This way, you can better position your bets. 

Wild symbols 

Next, a wild symbol is essentially a filler or your payline. A wild symbol has the power to substitute any symbol on the reel to complete a winning combination. 

For example, if you have two identical symbols on reels one and two, a Wild Symbol on the third reel will let you create a paying combination or payline. 

As a result, a wild on your payline is a huge plus because it increases your chances of winning online on top sites like Bet365 Casino

Scatter symbols 

All in all, scatter symbols are special symbols that have specific functions depending on the slot game. On one hand, some scatter symbols trigger different types of bonus features. Meanwhile, some will act as multipliers or substitute for other symbols to help create winning combinations. 

Generally, scatter symbols will give you free spins. In another case, these special symbols will open up interactive bonus games, instant payouts, re-spins, and multipliers. For example, if you have a multiplier on your scatters, you can win up to 50 times your stake. 

In that case, a $10 bet will result in a $500 payout with a 50x multiplier from scatter symbols. 

Bonus symbols

Similar to scatter symbols, bonus symbols trigger many bonuses on top casino sites like Bet365 Casino. In general, the prize will come in the form of bonus games with huge payouts. 

Number of paylines 

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Previously on our guide on how slot paylines work, we highlighted that there are several types of slots with varying numbers of payline. So if you want to learn about slot paylines, then it’s important to familiarise yourself with the number of paylines to choose a suitable slot machine that suits your betting needs. 

Slots with no payline

Most players are familiar with slots with either a single payline or multiple paylines. However, some slot games have no paylines at all. In this case, a line or pattern is not necessary to form a winning combination. 

Instead, you can win the game as long as a particular symbol shows up anywhere on each reel. At this time, Aloha by NetEnt, Jurassic Park Slots by Microgaming are examples of slots with no payline. 

Single line slots

These types of slots only have one payline associated with classic slots. All in all, single line slots are the simplest form of slots because you only need to focus on one payline for the winning combination. 

They are a great slot game for a quick play on top sites like Bet365 Casino. What’s more, 888 Dragons Slots by Pragmatic Play and Alchemist’s Lab Slots by Playtech are great examples of single line slots. 

Multi line slots

Generally, classic slots can have one, three, or five paylines. However, modern day slots have multiple slots with as many as 100 paylines. So, these types of slots are perfect for high rollers looking for a big win on the best jackpot offers

In this case, there is more at stake in terms of payouts. At the same time, players should be cautious because more active paylines require bigger bets. 

When you’re ready to play multi line slots, Book of Dead by Play’n Go, and Pistol and Roses Slots by Rival Gaming are popular options to try your luck on. 

To learn more about the top casino site featured on our guide on how slot paylines work, be sure to read our review about Bet365 Casino.