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Introduction: 8 Types of Slots Machines

Go into any casinos to win the jackpot and you’ll be faced with thousands of slots machines. Though many may look the same, there are a huge number of different types and variations. It’s often hard to know what type is what, as many have all the similar bells and whistles. But whatever slot you have decided to play, there are certain basics which are always the same across all slots machines. The actual mechanics of the game which requires matching symbols to form a winning combination is a formula for all slots.

Playing slots is a great way to pass some time. And though you might be uncertain of the exact type of machine you’re playing on to start with, within a couple of rounds everything will have come clear. Today we’re going to take a look at the different types of slots machines there are available along with their features which make them different. But let’s start with what these machines have in common.

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Number of Reels

The symbols that spin on the slot machine are called “reels.” All slots machines have these in differing numbers across the front of the machine. Old school or classic slots will have three reels, though some more complicated ones would have had five spinning reels. These extra wheels are to help provide an even bigger jackpot for the winner. This is because these extra reels are more difficult to win. You’ll not find a slots machine, either online or off without the standout feature of spinning reels. It’s a feature that defines the slot.

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When you press the spin button, the reels instantly start spinning at a high-velocity. Only when it stops can you see if you’ve won or lost.

Count the Pay-lines

Just as with the reels, so pay-lines are another significant feature across all slots machines. The total number of pay-lines will help determine just how many line winners will be produced. Long gone are the days when pay-lines were in a straight row. Today, they can be organised in straight lines, vertically or horizontally, and in all sorts of different shapes. Each machine will feature a pay-table. This allows you to see how much you’ll get in winnings should you hit each pay-line.

On the whole, the more pay-lines on a jackpot slots machine then the greater the prize. On the other hand, you can sometimes obtain smaller but more consistent wins by playing smaller pay-lines. In doing so, you’ll also save some cash as the larger pay-line slots machines can end up being very costly.

Loose, Medium, and Tight Slot Machines

These three terms are well known to all serious slot machine players. Because each slot machine can offer a different pay-out percentage, players spend a lot of time looking for those machines that offer the largest prizes. A “loose” slot machine will pay-out at least 97% RTP. But keep in mind that this percentage is over a long period. On the whole, playing at a loose machine, though it might offer a bigger prize, it may well take much longer to be able to finally touch it. You might want to consider playing one of these machines as a long-term project. In reverse, the smaller the RTP, then the tighter the slot machine.

As a rule of thumb, the tighter the slot machine, then the larger the jackpot. A tight machine will have an RTP of 94% or less. A medium slot machine is in between loose and tight when it comes to providing a return for the player.

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Video Slots Machines

This is one of the best machines in the whole casino in terms of the fun factor for your money. They offer excellent value, with great RTP amounts, and a great all-round experience. Thanks to its easy and fast game-play, video slots machines have become the most played game with online casinos. The software is improving year after year, leading to great action and fantastic pay-outs. They also offer a huge variety of themes as well as incredible bonus rounds. You’ll often come across a video slot that offers bonus features or free spins along with amazing graphics.

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Flat Top or Progressive Slot

A slot is classed as a flat top if the top prize is fixed. On the whole, these slots machines will offer the winner a lower-priced prize. Having said that, the opportunity for winning the big prize is much greater than that of the possibility of hitting the progressive jackpot. As you’re probably aware, these progressive jackpots can grow to enormous sizes. This is because the game takes a tiny percentage of every coin that’s played and ads it to the overall jackpot sum. Once the progressive prize has been won, the jackpot is seeded with a small amount of cash, before it starts to climb once again as players start to play on it.

We suggest that you have a look online for the best sites with progressive jackpots. You’ll find that progressive jackpot slots machines fall into sub-categories. These refer to how far and wide are the slots machines that contribute to the overall prize pot. So we have local progressives, standalone machines and wide area network machines.

A standalone machine only collects money for its jackpot prize and only from players who are playing that one machine. A local progressive slot will collect a percentage of its coins along with all the machines in the casino. The total sum of all these slots machines will go towards the eventual prize jackpot. Finally, we have the area-wide network progressive slots machines which will collect the winning monies from several machines in many casinos, normally around a state.

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3D Slots Machines

These refer to the images generated by certain slots machines. They feature 3D graphics, with image quality and game-play second to none. Since their inception some years ago, the software has come forwards in leaps and bounds. Today’s games are amazing in quality and offer stunning themes and virtual worlds for the player to explore. The graphics do appear to jump from the screen, and thanks to fully immersive story-lines and characters, they are head and shoulders above the traditional slot machine experience. The additional depth along with the interactive nature of the games give then an incentive to be played.

Right now, thanks to the great game-play that 3D games offer, they are by far and away from the most popular games in the entire casino. There are a huge number of themes and designs on offer. This means that thee’s always something fresh about the games and you’ll never get bored. Our favourite casino for 3D slots online is Omni Slots Casino. They have a great welcome bonus as well as a huge selection of games.

Land-Based or Online Slots Machines

These are slots whereby the player can still interact with the machine. The reels are virtual, even if the location is real. So, you might find this type of slot at the airport or in the hotel lobby. So while internet slots might be the latest thing in sots, these slots machines are a kind of bridge between the old world slots and the new age of internet machines. They offer the ambience of a casino gambling hall but without having to leave your sofa at home. You can find these games on websites of virtual casinos.

Just visit the best online casinos with jackpots. You can also download these games in the form of an app to play on your mobile device.

AWP or SWP Slots

The term AWP stands for “amusement with prizes.” These slots machines were designed to introduce more fun int the genre, even if the prizes are less than from other forms of slot machines. This means that they require lower stakes with which to play. But though you might spend less, they offer the player a better entertainment experience. SWP stands for “skill with prizes” and these machines deliver a different pay-out as the results depend more on the player’s overall skill levels. On the whole, you should look at SWP as games with an equal amount of skill and luck.

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