gamble in the morning

Introduction: Reasons Why You Should Gamble in the Morning

So should you gamble in the morning? Whenever we are asked to picture casino gambling we all invariably think of the evening or night. Dinner jackets and cocktail dresses, along with drinks at the table, all help with creating this illusion. Rather like going to the cinema, going gambling in the morning might seem a bit odd to many people. After all, what type of person would be drinking at 10.00 am?

But if you’re serious about making some profit at the games table, there are many reasons why gambling in the morning is a good idea. Let’s go through them…

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You’re Going to Be Sharper Mentally

This appears to be common sense. Though you might be surprised by the number of delusional players who think they are at their sharpest in the evening or at night. Science tells us, that we are at our most alert mentally in the first few hours of the day. As a gambler, you need all the available resources that’ll help you win. This not only includes a deep understanding of the game-play but also the alertness to be able to utilize this knowledge. Imagine that you’ve gone to the casino to play blackjack, and your aim is to make a profit. Believe us when we say that counting cards is neigh-on impossible if you’re sleepy. You need to be able to focus and concentrate.

Most people peak on a mental level just a few hours after waking. After this is downhill all the way until bedtime. So we suggest that you change your sleeping habits. Instead of being on social media until 1 am, why not put the phone away and be in the sack by 10. pm? Getting up early has always been the number one factor in getting things done. Keep in mind that virtually all casinos are open 24/7.

gamble in the morning
The earlier it is, the smarter you are

Gamble in the Morning: You’re Less Likely to Drink

If you want to treat gambling as a job, then there’s no drinking. Just as if you were working in an office, you can’t go on a bender halfway through your day. And the problem with gambling during the evening or at night is that drinking is more acceptable at that time. But alcohol will affect your decision-making capabilities in a negative way. After all, that’s the reason why they comp drinks in the first place. The casino knows that you’re more likely to make mistakes when around alcohol. Bear in mind that it’s a slow process. You start with one drink, then another, and it appears to have little effect. And then before you know it you’re tipsy and making bad decisions. All those jackpot winning tips and tricks will mean nothing if bad decisions that are costing you your bankroll! It’s one of many unhealthy casino habits you can fall into so easily.

Yes, we know that there’s always some smart dick who’ll claim the drinking make them a better player. This is nonsense. There’s a good reason why you’re not allowed to drink on the job. And we’ve yet to hear any employee claim that a drink helps them operate heavy plant machinery, or operate as a brain surgeon all the better, thanks to downing a couple of drinks before starting.

You Won’t Be Up All Night and Become Tired the Next Day

Once again, we come back to plain old common sense. It’s only thanks to the electric light that we can stay up all night, but it’s not natural by any means. We are run by Circadian Rhythms and these are the programs that wake us up in the morning. Nowadays, everyone breaks that cycle at both ends. When you stay up late, then your mental acuity takes a dive simply because your body is putting itself into sleep mode. If you’re up late, then come the morning, your body still wants you to wake up at the same time. And this is a big problem for the body’s internal clock. Either you’re going to want to sleep in or you’ll just spend the whole day yawning.

gamble in the morning
Living in the daylight is good for your health

Playing at the casino until 4 am is going to leave you in a constant state of tiredness. Over time this will lead to exhaustion. But, as you’re a for-profit player, then you’ll still need to head off to the casino and play. This should not be a jackpot winning strategy. Finally, you’ll be so tired that you’ll start making simple mistakes and that’ll cost you dearly. We suggest that you change your sleep habit chip and fix it on going to the casino to gamble in the morning.

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Gamble in the Morning: You’ll Beat the Casino Crowds

For most of us, it’s difficult to concentrate when we’re in the middle of people chatting, drinking, and generally enjoying themselves. No, we’re not some miserable Puritans, just one’s who want to make some money as opposed to spending our time losing it. In the evenings in particular, the crowds in casinos can get really big. Many of these people have come to play the slot machines, which are noisy and a constant distraction for more serious table game players. Crowds and jackpot slots make it difficult to concentrate. This is why the mornings are so good for gambling. You’re already seated at the games table before all those night birds have got up. You have the casino to yourself. Then you can focus on improving your game-play and the general craft of gambling.

You Won’t Be Affected by Shift Worker Sleep Disorder

If you’ve ever worked night shifts, then you’ll know of the experience that comes from never quite having enough sleep. And if you have a night ambling habit, well, you could consider yourself as a night shift worker. Gambling is habit-forming. Hence the huge numbers of problem gamblers. But within that habit is also the preferred time you have which then becomes viewed as “gambling time”. And this is where gambling solely at night will become a habit that’s very difficult to break. Shift workers all suffer from a myriad of health-related problems. They are also at a higher risk of contracting all sorts of illnesses and diseases. These include heart problems and the risk of dying younger. Essentially everything comes down to having broken Circadian rhythms.

gamble in the morning
Never drink in the morning – Unless you just get married or divorced

The majority of people are not night owls. Most have hit the hay by 11 pm. If you’re getting up at 3 pm because you’ve been playing the previous night with a 7 pm start, then you’re actually forcing yourself into a night shift workers lifestyle. When you first begin your journey to becoming a self-sufficient gambler, then it means putting in lots of hours. Many more hours than a professional, who has already mastered his game. That means, that if you start gambling at the casino at 6 pm, then you’re probably still going to be there at 6 in the following morning. There, you’ve just worked a night shift! Don’t do it. It’ll be the start of a horrible habit. Try to gamble in the morning!

Conclusion: Gamble in the Morning

Unless you go to the casino for fun, then you should take your gambling as seriously as you would any other job. That means getting to work on time. And no drinking on the job. It means getting a good night’s sleep, every night. For all these reasons and more, we recommend that you start out correctly making good choices. And one of the best ones you can possibly make is that of starting early in the morning. It’s by far the best time to gamble. The only downside is that it might be more difficult to find those half-drunk really bad players who don’t even understand the game. So easy pickings might not be around at that hour.

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