gambling mistakes

Introduction: Gambling Mistakes That Make You Uncool

So here you are, living the dream in Sin City. You’re on your first trip to this gambler’s paradise. The hotel is booked and you’ve armed yourself with a list of all the go-to casinos to win the jackpot. Strutting up the strip, Mr. Big Shot! But we’d like to take you to one side and have a quiet word in your ear before you go marching into any of the casinos here. We know that you’re from some small town and the bright lights of Vegas have you hypnotized. You’ve only ever played at your buddy’s house.

In truth, we’re a little concerned that you may make a fool of yourself. That’s why it’s for the best that we have this little chit-chat. After all, no one wants to look like an idiot by making basic gambling mistakes.

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Stop Assuming You’re Going to Win Money

Yes, we know that you’ve already told all your friends and anyone who’ll listen that you’re off to Las Vegas and that you plan to win. And win big! Take it from us, people who know Vegas better than anyone, that you’re not going to be winning. Not today. Not tomorrow either. So just calm down. All those splendid casinos are not built from players’ winnings. Nope, it’s the opposite, it’s all made from the money players have lost. Casinos have been around for quite a while now and they’re not going anywhere soon. And that’s thanks to all those players like yourself who lose and then lose some more. 

So forget about winning. Change your point of view. Look at the casino as a place for having fun. Keep in mind that the only people who do win are professional gamblers. They are from a different planet to where you come from. You already have a job you’re perfectly happy with. So don’t come to Vegas and suddenly decide to change jobs. Just enjoy the casino for all the things it can offer.

gambling mistakes
Don’t be childish, know your limits

Gambling Mistakes: Using the ATMs in the Casino

One thing you’ll notice is that all casinos have more ATMs dotted about than the town you’ve come from. It’s as if there are ATM’s literally everywhere. The idea is that they are on hand for the ambler who needs more cash. The idea is that you spend more than you might have planned. So what better to help you with this than by placing ATMs everywhere you look. We always recommend that you decide on your daily/evening spend before entering the casino.

Only bring the money you’re going to spend at that session. When it’s gone, then accept that you are done for the evening. Don’t try to continue playing the jackpot slots. Go and do something else. The city has thousands of other things going on. And if you don’t think you have the willpower to stay away from the ATM, then leave your credit card in the hotel room.

Another reason to stay away from them is that you’ll pay eye-watering fees on any withdrawals you make. Essentially you’ll be robbing yourself at your own bank account to try and make up for your gambling losses. It’s one of those gambling mistakes that makes no sense. Luckily, if you’re playing online at 22Bet Casino you will not come across this problem.

Drinking and Gambling Don’t Mix

We get it, we really do. You’re on holiday and want to let your hair down a little. And what could be better or more baller than having an attractive cocktail waitress come up to your elbow the moment you take a seat at one of the games tables. Even better, the drinks are on the house. And that lovely smile. No one where you come from has such nice teeth, let alone still have them all. What harm can come of this situation? You are sitting in heaven with an angel smiling at you. (Notice her eyes are not smiling. Just dead black orbs that died a thousand boring customers ago). 

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The problem here is that it’ll creep up on you unawares. Yes, it’s great that these drinks keep coming. For the price of a tip, you start to feel a bit heady. But it’s all good. Before you know it, you can’t work out quite what is the best bet in this situation. And then you’re just throwing money onto the table. Alcohol and risk-taking don’t mix. Alcohol is not going to increase your jackpot winning chances. There’s a reason why airline pilots aren’t allowed to drink alcohol 24 hours before work. Even a tiny bit of alcohol is going to blur your decision-making capacity.

Waking up with a headache and no money is really going to rain on your parade and ruin your holiday. Though we do have some hangover cures if you’re in Sin City. Ask yourself, why are the drinks free? Drinking and gambling is nothing more than a huge gambling mistake. We suggest that you have some drinks but only after you’ve decided to stop gambling. 

gambling mistakes
Have fun but never get wasted while you are wagering

Gambling Mistakes: When In Doubt Always Tip

Nothing is going to show you up faster as an out-of-towner than you not realizing that everything is followed with a tip. The cocktail waitress brings your watered-down cheap cocktail to the table, the bellhop dragging your luggage and the waitress with her fake as a plastic smile. They all will have the handout. And you’d better have the money to fill it. Las Vegas is not a cheap city. Most of these staff make only minimum wage. Yeah, we know you didn’t vote for that socialist Bernie Sanders. But nonetheless, make sure you have plenty of smaller notes with you.

So how much are they going rates? That waitress in the games room will need at least $2 for every drink. For dinner, you’ll need to be leaving an extra 20 – 25%. Then make sure that you leave a tip for housekeeping.

In the casino, it’s perfectly OK to tip the croupier with chips. If for whatever reason, you feel you want to complain about the number and expense of tipping, then you’re better off staying at home. Failing to tip is a huge gambling mistake. The cost of tips is something that you should always budget for the initial cost for your trip. Anyway, as a matter of course, just try and be nice!

Don’t Spill Your Drink on the Table

Look down! Do you see that cup holder beside the table? That’s where your drinks go. Don’t ever put them on the edge of the playing table. If you do, then be prepared to be asked to leave the table altogether. Now you might think that sounds drastic. But here’s the thing. If a drink gets spilled onto the table, then it needs to be cleaned up. For this to happen the table will need to be closed. A closed table represents a massive drop in income for the casino.

Can you see where this is going? If you do spill your drink on the table, expect to be treated like a moron. And don’t expect to be making friends with the players whose jackpot games you just bought to a grinding halt. Of course, if you’re playing at home with 22Bet Casino online, you can be knocking over drinks until the cows come home.

gambling mistakes
Failed attempts

On another point, many players are very superstitious about gambling, and getting a whole table of players to move is super bad juju. Just don’t be that guy. Whilst we’re on the subject of no-no’s, please don’t go taking photos. The casinos hate this as it might be used to compromise security. Pit bosses, dealers, and the other players all hate it. The city has a huge amount of stuff to photograph. Again, don’t be that guy.

Conclusion: Gambling Mistakes That Make You Uncool

Hopefully, you’ll now have a better understanding of casino do’s and don’ts. That’ll stop you from making gambling mistakes. We want you to have a great time without worrying about your uncouth behavior. Just make an effort to follow gambling etiquette. So, when you’re in the casino, don’t get drunk. Don’t use the ATM’s. And remember to tip everything that moves and has a pulse.

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