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Casino Gaming: How to Halt a Long-Term Losing Streak

As every gambler knows, you can never escape from the ups and downs that come from playing casino games. Depending on your gameplay, strategy, ideas, and knowledge, you’ll find yourself either having more of one than the other. Either a series of fantastic wins or a horrible long-term losing streak. There are a number of casino games like blackjack and roulette where the odds can be as good as 50/50. That means an equal chance of winning or losing. Though to be fair, you still have to take into consideration the casino edge, which always tips the balance in the favour of the casino.

If you are a casino regular, then you’ve probably seen the type of player who through no fault of their own, is constantly losing. They always start the evening so well and yet within a few hours their bankroll is depleted, and you see them with their hands in their pockets shuffling out the casino door towards home. Once this happens to certain individuals a number of times in a row, you have to stop and ask yourself, is this just down to ignorance, foolishness, or bad luck? 

Some might argue that all casinos are, by design, there to make a profit and that eventually, all gamblers will lose. At the end of the day, that profit has to come from somewhere. But having said that, there’s losing, and then there’s losing consistently. We believe there’s no need to have one loss follow another, time after time. To that end, here at jackpotfinder.com, we’ve reached out to some professional gamblers. We asked them for their tips on the most important steps needed to end a perpetual or long-term losing streak.

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Reconsider Your Choice Of Casinos to Halt a Long-Term Losing Streak

Even though the casino edge will tip all bets into the casino’s favour, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the game is unfair. In fact, all licensed and reputable casinos are required to have their games tested by independent auditors at random times. So the proportion of winners and losers should be about the same. Of course, there are some dodgy casinos out there. After all, the internet is big and wide. That’s why we suggest you always take a look at players’ independent reviews before depositing any funds into the latest online casino you’ve discovered.

Long-Term Losing Streak: Be Careful Which Games You Play


With online casino gambling, your choice of game is going to matter. Of course, it’s up to you where you want to spend your money and with what games. Providing its great entertainment then there’s no harm in any of it. But it’s wiser to keep in mind that there are a number of casino games, both online and off, whereby statistically you will have a much better chance of winning. A good example is European Roulette, where you can find popular bets that have 50/50 odds of winning or losing. You can try your hand at live dealer roulette with 22Bet Casino. They have a huge selection of games as well as a very tasty welcome bonus of 122% up to €300! 

This is in contrast to the almost impossible probability of trying to hit a progressive online slot jackpot. This is equivalent to playing the lottery and a very tough means to win the jackpot online. We suggest that you look for jackpot games with bets that are reasonable. This way you will be able to satisfy your appetite for risk, while at the same time not risking your bankroll.

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Let Your Bankroll Be Your Guide To Halt a Long-Term Losing Streak

Speaking about your bankroll, we suggest that this should be the secondary reason for any decisions made whilst betting. The first one is that you are enjoying the game and are thoroughly entertained. It’s so important that you understand the basics of bankroll management. Also that you never bet more than you can afford. There’s no point in turning up at the casino with a budget of £100 and then blowing the whole lot on a single foolish bet. It’s better that you split this initial sum into £1 single bets. Not only will your bankroll last 100 times longer. But also you’ll increase your jackpot winning chances, simply by being able to place 99 more bets.

Start Taking Things More Seriously


This applies to those casino games whereby you and your skills can influence the outcome. An example is playing poker and blackjack. Though these are generally seen as games of chance, they can have the outcomes swayed by your skills, along with a good dose of intuition. But as with all things in life, you’re only going to get out of it what you are willing to put in. By this we mean you should start taking your gameplay more seriously. Of course, you cannot control the outcome of the dice throw or the turn of the cards. But by making strategic decisions regarding your next move, as influenced by preceding moves and gameplays, you can certainly improve your chances of success. And decrease your chances of a long-term losing streak.

One thing we would suggest is that you forget any foolish strategies you might have read about on the internet. For example, the Martingale system for playing roulette. None of these systems works as they claim to, simply because the casino has betting limits. And it’s these limits that will stop you from continuously betting higher and higher sum’s in the hope of winning back your losses. And also stop with the idea that the more you throw the dice, somehow you’ll get a different outcome. The Gambler’s Fallacy has been shown to be false, time and again. Remember that each throw of the dice is an independent action, and the last throw can have no influence on it. 

Halt a Long-Term Losing Streak: Get Your Poker Game In Order 


There are a small number of casino games where the house edge does not feature at all. One of them is the game of poker. This is simply because you’re playing against other players and the house has no hand in the outcome. It’s one of those games where no one can say that the house is tipping the balance in its own favour. Or blame any other shenanigans, saying they’re put in place to ensure that the players cannot win.

If you happen to be playing at the best site to play poker, in an online poker room, then it’s the same story. It’s just you vs your opponent. Of course, the casino will pocket a percentage of the proceeds. But remember that this is not dependent on any of the results. This means that it’s essentially in your hands how you wish to outclass or outplay the opposition. That’s why we suggest that you start taking your gameplay more seriously. That’s why we recommend 22Bet Casino. They take their games and customers very seriously indeed. And you can find every type of casino game there.

Change Your Mindset

Although it sounds kinda crazy, you might be surprised how you can simply defeat a long-term losing streak by changing your mindset and your attitude. A big problem with losing continuously is it sucks all the pleasure out of gambling. This is what leads to the temptation to chase losses. Once you go down that road, then you really are playing at the casino for all the wrong reasons.

Here at jackpotfinder.com, we suggest you only ever play online casino games with nothing about enjoyment in mind. With this positive state of mind, we believe you have a greater chance of seeing winnings. Sometimes you need a positive influence in order to bump you away from a losing streak. If you can do it yourself, then changing your mindset before you play will be one of the biggest factors towards you having an enjoyable and financially viable time.

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