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Tips On Playing Online Poker Tournaments

If you are a regular player of poker, playing a few hands with your friends on a Saturday night, maybe you feel it’s time to move up. Perhaps you want more excitement. Along with the possibility of having some bigger wins. To this end, it might be a better idea to start playing online. Not only will you find some fantastic poker games at casinos like 22Bet Casino, but you’ll also come across amazing online poker tournaments. Before you decide to dive in and start playing, we have some useful jackpot winning tips and tricks for you.

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Research Your Online Poker Tournaments

Doing research before you start playing online poker tournaments seems like a no-brainer. But you might be surprised at just how many players start spending at the first online casino they find. This is a little crazy. After all, you going to be betting with your own money. Not knowing the rules, the gameplay or how the betting works, is going to be very detrimental to your bankroll. Keep in mind that there’s a good chance about you’ll come across new rules and features that will be unfamiliar.

We suggest that you do some research. There are some books which are essential to would-be tournament poker players. These include “Tournament Poker for Advanced Players” and also “Harrington on Hold ’em.” In addition, you should find time for “The Theory of Poker.” There’s no harm in joining as many online poker forums as possible. Ask questions and read what other poker players have for advice. In order to do well-playing poker tournaments online your need a huge amount of knowledge under your belt, about both the game of jackpot poker as well as gambling in general.

The Fewer Opponents, The Better

Poker tournaments are a numbers game. Many novice players think that it this better to enter a larger online poker tournament. But the problem here is that, though the prizes may be bigger, there will be a much greater number of players. This translates to the fact that the odds of winning are significantly reduced. Obviously, you’re playing against more people. There’s no point in entering a competition with a $100,000 pot if you have zero chance of winning.

Start Online Poker Tournaments With Low-Stakes


There are many different betting jackpot winning strategies when it comes to playing casino cash games. But when it comes to playing tournament poker, we suggest that you always start with lower stakes. The main reason behind this is that you want to familiarise yourself with the gambling platform you’re playing on. If you’re a novice player or even an absolute beginner, then stick to a smaller bankroll. Though it’s true that this will give you fewer rewards, it will also offer you a more stress-free gambling experience.

If you’ve been playing poker for some time and now wish to move up to poker tournaments then you need to consider the longevity of your poker playing career. Blowing all your bankroll with the first game or two is going to leave a bad taste in the mouth. In fact, it may even put you off the game for good. As with all things, you want to improve slowly but surely. So it’s better to start small and work your way up. Playing with your buddies on a Saturday night is not the same as playing with strangers in a competitive poker tournament.

No Distractions

Unfortunately, today we are constantly being bombarded by sights and sounds. Just think about if you’re trying to quietly surf the web at home. There will be 101 distractions pulling you away from what you’re trying to achieve. So you can imagine what it’s like if you’re playing at an online casino like 22Bet Casino and hope to begin taking part in a poker tournament.

The thing about playing poker tournaments online is that it requires concentration. If you’re constantly being distracted, then your gameplay and your bankroll will suffer horribly. That’s why it’s important that you find a place to play that’s free of distractions. We suggest that you close all open tabs on your phone. Turn off the TV and any other intrusive media devices. If you have a family, tell them you want some quiet time and no one should bother you. Playing online poker tournaments requires total focus. By cutting out all distractions, you’ll only increase your jackpot winning chances.

Don’t Play Online Poker Tournaments Drunk


Of course, playing with your mates on a Saturday night wouldn’t be the same without the steady flow of alcohol. After all, drinking and gambling have traditionally gone hand-in-hand. But the truth of the matter is that alcohol addles the brain. And in order to make the correct betting and strategy decisions in poker tournaments, you need to be on the ball and sharp. That’s why gambling drunk is a very bad idea. Alcohol stops you from making sensible and logical decisions. As such, it’s a surefire way to see your bankroll depleted to nothing after just a couple of hands.

The story is no different if you’re playing at home. It might seem a comfort to have a few beers whilst you’re playing on your mobile device. OK, we’re not saying that you shouldn’t drink at all. But we are saying that you should be very wary of taking any alcohol. The truth of the matter is that your hard-earned cash, in the form of your bankroll, does not mix well with alcohol. It’s quite possible to play through a few thousand dollars when you’re playing online poker tournaments. If you do enjoy having a drink whilst you’re playing poker, just stick to one or two. This will allows you to continue to make better calls at the poker table. As such, this is all part of gambling responsibly

Avoid Tilt

It’s possible to tilt at an online casino in exactly the same manner as it’s possible at a brick-and-mortar one. Essentially, this is the emotional frustration and confusion that will cause you to lose concentration. As such, this will completely throw you off your game. This will result in responsible and reasonable decisions being ignored. Playing strategies will be thrown out the window. And worst of all, you will become more aggressive towards other players, towards yourself and towards the nature of your betting. Keep in mind that your inability to maintain a cool head will quickly be spotted by other players. In a poker tournament, this is a sign of weakness. Other players will exploit it to the fullest extent.

poker face

No matter how good or how bad things are going at the poker table, you must away stay calm. Try to maintain the mythical “poker face.” It’s important that you don’t let a losing streak ruin your gameplay. Of course, if you’re playing via your mobile device, then try and keep your gameplay even. Though other players cannot see your face, some are able to discern your emotional level through your smooth or erratic playing style.

Getting The Best From Online Poker Tournaments

Here at, we love online poker tournaments. After all, it’s an exciting way to pass some time. And there’s always a possibility to win some money. But if you’ve only played poker around the kitchen table with your friends, then you may be in for a shock when you join an online poker tournament. After all, you’re going to be head-to-head with much more experienced and aggressive players. The competition is fierce. That’s why we recommend you take note of the above tips. Utilise them as a cushion to help you transition from amateur kitchen player to online tournament champion.

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