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Can You Play Online Slots Professionally?

Most gamblers are happy to gamble at a recreational level. Many simply view gambling as a bit of fun, in the same way, that you might look at it as a hobby. But there is a small subset of gamblers who dream of being able to play online slots and other casino games. Many look to the game of poker as this doesn’t have a built-in house edge. That’s because, as a jackpot poker player, you’re not trying to win money from the casino, but from other players. This makes it a completely different form of gambling from the vast majority of casino games.

You can also find those who believe that it’s perfectly possible to make a decent living playing blackjack. They spend their time studying jackpot winning strategies, learning how to count cards and looking for a sloppy dealer. To be honest, there are blackjack players who are able to make a living from it. Likewise, there are a few sports bettors who are also able to make enough money to live well and continue gambling.

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What Casino Games Can You Play For A Living?

You find that there are some players who claim to make money by playing craps and using dice control. This is utter b******* and it’s obvious that they are trying to sell books and courses. In fact, the reason they sell their secrets is simply that they don’t work. After all, if you had a secret strategy that made you good money at the casino games table, the last thing you would do is share it with anybody.

You can even find professional players who claim they make a good living by playing slots, roulette or baccarat. Though the slots are by far the most popular game in the casino, they, as with all the previous games we’ve mentioned, rely totally on luck. Yet still, the question persists; is it possible to make a living playing the slots online?

The Hard Truth Of Playing Online Slots For A Living

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Before we dive into this question, we should specify what we mean by “making a living.” Some people get by on $25,000 a year. Others need 50,000 and some need at least 100,000 a year. So before you start, you determine exactly how much a person needs to make each year in order to qualify as making a living from gambling.

There are a number of different factors to consider. But the major ones are as follows;

  • Where you live
  • How many people that you have to support, like a spouse and children
  • Lifestyle expenses
  • How much debt you have

Now we’ve established a living wage, we should state that it’s impossible to make a living from playing slots. You need to be very wealthy, to begin with. That’s because with many slots games you’ll be losing over the long run. It’s much easier to lose $10,000 a week than win it. All slots players will eventually lose their bankroll when playing the slots. Once in a while, you read in the media about some lucky player who managed to land a progressive jackpot at a casino like Bovada Casino. But if you consider the sheer number of people that play slots every minute of every hour of every day, then the winners represent only a teeny-tiny proportion of the total number of players.

Play Online Slots: Getting Paid

When it comes to making money, it’s not the player who will see a return on their investment. But rather the casino itself. Every machine on the gaming floor is pre-programmed to pay back a certain percentage of all the money wagered by gamblers. With the rest going to the casino. This sum that the casino receives is known as the “return to player,“(RTP), “payback percentage” or the “house edge.”

The RTP is the percentage of all bets returned to the player through wins from playing the slot machine. So if a slot payback percentage of 95%, it means that on average, it gives back $95 of every $100 bet by the gambler. Looking at this from the casino’s point of view, it means that the casino gains a $5 profit. This means to say that the house edge is 5%. By adding the payback percentage and the house edge together, they always equal 100%. 

How to Use Payback Percentage and the House Edge


You can use these numbers to predict how much you might win or lose over your gambling session. Of course, for this your need to have a good idea of how much you going to be betting per hour. The main takeaway here is that the house edge acts in favour of the casino. As a matter of course, all gamblers are on a constant lookout for strategies and jackpot winning tips and tricks that will lower the house edge. And therefore increase the possibility of winning.

When it comes to slot machines, the majority of them have a return to player of between 90% to 98%. Thus the casino makes between 2% and 10% of every dollar you spend. Or, to put it another way, you will lose between 2% and 10% every time you play.

When we talked about the house edge or the return to player, in the short-term both of these numbers will vary considerably. That’s because they’re average. One which is taken over many thousands of spins. So you probably want to know how is it possible for a gambler to overcome this built-in house edge. The truth of the matter is that you can’t. That’s the reason why it’s virtually impossible to make a living from playing the online slots.

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Finding the PayBack Percentage of Slots

Another question you probably have is how do you find out what the payback percentage or house edge is for any slot machine you’re playing? Now, if you were playing any other games at the casino, it would be relatively easy to discover these numbers. In fact, a quick internet search will tell you everything you needed to know. But the problem with slots is that this information isn’t easy to find.

There are lots of variables involved in the programs running in the background of slot machines. To determine the house edge and payback percentage you need access to the program itself. You’ll also find that different machines may offer different payback percentages depending on the machine’s manufacturer. This way the casino can order machines with the payment they require. Now it goes without saying, but if you want the best chance of making money from slots, then you need to find a machine that offers the lowest house edge. These would have the highest return-to-player rates. In some ways, they offer you fewer obstacles to overcome on your way to some winnings.

Play Online Slots: The Bonuses


When it comes to playing at online casinos like Bovada Casino, especially if you’re a new player, then one of the first things you’ll notice is the generous bonuses and incentives given out by online casinos. Here at, we suggest that before you dive in and grab these, you look at the bonus terms and conditions. These often include hoops you’ll need to jump through before you are able to cash out any money. Though these terms will differ in detail from casino to casino, there are some common themes.

Some of these bonuses can be cashed out and will be deducted from your balance the moment you make a withdrawal request. Others can be cashed out eventually. When accepting any online bonuses, it’s important to keep in mind that you will have to meet certain requirements. These are known as playthrough or wagering requirements.

What Are Casino Bonus Play-Through Requirements?

Simply put, wagering requirements are the number of bets you have to make with your own money, to clear the bonus so that you can play with it. That’s right, you have to continue spending your own money before you can touch the bonus amount. And these are not small numbers. The vast majority of online slots require you to bet multiples between 25x or 50x the whole bonus amount before you’re able to consider cashing out. The same often goes for any winnings that come from your slot playing.

Conclusion: Play Online Slots For A Living

Without a doubt, being able to play online slots makes it one of the most popular casino pastimes in the world. After all, slot machines offer a fun way to pass some time. Furthermore, there’s always the possibility of landing some huge life-altering payments. More especially if you play the progressive jackpot slots. But if you’re thinking about trying to make a living by playing the slots, then you’re going to be in for a very hard time.

It’s true that you can read about some lucky players who have scored big. But luck is not a strategy. Though you may be able to put yourself in a position where you can be luckier, that will not work with slot machines. These are simply single-action machines. You put in the money, cross your fingers, hit the spin button and hope for a result. To that end, we suggest you stick with your day job.

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