Playtech blackjack

Top Playtech Blackjack Strategies 

If you’re a regular casino gambler then you’ll know that blackjack is by far one of the favourite games for all gamblers and casinos. Though the game itself does require some luck, there is a lot of room for basic strategy and skill. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional, regular or casual player, there’s always a good possibility of taking home some winnings. You’ll find that many of today’s top software providers have released a number of different variations of casino blackjack. One of these is Playtech. Here at, Playtech is one of our favourite games developers. So we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at how you can improve your blackjack strategy when playing at the top Playtech blackjack casino sites.

Before we begin, we should point out that all casinos are businesses and they need to turn a profit. So keep in mind that players cannot possibly win all the time. That’s the real purpose of the house edge. It’s to ensure that gambling operators can carry on offering their services.  On the whole, the ultimate goal of any casino is to encourage a player to keep playing for the long term. Remember that the house edge is a small percentage. So the casinos make their profits over the course of long periods of time.

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Check The Casino’s Licence

When you are gambling online then there are many regulations, laws and systems that are in place to help ensure both your safety and security. All online operators with a reputable gaming licence must comply with those rules and regulations set out within the licence requirements. That’s why we always recommend a player only stick with a reputable online casino like Bet365 Casino, with a licence from the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority. Likewise, please take the time to read through the casino’s website terms and conditions before placing any bets.

Playtech Blackjack Strategy


With the casino game of blackjack strategy does matter. To improve your winning chances you will need to make use of viable blackjack jackpot winning strategies. To this and you’ll see that many players will rely on a blackjack strategy chart. This helps some to evaluate the risk involved with winning or losing. It’s important that you have the correct blackjack chart and it’s vital that you understand the value of your cards. It’s equally important that when you look at the dealer’s cards, you’re able to evaluate the risk of standing or hitting. And these decisions need to be made quickly and on the fly.

It’s a good idea to simply sit and observe what the other players are doing. This will help you understand exactly where mistakes are made. These can be very costly. For example, you don’t really want to be splitting the 10’s, standing on a soft 17 or opting for insurance.

Playtech Blackjack RTP Rates

Probably the first question that most gamblers have is does Playtech offer a version of blackjack with a high RTP?  We’re happy to report that the answer is a resounding, yes! Having spent some time going through their jackpot games portfolio, we discovered that the following versions of Playtech blackjack offer some of the highest RTPs across the whole online gambling industry.

  • Blackjack Switch               RTP: 99.92%
  • Pontoon                              RTP: 99.66%
  • Blackjack Surrender        RTP: 99.66%
  • Cashback Blackjack         RTP: 99.55%
  • Perfect Pairs Blackjack   RTP: 99.51%
  • 21 Duel Blackjack             RTP: 98.38%

Keep in mind that the exact RTP could vary considerably depending on the blackjack variation you’re playing, as well as your individual playing strategies. But having said that, the most common RTP rates to be found at most online casinos will be around 99%. Nevertheless, having a decent strategy could seriously help increase your jackpot winning chances. 

Top Playtech Blackjack Games


With Playtech being one of the largest games developers in the online casino space, it’s not surprising that they have a massive number of all types of casino games in their casino gaming portfolio. They have a number of different blackjack variations. Here at, we would recommend sticking with either blackjack switch or blackjack surrender. This will help increase your jackpot winning chances. Especially if you’re a low stakes player or just beginning your gambling journey.

Blackjack Switch – RTP 99.92%

Blackjacks Switch is, without doubt, one of the most popular variations of the table game to be found at any Playtech casino. It was created by Geoff Hall in 2009 as a means of escaping from the traditional blackjack rules. Of all of Playtech’s blackjack variations, blackjack switch offers the highest RTP rate. There’s also a card swap feature that allows the player to optimise their starting hand.

  • 📛 Name:               Blackjack Switch
  • 💰 RTP:                         99.92%
  • 🃏 Number of Decks:   6
  • 🤵 Dealer Rule:           Hit on Soft 17
  • ✖️ Double on Any:      2 Cards
  • 🏳️ Surrender:              No
  • 💲 Side Bets:               Yes

One reason why this game is so popular with online players is that the stunning graphics translate so well over any mobile device. In fact, that’s why they can be found at many of the top Playtech mobile casino sites. Thanks to the sheer convenience of playing on your portable device, then it’s easy to place bets from wherever you are. 

Blackjack Surrender – RTP 99.65%

Blackjack Surrender can only be found at Playtech casinos. This variation of the traditional game allows you to surrender a poor hand. After doing so, you will have half your initial wager returned to you. This allows you to keep playing for much longer and is a great means of looking after your bankroll. Likewise, their surrender variation enjoys a very high RTP% rate as well. As with all Playtech table games, you’ll find the graphics to be sleek and totally immersive. The game also features a great set of in-play features, such as multi-hand bets.

  • 📛 Name:                Blackjack Surrender
  • 💰 RTP:                         99.65%
  • 🃏 Number of Decks:   6
  • 🤵 Dealer Rule:           Stand on Soft 17
  • ✖️ Double on Any:      2 Cards
  • 🏳️ Surrender:              Yes
  • 💲 Side Bets:                No

Playtech’s blackjack surrender is a blackjack game that seems to have it all. The special features appear to have been designed to give players a better chance as is the high RTP.  This makes this variation of blackjack one of the go-to games for many online blackjack players. Because of this, you’ll find demand for tablespace at a blackjack surrender game to be very high. This in turn means that virtually all reputable online casinos will be offering it.

Standard Set of Playtech Blackjack Rules


For the sake of this brief article, we won’t be able to go into all the rules that Playtech blackjack games operate under. Nevertheless, once you learn the rules, then you’ll see that they are also responsible for making the game such a favourite with all blackjack players.  Many of their games come with a number of exclusive features such as liberal doubling and splitting, late surrender and peeling. head over to Bet365 Casino to try out Playtech’s versions of blackjack. They also have great live dealer blackjack games for an even better and more immersive playing experience. 

Playtech Blackjack Rules

Furthermore, by playing Playtech blackjack games, you’ll discover that most of the virtual dealers will hit on a soft 17. Also, all the games are played with multiple decks. There may well be certain conditions in which you can draw a 7, or even more cards, in blackjack.  Then we have the rare “Charlie Rule” which means that you will have an automatic win if you manage to draw 7 cards. Providing you don’t go bust during the process. Keep in mind that all these rules don’t apply across all of Playtech’s blackjack games.

Once again, we suggest that you read through the terms and conditions of the website you’ve chosen to play on before you place any bets. Once you are happy with the site in question, then go ahead and make use of your blackjack knowledge and strategies. When playing at Playtech’s blackjack casinos, these can only help increase your chances to win the jackpot online.

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