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How to Tell if a Fruit Machine Jackpot is Going to Pay Out

In the UK, the fruit machine is the go-to gambling device. You can find them in pubs, clubs and bookmakers throughout the land. What’s interesting about fruit machines is that you can actually influence the possibility of earning some winnings. Compared to online slots, where every spin is random, with the fruit machine jackpot, using some tricks you can actually tell when it’s going to payout. Sometimes you’ll be sitting in a pub and will notice that just one or two players appear to be able to win at the fruit machine time after time. Well, the chances are that they have the know-how we’re about to depart to you. 

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Are Online Slots and Fruit Machines the Same?

Fruit machines and online jackpot slots do share a lot of similarities. For example, they both have matching symbols and win lines, helping you to win various sums of money. You can also change the amount that you wager with both of these machines. On the whole, the higher the amount you bet, the bigger the possible return. There are feature boards on both of these types of gambling entities. And in truth, it’s these bonus games that the players are most after. Mini-games built within the machine can help the player win some serious amounts of cash.

One of the major differences between online slots and fruit machines is that with the former, it’s possible to win literally millions of pounds. While with the latter, the fruit machine jackpot maximum prize is normally around £500. If you go to King Billy Casino, you find a massive selection of online slots, some with huge progressive jackpots.

Online Slots vs Fruit Machines

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Now we’ll deal with the common aspects between online and offline slot machines. There are some very big differences we should mention. For example, when playing online slots each and every spin is determined by a random number generator. As its name suggests, this ensures that every spin is random. But in the fruit machine, there is no random number generator. Yes, there’s still a computer chip in the fruit machine. But the amount of money actually in the float will have a bigger impact on the eventual payout. 

One of the biggest practical differences between these two types of gambling devices is that the fruit machine will often let you know beforehand when it’s about to payout. Many experienced players are able to predict with some accuracy when the machine will spree. By finding these hidden cheats, your chances of winning increase. So you should keep an eye open. Spotting them is a sign the machine is ready to drop some cash into your lap.

Tricks for How to Know When a Fruit Machine Jackpot Will Pay Out

When you ask any slot player who has been playing for a number of years, they will give you one of any number of tricks. By utilizing these jackpot winning strategies, they will swear they can tell when the machine is ready to payout. We should preface this by saying that we believe there is no guarantee of success when you play on fruit machines. Veteran players may swear by these tricks. We are not necessarily swayed into believing them. Nevertheless, here are the claimed top tricks that will let you know when a fruit machine jackpot is ready to pay out;

  • Backing – Listen where the coins drop
  • Hawking – Watch other players
  • Refill Keys – See the hopper balance



Listen carefully when you drop the coin into the coin hopper at the front of the machine. You’ll hear if it falls into the back of the machine, and land in the overflow cash collector. This is an indication that the coin tubes are full, and therefore ready to increase your jackpot winning chances, as the machine is more likely to spree.


This is, on the face of it, a rather sneaky method of increasing the possibility that you get a payout. The idea here is that a single player may put a great deal of coinage into a machine and yet not win anything. This means that the machine is more ready to pay out at a given moment. If you were to jump in and play the machine at that moment, then the probable odds are going to be higher for you. According to regular fruit machine players, hawking is highly frowned upon. For example, if a player has been playing continuously for a few hours and then leaves the machine in order to get more change, expect some serious confrontation if you decide to jump in at that moment.

Refill Keys

You can find out an awful lot of information about the state of a fruit machine’s ability to pay out by getting your hands on a refill key. This is generally for use by the fruit machine engineer or the landlord of the establishment, in order to top-up a fruit machine that’s running low on coinage. Once you insert the key, it will display on the front of the machine, a lot of relevant information including the bank total, the date of the last win, and most importantly, the hopper balance. A low balance indicates that the machine has paid out recently and so a big win is highly unlikely soon. But a full hopper is a sign that the machine is likely to spree. We really don’t recommend getting caught using a refill key!

Hidden Features That Tell You When a Fruit Machine Jackpot Will Pay Out

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When fruit machines leave the factory, they are programmed by the manufacturer with various codes that will change the display in subtle ways to alert a test engineer how the machine mechanics are functioning. Knowing these tell-tale signs can give you an advantage. Careful observation of these will let you know when the slot is about to payout. We’ve listed some of these features below. Though we have labelled them cheats, we can’t really call them that in earnest, simply because the manufacturer has placed them there. They are really just some jackpot winning tips and tricks. Note that by using them, your mileage may vary.

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Hold After Nudge Cheat

This is one of the easiest cheats to master. If you’re short of getting three symbols to match up, then by nudging at two symbols, the machine will instantly offer you the chance to hold. Whatever you do, don’t hold. Just press start and then you will receive a 3 in a row and the fruit machine jackpot winnings that come from it.

Hold After Win Cheat


This is a subtle cheat that is often missed by players simply because they’re in a busy environment. Directly after a win, you may see the whole three main hold buttons subtly flash. In which case you should press all three hold buttons together which will give you a spin and lead to a repeat. When we say “subtle flash”, we mean really subtle. The lights will only light up for but a fraction of a second. As a general rule, we suggest that even if you don’t see a flash, you should always hold all three buttons after winning, just in case.

Hold Three Times Cheat

More often than not, you’ll be facing two symbols, and yet the winning third symbol will fail to drop. It happens time and again and can be very frustrating. But whatever you do, don’t give up. Most fruit machines are programmed so that if they offer a hold on two identical symbols three times, then for the next you’re guaranteed to win a fruit machine jackpot.

Spare Button Cheat

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On many fruit machines, you’ll see on the left-hand side, a spare button that appears to have no function. It features the manufacturer’s logo and if you happen to depress it during gameplay, absolutely nothing happens. But it does have a function. But you’ll need to be extra quick to catch it. Whenever you see it flash, for even just a fraction of a second, then you should press it. You’ll receive a reward of a free spin or the launch of another feature, including a mini-game.

Jackpot Cheat

If you happen to be playing on a feature and notice the top graphic of the machine goes red from its normal colour, then this means that a jackpot is about to spree. But you need to hit the gamble feature as opposed to the collect feature. Do this and you’re guaranteed a nice fruit machine jackpot reward.

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