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Betting Tips on League of Legends

Later this year the biggest-ever League of Legends tournament will take place, probably in November. As you can imagine, there’s a huge amount of leagues and qualifiers taking place in the lead-up, as that will take teams towards this huge showpiece competition playing the Riot Games offering. What a lot of the general public fail to realise, is that there are League of Legends professional players. These ESports guys make a living from playing video games. Many are sponsored by companies interested in selling products to a mainly teen-based market of fans. Another aspect of the games being professional means that you are able to bet on outcomes through regular sportsbooks.

With that in mind let’s have a look to see if we can find any tips or tricks that will help you be a successful League of Legends gambler the next time you venture into Runeterra.

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League of Legends – Make Use of Liquipedia

First thing’s first, you should realise that there are an awful lot of League of Legends teams playing on the pro-circuit. If you’re a hardcore fan then you probably will already know the names of the top teams after being familiar with their names over the last few years. But having said that, it can sometimes be tough to remember the names of all the tier-1 teams. Your best bet for a refresher is to go to Liquipedia. This has a substantial and contemporary Wiki page on League of Legends. Another means is to do a search about League of Legends using Google search. Remember to  follow your search query with the word “Liquipedia.”

We suggest that if you are thinking of doing any League of Legends betting, then Liquipedia should be your first stop. Using this you should familiarise yourself with all aspects of League of Legends. One thing you’ll notice on the Wiki page is that all the teams will have arrows pointing upwards (green) or pointing downwards (red), which are an indication of the current team’s performance.

Pay Close Attention at The Drafting Phase

video games

DOTA 2 will have some flexibility in the roles you can find. But you’ll not find the same with League of Legends. One of the things you should pay attention to is the drafting phase. This should be one of your jackpot winning strategies. A lot that will transpire later, will come from decisions made at this stage, such as which up and coming stars will be chosen. Essentially, your game plan will mostly be based on the team composition decided at the drafting stage. Often it’s only at the tournament stage, as teams have been eliminated, that they will reveal the secret strategies that they worked on in workshops for months. By paying attention to the drafting phase, it’s an opportunity to find risk-to-reward-ratio-bets that favour winners.

Line-Shopping is Important

When betting on sportsbooks always keep in mind that they are in the business of making money, not acting as a charity. The bookmaker’s odds that you see this point are not for you, but for the bookmaker first and foremost. Betting lines tend to change like the weather depending on whether the bookmaker feels his returns are going to be large enough. That’s why you should always treat betting lines as both flexible and not as the gospel truth. On the whole, they do get pretty close to the likelihood of an event happening. But the betting is not about an outcome but rather more about the payment you can expect to receive back from your original wager.

That’s why we recommend you should always go line-shopping against your wager. This means comparing the lines i.e. the odds from different sportsbooks and bookmakers platforms and then go with the one you think will be most profitable. For League of Legends betting, we like to use 22Bet Sportsbook. Not only do they also have betting markets on other video games, but also offer all new players a tasty welcome bonus of 122% up to €100!

Take Control of Bankroll Management

Bankroll Management

All forms of gambling and sports betting have their own inherited risk. After all, that’s what it’s called “gambling.”  It matters little whether you’re playing at the casino jackpot games table, esports betting, or League of Legends betting, the most important aspect of the whole activity is that you manage your bankroll properly. This is key as to whether you have a good time or not. As a rule, always begin your session with a strict betting budget. It’s essential that you never ever exceed 1 – 2% of this budget per wager. Yes, we understand you are surrounded by value bets, all designed to tempt you to spend more. In fact, the bookmaker would be happiest if you went all in, all the time.

Don’t fall for these tricks because that’s all they are. A carefully constructed methodology designed to part you from your cash. By managing your bankroll correctly, you will never go into the red. Good bankroll management is probably the best means to increase your jackpot winning chances. Remember never wager, or play with more than you can afford to lose at any time.

League of Legends Knowledge is Essential

When you first start to play League of Legends, you’ll see that it’s a simple game to get the hang of. It’s known to have a beginner-friendly reputation. Many say that it is a more casual version of Dota 2, which is probably its closest rival on the MOBA market. Nevertheless, there is a massive skill ceiling. This is essentially what allows the whole competitive scene to thrive. On the other hand, you don’t need to be a Shaolin Monk level game master in order to play. Simply knowing the basic ins and outs of the general gameplay will be enough to get you started. If your knowledge base is just very general, then beware that you will be at the mercy of the bookmaker. They rely on punters with only general knowledge to make bank.

It’s important to note that you are betting to try and make money from your wagers. Betting with only a small amount of knowledge is almost the same as betting blindly. This is not something we can recommend. But we can recommend heading over to 22Bet Sportsbook for the best League of Legends gambling experience.

Keep Your Expectations in Check

league of legends

Scratch the surface of the League of Legends community and you find the majority of players are actually just a casual bunch of gamers. The vast majority of them will have zero experience with ESports betting. Due to a combination of both ignorance and optimism, they tend to have a false expectation as to how successful they will be. To make money on sports betting takes a long time. Most professional sports bettors who are betting on, for example, the horses, only make a tiny amount for each wager. But over the course of a week or month, it all adds up to be a substantial sum. If you’re a non-professional gambler, then even if you’re successful, you will only win just over half of all your wages. And then the bookmaker takes his cut or juice.

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League of Legends Research is The Key

As with all things in life, knowledge is key. And knowledge requires a lot of research. To win in sports betting you really need to learn and understand the game better than the bookmaker himself. Not only that, but you need to be able to spot trends. Which means being able to pick them for their effects on tomorrow’s game. It’s this ability to read the future based on today’s and yesterday’s history that will set you apart as a sport better. And help you actually bring some winnings home. We suggest that one of the best jackpot winning tips and tricks is that you spend some time watching how the pro teams play. 

Realistic Expectations Please

At the end of the day what year betting on League of Legends or on casino table games it’s important that you always keep your expectations in check. Keep in mind that it is perfectly normal to lose many wages early on in the game. Especially if you’re a beginner bettor. The important thing is to keep learning. Learn from the gameplay, from your mistakes, and your victories. Continuous learning is the one factor that will help you make a profit after League of Legends.

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