gambling discipline

Introduction: Gambling Discipline

To be brutally honest, the truth about gambling is that the vast majority of gamblers will lose their money. This hard fact is not designed to look at gambling from a pessimistic perspective, it is just to point out and acknowledge the reality of playing casino jackpot games or wagering on sports. When it comes to dealing with money matters, it’s much better to look at things in a practical manner, than just relying on your dreams or fantasies.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or a professional gambler, your intention of turning a profit will depend on luck and has very little to do with skill, in spite of what you will hear from casino players. You will recognise this because, sooner or later, everyone’s luck runs out and you’ll notice that at the same time their bankroll has run down to nothing. But you may well ask, are there not professional gamblers who make a decent living playing casino games? And you’d be right, there certainly are, but they are a different breed altogether from the regular gambler you might meet at the casino or online.

When we talk about a gambler being successful, we suppose we should try and define our terms. So what is success at gambling? We like to think that means a person who is able to control their finances, whilst at the same time enjoying themselves, whilst they can afford to do so. One quality that they have in spades, that is sadly missing from the majority of gamblers, is the ability to have self-control. And it’s this gambling discipline that allows them to win more.

So What is Gambling Discipline?

We should start by recognising that every gambler has a different approach and different attitude towards their own gambling. But to have any sort of success at the games table, your approach to gambling must be underpinned with reason and logic, and most importantly, a sense of gambling discipline. If you lack any of these three qualities during gameplay, then we’re afraid you will be on the end of a losing streak. And no matter how hard you try to make a comeback, you will continue with your losses.

So we strongly suggest that you set yourself a series of ground rules before you start betting, in order to maintain a sense of gambling discipline and control over your betting habits. If you’re a  successful gambler then this will increase your jackpot winning chances. Let’s look at several characteristics that can help lead you towards winning. Some of these are as follows.

gambling discipline
Stay calm

Gambling Discipline: No Expectation to Win

To properly understand how gambling works, then the next time you’re in Las Vegas take a look around at some of the mega-casinos and equally mega-resorts that line the streets. All these and more are paid for by gamblers losses every single day. Though it may be true that a tiny minority are able to find a long-term profit through their gambling activities, for the vast majority this is not the case at all. Far from it, their default setting is to go to the casino every week and simply lose hand over fist.

So there is a basic problem if you go to the best casino site to play, with an expectation to emerge as a winner. Your assumption is simply wrong-headed. In other words, by thinking this way you are setting yourself up for failure. Having any winnings at the casino is never guaranteed. The advanced gambler already knows that the deck is stacked against him. But he’s looking for long-term profit as he knows in the short-term it’s impossible to make money. It’s boring, time-consuming, and a drag.

In fact, it’s called the “grind” for a reason, in that when you are grinding, you are working very hard, often making less money than if you were flipping burgers in the local burger joint. Another factor that an expert gambler keeps in mind, is that ultimately gambling is not a reliable source of income, but is a great source of entertainment, providing you have enough gambling discipline.

Gambling Discipline: Prioritise Bankroll Management

Unfortunately, bankroll management doesn’t sound particularly sexy or thrilling. But it should be considered mandatory that before you enter a casino, whether online or off, that you have your bankroll in order. This is much easier to do than you probably realise. But once again it will take gambling discipline to ensure that you stick within the self-imposed boundaries you set.

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The bottom line which you’ve probably heard time and time again is that you should never wager more money than you can possibly afford to lose. There’s a reason that this is the most commonly heard advice, as it’s the foundation of sensible gambling. Also, it’s because not controlling your own spending of money, that you should never have earmarked for gambling, is the largest problem for gamblers everywhere. The gambler needs to imagine that every single bet he is placing will end up in the bank of the casino, not in winnings going to his own pockets. So if you bet $50 then you need to be certain that it is $50 you can afford to lose.

Mind you, if you go over to King Billy Casino, they have a welcome offer for new customers of 151% up to €/$500 + 51 Bonus Spins! The real test is whether you can walk away from the gaming tables at the end of the night and smile, even though you have lost your whole bankroll. We suggest a good idea is to pre-plan your casino spending. Whatever your daily, weekly, or monthly spend, having your gambling allocation already sorted before you go to the casino is going to make life much easier. But once again, it comes down to gambling discipline. 

gambling discipline
Bankroll management is the most important

Gambling Discipline: Stop Wasting Your Winnings

This form of behaviour whereby you simply re-bet with all your winnings is the mark of someone who is financially easy come easy go. But it is certainly not a sign of financial responsibility. Imagine you start your gambling evening with £100 and within an hour have £1,000. So what do you do? Well, if you’re like many gamblers, you will squander all the money you have won by making new bets, most probably on awful scenarios you would not normally risk your own money on. We see this behaviour over and over again. And it makes the baby Jesus sad.

Being able to deal with wins is as important as how well you deal with losses. One would imagine that coping with winning is the easiest thing in the world. But a lack of gambling discipline will quickly see those monies disappear with the rest of your bankroll. Yes, we know that the money literally fell from the sky and is very tempting to make silly bets with those winnings. But perhaps when you look back on the evening, you will regret the fact that you didn’t keep at least some small amount of money back for other things, apart from gambling.

Gambling Discipline: Check Your Emotions At The Door

In the movies we see the stoic movie star keeping an impossibly cool head under intense pressure at the gaming table. Sadly, the reality is rather more mundane and painful to watch. Many gamblers, particularly those with zero gambling discipline who are gambling for the first time, are inclined to let their emotions become their worst enemy. Basing your playing decisions on a “gut-feeling” is one of the worst wrong decisions you can make in the casino. Play a few rounds at our favourite casino, King Billy Casino to practice keeping a lid on your emotions.

Casino games are about numbers. They are about statistics and logic. And a good dose of rational thinking. You can think of the casino as a mathematical adventure. There are basic strategies and mathematical formulas to calculate the odds, the return to player, and the volatility of games. Overloaded emotions will simply cloud your judgement and you will be unable to calculate the numbers in order to see your probability of winning. This isn’t the path to responsible gambling either. 

Of course, we understand that gambling with real money can be very emotional indeed, and emotions are in a sense part and parcel of the whole casino experience. But do try harder to keep them in check, otherwise, you’ll have a terrible time, both financially and emotionally. Having good control of your own emotions is proof of strong willpower and gambling discipline. 

gambling discipline
Stay true

Gambling Discipline: Learn The Rules

This sounds like a total no-brainer but you might be surprised as to how many people lack gambling discipline and approach a new casino game without the slightest idea of how it’s played. Of course, with practice and after playing a few rounds you may understand a little more. But we would suggest a small amount of knowledge can be a dangerous thing, and if you’re betting with your own money on the basis of a tiny amount of information, then you could well be in for a very bad time.

That’s why it’s so important to not only understand the rules but also the basic strategy of gameplay. All the related jackpot winning tips and tricks should be common knowledge to you. Then there are such factors as the pay structures, the odds associated with different bets, and so on. Whereas sports betting there are an equal number of numbers and formulas to learn in order to have a chance of beating the system. But once you know some background on the teams who are playing and their records, you will be able to make a much more informed decision and have a better chance of coming out on top. But remember, even with gambling discipline, that nothing is guaranteed.

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