Las Vegas on a budget
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Las Vegas On a Budget

Maybe the city of Las Vegas has more dreamers per capita than any other city in the world. After all, hundreds of thousands of people flock every year to try and make a fortune. They all come dreaming of leaving the city much better off than when they arrived. The idea that you can turn your fortune around with the single turn of a card or roll of a dice is very tempting. We bet there’s not a gambler in any casino within the city limits who doesn’t have that dream in the back of their mind. For those who roll up and already are well off, then Las Vegas offers a city without limits. But what about those who have to do Las Vegas on a budget?

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Let’s suppose a keen gambler who wants to visit the City The Never Sleeps but has only limited funds. The real question is; is it possible to have a great time in Sin City without having to spend a fortune? Can you have a great time in Las Vegas on a budget as a low roller? If you want to visit the best casinos to win the jackpot, but don’t have the deepest pockets, are there still possibilities for you to leave the city richer than when you arrived? The simple answer is; yes it is!

Don’t Be Fooled by The Bright Lights

Las Vegas on a budget

Las Vegas bills itself as a city of glitz and glamour, that never sleeps. All the promotional publicity shows winners living their winning lifestyle. This creates the impression that the city is very expensive. And that there’s no point in turning up with anything less than a full wallet or fully loaded credit card for your bankroll. But this is a false image. Of course, if you turn up with millions of dollars, there are many facilities where you can spend that money within just a few hours in a single evening. But that certainly doesn’t mean that the average punter, with an average-sized bankroll, can’t enjoy the city to its fullest.

To that end, here at, we’ve compiled a list of useful factors and tips that might help you if you are thinking about hitting Sin City but on a shoestring. Nevertheless, you still want to have an amazing and memorable time even though you’re a low roller doing Las Vegas on a budget.

Time Your Vegas Trip Strategically

Although it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Sin City also has its own quiet seasons and busy periods. What’s interesting about Las Vegas is that its busiest season tends to be when the rest of the world is at its most quiet. On the whole, you’ll find that July and August tend to be the quietest and cheapest parts of the year. You can blame the Las Vegas summer heat for this. After all, the city is situated in the middle of a desert.

On the other hand, you want to find yourself in a nice air-conditioned hotel with a pool. Then you can spend your days enjoying the sun. And enjoy your evenings in the cool of the casino. At the other end of the calendar, you could also consider making a trip during mid-December when the Winter holidays mean that many people are at home.

Tip, Don’t Buy


As you well know by now here at we do not agree with any form of gambling whilst under the influence of alcohol. It befuddles the brain and stops the gambler from making logical and clear decisions. It’s a surefire way to lose a lot of money very quickly at the gaming table. But there is another side to this occasion. As a matter of fact, throughout America, alcoholic drinks in bars and clubs are extremely expensive. But at the casino, once you’re playing at the games table, drinks will be bought and placed at your elbow at regular intervals. It’s the same story if you’re playing jackpot slots. Now, the only variable in this equation is how much you choose to tip your waitress.

As if by some dark magic, the more you tip the better quality and the more frequent the drinks will come. With these casino comps, you can certainly save a lot of money. But just be wary about gambling when under the influence of alcohol.

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In Las Vegas on a Budget Take The Bus

Depending on where you’re situated in the United States, then the most practical means of getting to Las Vegas is by grabbing a cheap flight. But if you’re trying to save money then there’s nothing wrong with taking the bus. The reason for this is that Las Vegas has fantastic public transport, with lots of interconnections coming into the city. If you want to save even more money then you should search the internet for connections in the quieter seasons. Whilst you’re travelling there’s no better way to pass the time than by playing online at King Billy Casino. You can even get the whole casino experience by playing their live dealer games.

Compare Hotel Deals

Las Vegas on a budget

There’s no excuse for not finding some of the cheapest deals possible in Las Vegas. A simple Google search will find you everything you need. And let’s face it, if you’re going to be spending most of your time in a casino, then all you really want is a roof over your head and something to sleep on. Another way to find good deals is to look at the packages that are being offered by casinos, in that you can play at the casino and stay in the hotel. Las Vegas is packed with casino resorts offering every type of service. They don’t care where you’re from. Just as long as you’re going to be spending some cash. And that includes gamblers in Las Vegas on a budget.

By using all of these amenities, whether casino, hotel, and restaurant, under one roof, you will be able to secure a much much better price. Much better than if you had to factor in each one of these individually. Spend some time on the internet looking for special offers and package deals. These can save you a fortune in the long run. Which in turn leaves you with a bigger bankroll, thereby helping increase your jackpot winning chances

Get Social in Las Vegas on a Budget

The same goes for those of you who are going to travel to Las Vegas in a group. When you combine all your resources and reserve a hotel suite together, you’ll find yourself saving a huge amount of money over having individual rooms. Once again, you are here to gamble. How many of you are sleeping in a room is of no significance. When you’re not at the casino, you might want to check out King Billy Casino, as they have a massive selection of casino games as well as a huge welcome bonus for all new players. This is 151% up to €/$500 plus 51 bonus spins!

Don’t Book Ahead

As you well know, Las Vegas is very famous for its shows and experiences. These will often feature world-famous stars who will spend a whole season performing at just one casino. We suggest that you don’t make the mistake of making a booking ahead. Though it sounds counterintuitive, it can work out much better if you just show up, as there are always many empty seats. You’ll find that promoters are quite happy to literally give seats away as you approach the starting time of the show. No one likes to see empty seats. Especially the stars themselves.

Las Vegas on a Budget: Hit The Buffets


The buffets offered around Las Vegas are famous abroad. You’ll find a massive selection of different types of food from all over the world as well as alcoholic drinks. With these all-you-can-eat-buffets, you can eat until you burst. Also, you can find all the meals, from breakfast to dinner, in the form of buffets. We suggest you look around Las Vegas to find the best and cheapest. It’s true that at the larger, more luxurious hotels, you can pay a small fortune for a simple buffet meal. But there are plenty of other places where you can find great value for money.

Conclusion: Las Vegas On a Budget

Although it’s nice to feel like a high roller sometimes, the truth of the matter is that very few of us have that type of money to throw around. In some ways, it’s a double win if you’re able to go to Las Vegas, have a great time and not spend the children’s inheritance. Looking to save money on non-gambling things should be one of your jackpot winning strategies. Use the internet on your phone to find the best deals whilst you’re there. Then you’re certain to have a great time as well as a memorable experience.

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