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New Online Crypto Casinos 

Over the last decade or so cryptocurrencies have exploded worldwide. Yet, apart from believers in the “greater fool theory” and Ponzi schemes, Bitcoin has struggled to find its purpose in the modern financial world. So far its greatest use has been allowing criminals to launder their ill-gotten gains anonymously. Perhaps it’s this anonymous nature that has drawn online casinos and their customers to utilise cryptocurrencies for depositing funds into online crypto casinos.

After all, according to these players, the major advantage of utilising cryptocurrencies is the fact that they do not have to go through any traditional payment processes. These include such things as credit card companies or banks. As a result, your financial activities are kept to yourself. So the possibility of any personal or banking information being stolen is practically zero.

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Crypto Casinos Are Still A Bit Of A Mystery

When it comes to finding a new online crypto casino to play at, here at, we often suggest that potential customers should first look for online reviews. There are a huge number of gambling forums online. Here members of the public talk openly and freely about their experiences gambling across different online casinos. The same goes if you are looking for crypto casinos to win the jackpot. Many of these will be newer enterprises. More often than not, they are in locations outside of general jurisdictions, in offshore tax-free locations. This can make finding out information about them rather difficult. 

Online Crypto Casinos Sites From Around the World

Depending on where you’re situated in the world, casinos in your own location might often only accept players from the same jurisdictions. However, due to the anonymous nature of cryptocurrencies, you’ll find that cryptocurrency casinos are happy to accept players from anywhere in the world. To that end, you could be a gambler visiting online crypto casinos from the US or Canada. Or if you’re from a country that bans gambling and are using a VPN, you’ll find virtually all cryptocurrency casinos will be happy to take you on board.

Recent changes in the law have meant that UK players find it much more difficult to utilise their credit cards. In fact, e-wallets and pay-by-phone-bill options are presently the only way that UK players can make a deposit into an online casino account. As you can imagine, that makes cryptocurrencies a very tempting option. A quick Google Search will pull up hundreds of cryptocurrency casinos. Though take note that these are mainly lying amongst the Caribbean islands and in South American countries.

Safe Finances At New Online Crypto Casinos

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As with all online casinos like 22Bet Casino, it’s important that you recognise that not all online crypto casinos are the same when it comes to the security of your funds. So if you go with a reputable and recommended casino that accepts Bitcoin, then you will be 100 per cent safe. On the whole, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin and other tokens, are going to be accepted at the vast majority of cryptocurrency casinos as a form of peer-to-peer currency. The whole process is very simple. Because you’re sending funds directly from your crypto wallet into the merchant account. Even better, there is no middleman taking any fees in between.

Your Personal Details Are Safe

Unlike utilising traditional banking methods, your bank is not involved in a cryptocurrency transaction at all. Having said that, you may have to get your bank involved when you initially decide to purchase cryptocurrencies from a reputable exchange. Nevertheless, this has nothing to do with your online casino gambling. As a result, by making transactions with crypto, there are no personal or banking details to share. Or actually, anything else related to your financial dealings with the casino. Online hacking and phishing are very real things. So the more you can do to keep these opportunistic criminals at bay, the better will be your overall online experience.

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Crypto Games Selection

Every online casino will live or die by the gaming options they can give to new customers. The same goes for cryptocurrency casinos. Without a decent and varied array of slots and table games from leading software providers, they will struggle to hold onto both new and returning gamblers. As you are well aware, poor-quality games, which are slow to load, have awkward functionality, and keep freezing or dropping connections, are going to turn players away very quickly.

When you consider the huge number of excellent, immersive, and exciting games that are available at the vast majority of top online casinos, then it’s important to find online crypto casinos offering the same choices. It’s immaterial if you’re a lover of jackpot slots. Or traditional casino games like jackpot poker, baccarat, roulette, and blackjack. No matter what options you are looking to play, you should nevertheless always expect the best quality. We suggest you keep your eye out for games produced by the world’s biggest gaming companies. These include Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, Red Tiger Gaming, and Real Time Gaming, to name just a few.

Crypto Trading Pitfalls

With crypto, when we talked about the greater fool theory, we’re really talking about crypto trading. This is simply where you buy some crypto in the hope the price rises, and you can offload your stack to a sucker. Thus leaving you a profit before the price falls again. By nature, all cryptocurrencies are incredibly volatile. Though some early traders have become millionaires, those that follow have lost money, hand over fist. The bottom line is that crypto trading is not for the common man. So many young people, with fears for their future financial well-being, invest in cryptocurrencies after following social media influencers. This always ends very badly.

No Oversight Is A Dangerous Thing 


Remember that without any statutory limits or regulations with teeth, a cryptocurrency casino can simply disappear with your funds. Due to the anonymous nature of setting up your account, as well as the ownership structure of the online casino itself, you will have no means of chasing missing funds. Furthermore, should you win anything, you can be sure the cryptocurrency casino is thinking about closing your account over some invented minor infraction. Anything not to have to pay out. If you head over to YouTube, you can find many videos from unhappy players. They have seen vast amounts of money disappear into the ether. And all whilst playing at unregulated online crypto casinos.

Stick With Well Known Casino Brands

As of writing, you’ll find many of the major casino brands such as 22Bet Casino are happy to accept cryptocurrencies. We think that you’re better off sticking with these more traditional online casinos for the time being. Many of the newer specialist cryptocurrency casinos are offshore for a reason. It’s simply so they can hide their identity from you. Furthermore, should they steal from you, you have no legal recourse to retreive your funds. After all, they do not have a gambling licence from a reputable gaming authority. 

Whenever you gamble online, the most important aspect you should examine at any online casino is its license, and terms and conditions. A reputable licence tells you that the games are fair. After all, only by playing fair and random games can you ever hope to win the jackpot online. They ensure that your personal and banking details are secure and well away from prying eyes. You can also have faith that should you win anything, you will receive your winnings.

Fair and Transparent Online Casinos

Keep in mind that in order to secure a gambling licence, an online casino needs to jump through many regulatory hoops. They also have to put a lot of their own money on the line. Once they’ve received a licence, then they are under constant pressure to maintain it. All games are submitted to independent auditing organisations such as eCOGRA. Their job is to test the games to ensure that the results are random. Keep in mind that the vast majority of gamblers recognise that having a reputable gaming licence means the casino is trustworthy. It means that all players have protection and that the law is always on their side. 

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