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Spotting a Casino Cheat

There’s a good chance that if you scratch the majority of gamblers at the casino, you’ll find lurking under the surface, someone who’s quite happy to cheat a little bit, providing it tips the odds into their favour. The argument will probably be referenced to the fact that the “house always wins.” In other words, it could be argued that the casino is actually cheating customers out of their money. Some say they are correct because obviously, if the odds are stacked in favour of one party over another, then it cannot be realistically considered to be a fair and proper gaming balance.

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Nevertheless, when the gambler enters casinos to win the jackpot, he understands, acknowledges, and accepts that this is the way the world of casinos functions. There will be those players who genuinely believe they can beat the house with legitimate means. Then there are other players who think it’s perfectly correct to try and cheat the casino. In order to ensure they are both the player and end up the winner. Many of these types have spent years studying various technical factors around each game, be it poker or blackjack. Also, they take note of the way the casino is set up. Their idea is to somehow game the system. Be it the gameplay or the actual casino itself. They are perfectly happy to quietly and smoothly introduce their own questionable methods. Because you don’t really know what to look for, their cheating activities would fly straight over your head.

Is The Casino Cheat Really Your Business?

casino cheat

Assuming that you are the type of player who has a determination to stick to the rules, and isn’t afraid to put your dubious morals on the line, then what would you do if you come up against a gambler you suspect of cheating? It’s not really just about whether you should do something if you feel you’ve spotted a cheater. But closer to the point, and stepping back to take in the larger picture, you should ask yourself whether it’s your problem at all. And whether it’s your responsibility to actually call out a cheat.

Do The Right Thing

To be fair this is a very touchy subject. Whatever actions you take should really come down to personal opinions. Here we are pretty much in one mind when it comes to dealing with these people. There are two sides to every argument. So we thought it better to try and present both of them. This will help you make up your own mind should you find yourself ever in this position.

Yes – You Should Take Action Against The Casino Cheat

If being moral is your thing, perhaps the only acceptable action is that you do something for the greater good. But in the real world, that’s much easier said than done. The last thing you want is to put yourself into an unnecessary bother. To that end, there are really two approaches. The first is to directly approach the person you think is cheating. Of course, you need to be absolutely certain of your suspicions. When you approach someone in a casino, and even in the most roundabout way, accuse them of cheating, don’t expect the most friendly response. The reaction could range from butt-hurt to violence. And everything in between. 

The Casino Cheat: Talk to The Casino Staff


But if this direct approach freaks you out, there’s always the alternative. This is to approach a member of the casino’s staff. So if you’re going to take any action, then this is the most obvious solution. It’s not necessary for you to approach any gambler directly as the casino is chock-full of security cameras and other security deterrents. It’s up to the casino to conclude whether the gambler under scrutiny was using questionable methods. And they do this by looking through the security footage they have on him or her in order to make double sure of their suspicions. 

Being a Taddle-Tail

Another point to consider is that perhaps you don’t want to be outed as the tattle-tail. By approaching the pit boss or other casino management you are allowing yourself to remain totally anonymous. This means there’s less likely to be some rather unpleasant people waiting to have a less than friendly chat with you when you leave the casino late in the evening. So if you’re going to report someone you suspect of cheating then we suggest you do so as quietly and discreetly as you possibly can. Don’t draw attention to either yourself or to the gambler. After all, it’s quite possible that you’ve got things totally wrong! There’s a good chance they are using jackpot winning strategies you simply don’t understand.

No – You Shouldn’t Do a Thing About The Casino Cheat


Now, there is another school of thought which is that you should do nothing. There are a number of reasons why this is probably the best action to follow. First off, we’re going to take a guess that you have absolutely zero training or experience in actually spotting casino cheats. As a casual gambler, there’s a very good possibility that you may have simply come across an interesting playing style. One you’ve never seen before. And one that’s 1,000 miles away from actual cheating. Remember that most cheating in a casino it’s going to be incredibly difficult to detect. Because the penalties can be very severe, including prison time in some states. The fact that you’ll be able to spot these is going to be questionable. You’re at the casino to gamble. Other people cheating is not going to affect you or help increase your jackpot winning chances. So maybe leave other players alone. Maybe you’re better off playing online alone. Why not head over to 22Bet Casino. They are one of the biggest sites on the internet. Also, they give all new players a nice welcome bonus of 122% up to €300! And you can play in peace without worrying about casino chreats.

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The Casino is Already on The Case

In truth, if you’re able to pick up someone who’s cheating then there’s a very good chance that the casino has picked up as well, and long before you. You can be sure that the security team is already on the case. Keep in mind that in the casino there are people watching people who are watching people. People watching inception! Their job is to find those who may be cheating, whether customers or staff. These guys have special training to know exactly what to look for. Whether the slots machines or players trying to count cards at blackjack, these guys know exactly how to spot a cheater. So we’re going to guess that they probably will spot something a long time before you do.

It’s None of Your Business


There is another view of a situation where you suspect someone might have been cheating. This states, simply and bluntly, that you should simply mind your own business. After all, if the person cheating has no effect on your game, then it’s not going to disturb you in any way. So why should you care if they get busted or not? Ensuring that the casino isn’t ripped off isn’t your job requirement. There are literally thousands of gamblers looking for underhand ways to grab extra bonuses. So much so, that it actually has its own name; “bonus abuse.” You also have to carefully consider the implications of pointing out such actions. Especially to someone who may be completely innocent. If you’re seeing cheaters everywhere, then you might well be better off playing online. We recommend 22Bet Casino. They have a massive selection of casino games. And there’s absolutely no chance of anyone cheating.

The Casino Cheat: The Bottom Line

Any casino cheat who doesn’t have his A-Game on is going to fall under the eye of the casinos and their security system within a very short space of time. The casino’s eye in the sky is capable of spotting any deviations during gameplay. On the other hand, those who have the skills at what they do, to the extent that they are able to get away with it for any period of time, will not show up on your radar. They are so good that you would have no idea that they were actually cheating. And this brings us back around to the initial quandary. If gamblers cheat then what are your options for dealing with them. The bottom line is probably those gamblers who appear to be cheating are, in reality, actually not doing so. And the ones who are actually cheating, are so good, that neither you nor the casino is aware of it. One of the best jackpot winning tips and tricks is to simply mind your own business!

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