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Best Speciality Casino Games 

Casino games are a lot of fun, but occasionally you need a break from typical card games and slot machines. One of the best ways to shake things up is to play speciality casino games. Online gambling sites are equipped with so many unique gambling possibilities that you will not find in land-based casinos. Playing specialized games can be just as entertaining, and rewarding, as playing ordinary games. 

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Speciality Casino Games 

Playing speciality casino games is a terrific way to add a twist to the typical gambling experience. Here are 10 specialized games to try in 2023.

Keno Megapays

Our list starts off with Keno Megapays, which can be found at 22Bet Casino. This is one of the best Keno games you can play online. Because Keno games are known for having low return-to-player (RTP) percentages, the majority of players steer clear of them. For Keno Megaways, the RTP can reach 91.5%. The high jackpot offered to players in Keno Megaways is a major factor in this sharp increase in RTP. Playing these fantastic speciality casino games allows players to earn up to $200,000 in a single round.

Speciality Casino Games: Fish Catch

The next game is called Fish Catch. Fishing and gambling are combined in this fantastic game. But this isn’t your typical fishing expedition. Players utilise a cannon instead of a fishing pole. Shooting as many fish as you can is the goal of the game, with every fish species having a different monetary value. There’s also a fantastic bonus function that provides players with significant multipliers. These can help increase your jackpot winning chances. Even better, many online casinos offer this game with a free play or demo option. Before you play for real money, playing for free will help you perfect your strategy.

Teen Patti Pro

Royal Flush

The fantastic table game Teen Patti comes from India. Although it has grown in popularity recently, many land-based casinos still do not provide it. Fortunately, many online casinos have a speciality casino games section that includes Teen Patti Pro. Quora Gaming created this version of the game. It is a modern interpretation of the traditional table game. Even side bets are an option in Teen Patti Pro for players to wager on. For instance, you can wager on the distribution of a Royal Flush. The payout ratio for this wager is a very tasty 440:1.

Speciality Casino Games: Banana Jones

Banana Jones is the next game on our list of speciality casino games to try in 2023. Banana Jones, is a mix of a traditional board game similar to Snakes and Ladders with a jungle adventure. To determine how far they can travel along the board, players roll a set of dice. Getting to the temple at the other end of the board is the objective. You can gather unique gems for an extra prize along the journey. Moreover, there are tiles that open a bonus multiplier wheel allowing you to win the jackpot online. But be careful—if you land on the wrong tile, you can find yourself starting over.


One of the top 2023 speciality casino games is Thundercrash which offers an amazing $100,000 top payout. To leap out of the plane at the appropriate moment is the object of this exciting game. Before the plane takes off, you place your bet. Your multiplier increases the longer you are on the aircraft. To receive the biggest prize, you want to continue playing for as long as you can. Nevertheless, if you hang on too long, the jet crashes and you lose your bet.

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Speciality Casino Games: Lucky Plunder Scratch Card

The Lucky Plunder Scratch Card is the next game on our ranking of the top speciality casino games for 2023. This is a scratch card game. Scratch cards provide fantastic jackpots, making them a brilliant online gambling option. Also, you save money by playing online because you avoid having to travel to the shops to acquire cards. Given that it offers an RTP of 70.5%, the Lucky Plunder Scratch Card is extremely good. At the same time, players can win up to ten free games. All winnings you make while playing for free immediately double. Moreover, you can win a prize worth up to 12,170 times your wager.

Sea Treasures Scratch Card

Sea Treasures

Sea Treasures is a fantastic scratch card game that you should try. The RTP for this specialised game is an astounding 95%. For players with any kind of spending capacity, the Sea Treasures Scratch Card is fantastic value. Each card is worth between $0.10 and $20 in wagers. Due to its simplicity in switching between landscape and portrait modes, it is also a perfect game for players utilising mobile casino apps. It’s a lot of fun to play this deep sea-themed scratch card game that Dragon Gaming created. Even better, you can try it out in demo mode.

Speciality Casino Games: Space Invasion

The game Space Invasion is a shooter set in deep space that can be found at 22Bet Casino. These speciality casino games bring to mind old-school arcade shooters like Space Invaders and Galactica. The cost to use each sort of missile varies, but you have a wide choice. The purpose of the game is to destroy as many enemy ships as possible. Although larger rockets may be more expensive, they will ultimately enable you to win greater rewards. Along the route, gamers can also discover improvements. You will be more effective at destroying opposing ships and amassing enormous winnings with the more bonuses you can acquire.

Bingo Ribeirinhos

There is a tonne of fantastic real-money bingo games available at online casinos. The easiest method to recreate the atmosphere of a bingo hall at home is to play bingo speciality casino games. Bingo Ribeirinhos is one of the top bingo games. In Bingo Ribeirinhos, you can play up to four distinct bingo cards at once. There are 11 jackpot bingo winning patterns and 30 winner numbers in total. Players have the option to purchase up to 13 additional winning numbers after the first 30 balls to aid them in completing patterns.

Speciality Casino Games: Millionaire Jackpot Scratch Card

The Millionaire Jackpot Scratch Card is the tenth and last game on our list of speciality casino games to play in 2023. In this scratch card game, matching three symbols is all you need to win. The prize amounts for each symbol are on the right side of the card. When playing the Millionaire Jackpot Scratch Card, players have the chance to win up to ten free games at once. Any winnings from no-cost jackpot games are immediately doubled. It’s possible to win up to 12,170 times your wager.

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