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The Best Beginners Craps Bets  

One of the most popular non-card table games is craps. Any casino you enter will have some kind of craps table. Furthermore, there are also a ton of fantastic craps games available online at a casino like King Billy Casino. One of the first things you should learn, especially if you are new to craps, is how to bet. When it comes to the time to place your wagers, having knowledge of the best value craps bets will be of huge assistance. Learn all there is to know about beginner’s craps bets here at Even better, we’ll explain how you can practise playing craps for free.

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Craps Bets For Novice Players

It can be incredibly confusing to play craps if you’ve never done it before. All the numerous betting possibilities that are offered to players are spread throughout the table itself. However, the secret to mastering this immersive game is understanding how to read the craps table and which wagers are best. Craps offers a huge variety of wagers. Having said that, different casinos will provide different betting possibilities, so make sure you do your homework in advance. Also, certain craps varieties will offer an equally large number of betting alternatives.

The Many Different Types Of Craps Bets

There is no shortage of craps bets available in different casinos. Nonetheless, the same basic bets will be present on most tables. These are the betting alternatives you will typically find across most online casinos in craps.

  • Craps Bet                                    Odds           House Edge       Rolls
  • Pass Line                                       1:1                 1.41%           Multi-roll
  • Don’t Pass Line                           1:1                 1.36%           Multi-roll
  • Come Bet                                      1:1                 1.41%           Multi-roll
  • Don’t Come Bet                           1:1                 1.36%          Multi-roll
  • Field Bets                               Up to 2:1             5.5%              Single
  • Free/Laying the Odds Bets   Varies                  0%           Multi-roll
  • Place Bets                              Up to 9:5    Up to 6.67%      Multi-roll
  • Buy Bets                                 Up to 2:1             4.76%        Multi-roll
  • Big Six. Big Eight                       1:1                       9%           Multi-roll
  • Hardways Bets                      Up to 9:1   Up to 11.11%      Multi-roll
  • 2 or 12                                        30:1                 13.89%           Single
  • 3 or 11                                         15:1                 11.11%             Single
  • Any 7                                            4:1                 16.67%            Single
  • Any Craps Bet                             7:1                 11.11%             Single


The only two dice used in traditional craps games. As a result, combinations like two or 12 that are more difficult to make are less likely to happen. As you’d imagine, if players wager on unusual combo outcomes, they stand to win significant payouts. However, these bets won’t win the jackpot online often. They, therefore, have a significant housing advantage. In craps, a seven is the most frequently found combination. Because of this, the payout for “Any 7” wagers is only 4:1. Unfortunately, the payout is far from high enough to offset the substantial casino house advantage. We suggest that you look at other wagering opportunities. After all, the game of craps has many additional and superior wagers available.

The Top Bets In Craps 

What then are the top craps wagers? The answer could be influenced by your particular playing preferences. On the whole, you should probably refrain from placing bets with high odds, especially if you are risk-averse. Because they are improbable, these bets have the possibility of high rewards. On the other hand, risk-takers may be more drawn to these wagers. Therefore, we strongly advise novice players to stay away from high-risk bets. Preferably, when you’re starting to play craps, new players should stay away from risky wagers and only bet on the following bets:

  • Pass
  • Don’t Pass
  • Come
  • Don’t Come

In truth, these aren’t the most thrilling bets you can place. They do, however, provide you with a better opportunity to stay at the table for longer. In other words, they help stretch out your bankroll. In so doing they technically help increase your jackpot winning chances. Also, because the house edge is low, you will ultimately lose less money.

Play Craps Online at the King Billy Casino

Craps Strategy Online

Craps wagers can be placed in a variety of ways. But, as you’ll see, the best craps wagers are frequently the most straightforward bets with a minimal house edge. Depending on where you’re playing, several kinds of bets could be offered. Without a doubt, online casinos offer top craps games for real money. This is because playing online games makes it simpler to choose a casino that offers the wagers you’re looking for. Nonetheless, it can be challenging for new players to know where to look. As an alternative, you might begin playing free games right away without even creating an account. Playing free online craps games is an excellent choice as it’s a great way to practice your craps jackpot winning strategies. When you’re ready to play for real money, you can move on to their cash games.

Additional Tips For Craps Players

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One of the first stages to learning this fantastic casino game is understanding the different sorts of craps bets available. We suggest that you learn how to play craps by visiting the aforementioned website. Here are a few more suggestions for successful craps wagering to aid your development as a player.

Work On A System For Playing Craps

You must have a craps betting system in place if you intend to play the game for real money. Making a betting system starts with knowing the best craps bets. Nevertheless, not all betting strategies will be worthy of your time and effort. You can avoid using poor betting techniques by understanding the appropriate bets to place when playing craps. As a given, your betting strategy should be both straightforward and practical. Alternatives like the Paroli System and Martingale System are difficult and pricey. We certainly don’t recommend them. Alternatively, develop your own technique that concentrates on winning on wagers with a smaller house advantage.

Make Use Of The Generous Casino Bonuses

Another excellent craps betting strategy is to utilise online casino bonuses. With these promotional deals, you’ll have extra money to play craps. You can practise craps betting more as your financial resources increase. Bonuses are a terrific chance to test out new wagers or even new casinos. With your initial deposit, many casinos will give you a matched welcome bonus which instantly doubles your bankroll. You may find that through VIP programmes, some online casinos reward you for playing craps.

Avoid Bets With A High House Edge

It’s important to be wary of all the craps bets on offer. Because they offer a higher payout, some craps bets could appear to be a terrific choice at first. However, these bets are significantly more difficult to win. In actuality, they are far more challenging than their odds might suggest. Casinos like King Billy Casino are well aware that potential larger payouts will entice gamblers, particularly new ones. Sadly, you’ll lose these wagers much more frequently than you’ll win them. Keep in mind that the increased house edge that is excellent for casinos and not the players. Even if they offer lower payouts, sticking to bets with a low house edge is always advisable.

Manage Your Bankroll

craps bets

Any player who wants to play craps for a long period must learn how to manage their bankroll. Otherwise, before you’re ready to stop playing, all of your money will be gone. A crucial component of bankroll management is knowing which bets to place. Making the appropriate bets will extend the life of your bankroll. As a result, you will have more time to play and might even end up winning.

Practice Online For Free

It’s simple to pick up how to play the appropriate craps bets. But if you want to become an expert at placing the best craps bets, you will need to practise. If you are using real money, practising craps betting can get pricey. Unfortunately, gamers rarely get access to free jackpot games at land-based casinos. Yet, it’s simple to locate free games online. Free craps games are the ideal approach to practise betting. Once you have some experience under your belt, then your new abilities will transfer seamlessly from the demo mode to the full game. You’ll find practising bankroll management, working out betting strategies, and many other things can be done using free games.

Conclusion: Stick With Low-Risk Wagers

Without a doubt, the lowest house edge bets in craps, such as come-and-pass wagers, are the best bets. When they are learning the rules and strategies of playing craps, beginners should stick to these low-risk wagers. 

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