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Winning Strategies To Beat The Casino 

For as long as they were casinos, then there have been gamblers looking for ways to find winning strategies. Unfortunately, many are unable to find any steady methods by which they can consistently win. But there are a few gamblers who have, thanks to hard work and luck, discovered that there are winning ways to be found at the casino.

The bottom line is that there is more than one way to win jackpot games when you’re gambling at the casino. Yet many gamblers fail to learn this. Today, at, we thought we’d have a look into the best winning strategies that many gamblers either fail to grasp or are simply ignorant of.

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Tracking Aces and Fives In Blackjack

Many blackjack players have a preconceived notion about card counting. They think it’s a difficult system to learn and that they will thereby struggle to play blackjack profitably. But in truth, even if you use an easy system, there’s a great possibility that you should at least be able to break even when playing blackjack. We think that one of the main reasons that people don’t count cards is that they think it’s either too hard to learn or they simply don’t know where to start. Now in truth, there are some card counting systems that are very difficult to use and learn. Yet conversely, there are other systems that are phenomenally easy.

One of the myths about card counting is that you need to remember every card that’s being played. This is not only untrue, but it’s actually the opposite of what you need. In reality, you don’t have to remember any card that gets played. That’s right, not one!

Is Counting Cards Illegal?


Not surprisingly, casinos want players to believe that card counting is illegal. That’s because, on a technical level, it’s one of the only winning strategies a player can use to actually beat the casino at its own game. As far as we know, card counting is not illegal anywhere. Having said that though, it might be wise to check the local bylaws. Particularly if you’re gambling at a brick and mortar casino.

Card counting systems exist to help blackjack players by making use of a ratio in order to track cards. This ratio is just a comparison of the number of low cards and high cards that have been dealt. By using this ratio, you’re able to either add or subtract from a number as you see each card played. Now it’s true that there are more complicated systems that are able to track more cards. But the easiest way of tracking cards is to check only two of them.  And those two cards are Aces and 5s.

Winning Strategies: Count Cards

For simplicity’s sake, we start each game with a total count of 10. Each time you see a 5, you will add 1 to your total. Conversely, each time you see an Ace, you will subtract 1 from your total. Now, when your count is at 12 or higher, then you should double your bet. If your count is 11 or lower, then you should make smaller bets. Should the count reach 14, then you should double your bets again. And do the same if the count gets to 16. By doing this, you will get a very small edge over the casino. It will allow you to break even when you play casino blackjack. Of course, you can be much more aggressive in your gameplay and raise your stakes as the count goes up. But there’s absolutely no need to be aggressive if you don’t wish to be.

It’s important to keep in mind that card counting only works when used in conjunction with perfect blackjack jackpot winning strategies. Likewise, it only functions in games with fair rules. For example, if you’re sitting at the table with a blackjack game that only plays out 6 to 5 for a blackjack, then card counting is not going to really help you.

Video Poker Bonuses, Perks, Coupons, and Promotions


Although it sounds crazy, it’s quite possible to find video poker games where you can get a 100%. This means that you will break even. An example would be playing a game whereby in the first round you win $26. The second time you play you lose $42. With the third hand, you win $16. This means that if you add up all your winnings and losses for the three rounds then they balance out to zero. It’s quite possible to find online casinos like King Billy Casino, with 100% returns, meaning that you can gamble as much as you want. In reality, it means that you’re going to be winning sometimes and losing other times. But essentially, at the end of the day, you will break even.

Winning Strategies: Is 100% Return Possible?

When we talk about a 100% return and a casino game, it’s important that you keep in mind this is just a theoretical number. No casino is going to offer you a better game that’s going to give you a certain 100% return. On the whole, all casino games are provided with a return of between 85% to 99.5%. Common sense would tell you that you’re going to be better off by playing games and making bets that have higher returns. But you should also remember that as long as the casino game doesn’t have a return of 100%, then you’re going to be losing money. This means that you’ll need to find games that are for the highest returns. Once you’ve done that, you’re going to try to determine the best way to play the game with winning strategies to make your wagers count.

Make Use Of Bonuses And Incentives


Let’s suppose you find two different video jackpot poker games. Now one of them has a return of 99.7%. The other a return of 99.5%. Let’s say that the games you play are Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild. With such high returns on offer then in order to pump things up to 100%, you should make use of bonuses, perks, coupons, incentives and promotions. These all give you the opportunity to win a little bit of money, but without any extra outgoings. Technically, any winnings from bonuses or incentives are free. This means that you’re able to bump up your returns by a tiny percentage point which will bring you up to and beyond 100%.

When you first start playing any video poker games, you should examine the pay charts, looking for the highest returns. Then you need to decide on your winning strategies.  We suggest that you don’t hesitate when it comes to grabbing bonuses or signing up for perks or a comps program. Always keep one eye open for coupons or promotions as these can boost your earning potential.  And that by your potential to break even. For example, King Billy Casino offers all new players a bonkers welcome bonus 151% up to €/$500, plus 51 bonus spins, which will certainly keep you in the game.

Winning Strategies in Other Games

It goes without saying that casinos are businesses and not charities. As such, they are not in the business of giving gamblers a 100% or higher return. This means that the majority of games and wagers that are available at online casinos are never going to offer a good return. But by using logic and gambling carefully, you’ll be able to be in a more advantageous situation simply by being smart.  We suggest that you go online and discover as much as you can about blackjack and video poker winning strategies that will help increase your jackpot running chances. By doing so, you’ll be able to gain small advantages over time. This will then allow you to break even.

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