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Which Casino Game has the Highest Winning Odds?

There is a huge variety of reasons that gamblers love to hit up the best casinos with jackpots. For some, it represents a little fun. And for others, they are focusing on the winnings, and what they’ll do with all that life-altering amounts of cash. But if you were to stop and ask any of them, what are the odds of the game they’re playing, many would give you a blank stare for an answer. But knowing your chances of winning any casino game should be of paramount importance, especially if you want the best bang for your buck. Mindlessly shoving your cash into a slot machine which will never payout is like setting your money on fire. 

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Today we’re going to take a look at the odds of winning whilst playing many of the common casino games. We also take a realistic view of the possibilities of increasing your chances of winning. Keep in mind that the odds quoted are set over some time. So a casino game that claims a 50% chance of winning doesn’t mean you’ll strike the jackpot every other coin. Also, remember that the casino maintains a house edge on virtually all casino games. So, though with some cunning or understanding of probability, you can increase your odds of winning, you can never beat the house.

Not surprisingly, the casino game with the worst odds also happens to be the easiest to play as well as being super popular. They tend to require zero skill and are easy to follow. This combination of playability and ease make them big money spinner for all casinos.

You only have to look around yourself in the casino to see that the sumptuous rooms, pretty cocktail waitresses and dealer and croupiers have to be paid for somehow. It thanks to the games always making a profit for the casinos. A good example of this is that the casino doesn’t even payout that huge progressive jackpot wins from playing the slots. It’s the game’s developers, like NetEnt and Microgaming, who foot that bill.


Odds of Winning: 49%

The game of blackjack is a staple of all table games at any casino. It’s also one of the simplest card games to play as well as being one of the oldest. Because there’s an element of skill involved, it means that the player odds of winning are slightly better than with many other casino games. With blackjack, though you may well be playing shoulder to shoulder with other players, you are not playing them. You are playing against the dealer. So, technically, there’s only one person to beat. it’s the player that comes closest to 21 that takes the pot.

Blackjack is famous thanks to the ability of some players to count cards whilst playing. By keeping count of the face cards, a player can see the proportion of high-value cards remain in the deck and play accordingly. Unfortunately, the days are counting cards were numbered when the casino’s introduced card shuffling machines. These would combine several decks of cards when automatically shuffling them between rounds.

Despite this, there are still small but important plays a punter can make to help increase his winning odds. But the game of blackjack is essentially one of luck. That is to say, it relies on both your luck and that of the dealer.

casino game
Blackjack is the heart of any casino


Odds of Winning: 50%

The game of craps is normally one of the noisiest games in the whole casino. The staff encourage the players to be as animated as possible as a means of attracting new players to the table. As you probably already know, the game is played on a long thin table, with a pair of dice being tossed down this table and bouncing off the end wall. The process is called “shooting the dice” and punters bet on the outcome. Though there appear to be lots of casino staff around this game, they all have a job to do at the craps table.

Essentially it’s a game between two players, though any number of people can bet. The shooter, who throws the dice down the table, and the player who makes a bet on the results of the roll. If on the first roll, the shooter gets a 7 or 11, then he wins. If it’s any other number, then the shooter needs to hit again until he touches the 7. As for the bets, it’s a simple binary, win or lose. If you fancy trying out your jackpot winning strategies, there are other, more risky bets. And, of course, the riskier the bet, the greater the possible rewards.

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Craps table – Image source: Flickr


Odds of Winning: 50%

Yet another extremely popular casino game. Roulette is probably the best-known casino game thanks to its inclusion in many movies. A wheel is spun which contains a certain number of pockets at its outer edge. These are usually either 37 or 38. As the wheel spins, the croupier drops a small ball into the mechanism. When the wheel comes to a stop, the ball rolls down from the edge and falls into one of the numbered pockets. Several bets can be made over the casino game of roulette. These include the simple one of colour choice (red or black) and betting in a number.

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To increase your chances of winning you can also bet on a spread of numbers, say 1 – 12 or 1 – 20. Though the payouts will be much less, your odds of winning are much greater. Despite having one of the highest odds of winning over many other casino games, roulette will still be the long term winner if you sit at the roulette table long enough and make use of somejackpot winning tips and tricks. It’s a game that’s hard to win big with and needs a lot of luck.

Wheel of Fortune

Odds of Winning: 26% – 39%

This casino game is as simple as child’s play. A large upright wheel is spun. A bet is made on where the wheel will stop. There are various markers as to where the wheel could stop and these are $1, $5, $10, $20 and the Joker. The Joker will give a payout of 36:1, but you must keep in mind that the house edge for this is a whopping 24%. We suggest that you stick with $1 bets to get the best value.

casino game
Good luck!


Odds of Winning: 1 in 50 million

Of all the games in the casino, playing the jackpot slots is by far and away the worst investment of both time and money. The odds are so long as to be virtually impossible to reach. Even though different slots will have different payouts and odds of winning, that doesn’t make them any better. All slots machines will have a printed pay-table where you’ll be able to see the odds of winning. The playing method used to play slots has been designed in such a way, as to they make the casino game addictive to play. It’s the brainless repetition of putting in the money and pulling the lever or pressing the button.

Conclusion: Which Casino Game has The Highest Winning Odds 

Hopefully, from the above list of casino jackpot games, you’ll now have a better understanding of your real chances of winning. But we suggest that you don’t concentrate too much on this aspect. Just go and have some gambling fun!

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